Message from The Hathors

The Hathors

The new calibration  has arrived and the Ancients One’s have been awakened in the inner etheric temples to pulse their original templates up and through all existing temples. 

Each Temple here in Egypt is a representation of an Inner Earth Temple, which is aligned with the Galactics Star Origin above. Above, below & centre, the trinity operating as ONE. 

Recently they have been united as a community (commonUnity) and the grids which were holding this resonance from rising have been overwritten. This could not have been possible prior to the entrance of the Solar heart which embraced Gaia as she ascended. Now the Galactic centre is spanning through her heart and supporting, amplifying and co-structuring the New Earth as ONE UNIFIED HEART. 

Visiting Sacred sites now will have a completely different feel, as the new templates are ready to be absorbed by all who walk upon them. Surrounding you within the Heart of all that is.

The Ancient Grandmother/s of Creation has awakened and is assisting this joy filling experience for & with you all. Re introduce yourselves to them and let them re-mind you of your Origin. They are weaving the new designs very delicately together as they can see where each and every one of their grandchildren are in their evolution. There are many of them.

Many mountains have been awoken as the grandmothers rose , and this will manifest in various ways throughout your known world, we ask you to surrender into the realm of re-memberance as you real-eyes that this is a natural evolution. 

Many will notice new sounds penetrating whilst simultaneously witnessing the new spectrum of colours that are now pulsing through, inner ear ringing is your natural adjustment to these. 

Know that only Light to cell programming can occur from this moment forth, we call it light to cell technology.  The intelligence of pure heart mind. This will appear in various ways to you – sound – especially dolphin & whales frequencies, light flashes, new colours & geometric shapes that you have not seen yet (but which are very familiar to you) these are being directed into your spine through the Solar heart and in-forming your cells of their original structure. It is a New Earth but dear ones it is a very Ancient Earth of which you will begin to re-cognise very quickly. 

The Temples here are now emanating original golden codes to assist the physical in-bodiment and unveil the crystalline structure of your body/the body of Earth.
Your bones will begin appearing as large crystal pieces (same shape and structure as the skeletal ) this occurs when the diamonds in each cell and energy line have been activated, merged and full kundalini stages are complete. 
Many are experiencing this now as the Galactic template/body integrates. This is why the sounds and colours are so vital to you, they nourish your body and living organism which is now visibly connected to everything.
You will notice a big increase in elemental activity, presence and feel. The mineral, plant & animal kingdom have merged and are thriving. It will appear in some parts that miracles are occurring, and they are, to re-mind you that this is a natural occurrence. 
 The hot & cold waves through the body are on track and normal, surrender to this and allow the light to communicate with your physical body as best you can, this will ease any symptoms you may create through resistance.

The physical foundations have been laid, all that has been done on the etheric realms (in your body also) are now anchoring into a physical experience here.
Mirrors are dissolving and now emanations are seen. All is very well, very well. 
Celebrations and in-joying these new in-formations are the living experience of what you would call 5D Earth. 

Welcome Home ❤ you are now anchoring yourself into yourself ❤

Single Cell Solar Diamond Body Activation 

Single Cell Solar Diamond Body Activation

Light in-formation brought through with the assistance of The Hathors    
You talk about zero point consciousness, which you are growing into now, and we see frustration with many who are waiting for ‘the event’ or the ‘ascension to complete’ but we remind you that this must happen step by step, breath by breath. In order to be in the living experience of zero point, which you are all having glimpse of now with the deep light & dark polarity on the world stage. You need to be in total acceptance and relationship with ALL of yourself. Have traversed the light and the darker aspects. 
Zero point is complete neutrality, otherwise termed unconditional love. Here there is no ‘something v something’ else. So you can see why it takes a certain order to come into being with you. There is no outer forces preventing this. Nor is there malevolent darkness running amok. Humanity is transmuting old imprints as it grows consciously to truly live in and from the heart. Here in the heart, the concept of judgement or polarity is not recognised. (They are the parts of human duality, the heart embodies the whole) Remember if you were to instantly come into zero point, ALL of your thoughts would manifest INSTANTLY. And because you are not fully aware of all of the thoughts you have, it would create mayhem. You as the creator embodied would create chaos. Much as you are witnessing in the world (the outer environment of your mind) where fears are being manifested at lightening speed just as loving desires are. Vibration knows no difference between what you deem good or bad, the right way or the wrong way. It will match your vibration and you will experience its creation.
The heart embodiment is so vital. You are becoming the heart of Earth. It surrounds you in geometric form. For many you see your heart and breathe INTO it to connect with Mother Earth, the living being of this planet, but your minds are still experiencing living in a separate human body to the earth, perceiving this being beneath the ground you walk upon. She has ascended through you, this is what ascension is. You are real-eyes-in that you are inside her heart. Which is living through yours. As one huge diamond body. This is why it has been said you and the Earth are one. Her huge diamond crystal heart centre is activating around your physical body. It does not live underneath you or in a tree separate from you. You are living in her heart. 

For a few years now I have been witnessing the merkaba light vehicle flipping polarity quickly, instead of the male apex being fixed upwards and the Feminine fixed downwards they have been interchangeable. Bringing us through the energies of both and collapsing into zero-point as they flip. You can see Metatrons Cube below. However I am now seeing the diamond as a whole replacing the polarity of ‘male /female’. The diamond you can see in the middle has grown and expanded to touch the circle – Galactic body (explanation below) 

What is the Diamond Light Grid? 
Far from being just a spiritual analogy for soul perfection, your Diamond is actually a foundational energetic structure that helps to bridge the material and non-material worlds. It vitalises your ability to receive the many frequencies of light (and therefore information) from the universal electromagnetic spectrum. As a sacred architecture found at all levels of our known universe, your Diamond Light Grid harmonises you with the heart of all patterns and geometries that ultimately form your grandest Light Body. It is a crucible of creation, receiving, transforming and then transmitting information back to the Universal source. It is a vehicle to align your DNA with the cosmic blueprints for life, a connection to the HEART of all that is.

Many people around the world are beginning to ‘see’ diamonds in their meditations and in other people’s energy fields. This diamond fabric is a fractal pattern that can be found throughout the whole of life. There is a reason for this, for at all levels of our being we are being prepared to become that which we have always held the seed potential for – the embodied divine expression of the universe itself. The Living Goddess’ 

Diamond light body explanation taken from the following source

As you move deeper into this embodiment you will activate your Galactic Consciousness Origin, which appears as a single cell. See above photo where the inner circle has now expanded to encompass all energy centres. (Coming together with all we perceived as outer) Note that a single cell resembles the shape of the Sun. In the middle of this cell is the heart of the galaxy, or the Great Central Sun as some would call it. 

From what I can perceive, the ‘Solar’ plexus, Heart and Thymus (high heart) have being merging together as one centre , which we will call the galactic chakra for ease of understanding. Two years ago I first felt this and how it felt was I was breathing the life/environment in my physical reality into this golden centre and it was returning straight to the Great Central Sun. Upon breathing out it began to change my physical reality. It was teaching me that everyone is an aspect of ourselves and what we see in others is the opportunity to weave it into wholeness in ourselves. Of course in order to achieve this we have to know all the light and dark story of ourselves, real-eyes-in that all our judgements and projections of an outer light or dark aspect also exists within us (all connected) so these two years I have explored this deeply and it has helped to birth the inner authority of source and guidance through me rather than seeking it in others. It is knowing ourself truly and authentically which makes the transition to zero point smoother.

At the point of the Solar eclipse all energy systems that were ready will merge into ONE chakra. One energy combining the Diamond Light Body & Galactic Origin Body or consciousness. Returning to the point of Creation to create new (New Earth Model)  Depending on the quotient of light to cell activation you are flowing with will be your awareness of this. Yet it is everyone’s potential.  

Imagine a cell and this is the centre part. As we breathe in and through this centre we are transmuting everything, it instantly goes off planet and is used as pure energy once more (which it always was until we created it into a polarity and embodied it) all energy is returning to its Origin. Everything in truth is pure energy until it is collapsed into form and identified with as Matter.
The Diamond Light body is of course representative of the Divine Feminine, having risen. And the Galactic Body Sun (single cell) is the newly birthed Divine Masculine. She birthed the new masculine and now they have merged. 
If we look at the images we were seeing for our diamond bodies of pure white light below we see it’s brilliance of clear light

Now if we look at what happens when sunlight is shone through it, it transforms to a rainbow spectrum 

This also helps you to understand the galactic help some of you are writing about and perceiving, this is you connecting to that aspect of your consciousness existing on different dimensions (multi dimensional aspects/multi colours & vibrations )  through the one Heart centre and becoming ONE with it. All connected remember, there is a design in the universe and it is whole. All guides, angels, star brings etc etc, is you as them, them as you, existing on a different frequency. These frequencies are merging and in-bodying as we return to original consciousness to create anew with new templates, energy and awareness. 

Since being here in Egypt this time, the flow of light in-formation has been tremendous. The Hathors have been assisting and teaching about the Diamond Light Body, which activates the diamond geometry in our energy centres/cells, to rise Earth and let her embody us. It looks like literal diamond shapes with glistening facets of pristine Light, expanding and each joining together until it surrounds our whole body. What a Mother! Earth is no longer what we know. Because we’ve never experienced it like this before. The last week at the Giza plateau showed me that the zero point templates is fully activated, and witnessing some people who have lived there for a long time I could see the challenge this was presenting them with, to overcome the war within. Even though they talked about ‘he said this and she said that’ it was the heart and mind fighting through the transition. 
Surrendering to our heart intelligence is a big theme. So the creations can emanate from this ‘thinking’ intelligence. The heart thinks too but from a whole aspect. If we continue doing the same things we continue experiencing the same reality. Time to shift and surrender and allow ourselves to be guided more fully than ever before. 
These last few weeks prior to the solar eclipse were so peaceful here, the nurturing feel of everything, and calmness of being has been very surreal and welcome!
Will write more as I receive and can articulate it.
Personal note:

It makes perfect sense to me to receive this. The light and dark we are experiencing, which is bringing everyones attention inside to the inner dreaming world, is so we can become aware of our beliefs and how they are creating our physical reality. Truly living from the heart, open, vulnerable, strong, trusting in our spirit, is vital to us being able to move as a species into the next experience of life on a planet. Connected both as the mother (Earth) and the father (galaxy/universe) as the child (us) the trinity embodied.

From what I understand, in exploring this heart embodiment deeper and deeper, we then naturally create from that intelligence, from a WHOLEistic place rather than a separation in any way. This appears to me as our New Earth model.    

Here is a beautiful painting that was sent to me by my friend Dani as this light in-formation was flowing through

Here is the link to the gallery of his extraordinary work

Upon further research I came across Genomics – the single cell which science is working with 
‘Advances in whole-genome and whole-transcriptome amplification have permitted the sequencing of the minute amounts of DNA and RNA present in a single cell, offering a window into the extent and nature of genomic and transcriptomic heterogeneity which occurs in both normal development and disease. Single-cell approaches stand poised to revolutionise our capacity to understand the scale of genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic diversity that occurs during the lifetime of an individual organism. Here, we review the major technological and biological breakthroughs achieved, describe the remaining challenges to overcome, and provide a glimpse into the promise of recent and future developments’

Although I don’t have a vast understanding of science something tells me that this is connected to what we are accessing and embodying which will change the way we have lived as a species, with diseases that were able to grow in the body. Now further research is being done to understand the make up of single cells, in its original state, which is possibly what will lead to a breakthrough in science, bridging energy, quantum physics, biology, spirituality and much more together, as a common-unity Whole, rather than separate competing ideas. 

You can only imagine the breakthroughs of a species we are co-creating through this. Getting to the root of what has been. Imagine the future generations of our children who will not live with the disease (dis-ease) we have known, who will nurture their planet naturally, growing & eating clean food that nourishes them. The Native Americans were right when they said all that we are doing is for the next 7 generations. Thinking ahead for our children’s joy of living without war. And most likely we will return to the planet as our children’s children to experience it. Oh the genius. But that’s another story. These are just my personal thoughts but it makes sense that the rainbow bridge must contain all the colours, stranding us all together to work as One.
It would also seem through the twin flame phenomenon, where we have women waiting for men (and vice versa) to return to them after they’ve transitioned, that this is prolonging their surrender to the divine masculine in-bodiment within, which then manifests in the physical. The two are never separate, but the mind has to adjust to the hearts knowing of that. 

The Great Chess Game of Life

Lets talk about the thing called jealousy. 

When our Kings claim their Queens are jealous, shouting at her from his throne of power and might, hiding behind his grand, self created kingdom, he engages in a battle he knows oh so well. ‘You need help, you are losing your mind’ he yells at her

And she shrinks. Ashamed, not understanding what this feeling is, this label upon which he has placed her under. Tired from seeing the same story play out, she contemplates over and over again, this thing of which she stands accused. Feeling worthless and stupid for the rage arising in her, which he confirms in order to protect himself. 

She asks herself ‘am I jealous? And she looks out and wonders, ‘do I look at others and wish I had what they have? ‘… For a long time she explores this, for it is her hearts strength that allows her to explore all parts of herself in order to be clear. She knows that things and objects and looks are temporary, this does not motivate her. 

No, she real-eyes’s, it is not the outer looking in that she pays attention too, it is the focus of her King and where he sends that, which she feels. He stands beside her but he is everywhere else but here. And she can feel it. She sees this consistent seeking of attention , approval,  of which he needs, hidden within his unspoken desires which are covered and protected by the wounds which have kept him separate from his own hearts supply. The same repetitive story of the aeons. 

Truth fills her being as she allows this in-sight to reveal itself to her. Yet still she doesn’t fully trust it, for he the one who she has placed her trust in, tells her that she is crazy, completely mad, seeing things that are not there. And she further sinks into doubt, doubting the gift of sight which guides her beyond this physical realm of which he can only see.

And he, her high King continues to play with many courtyard ladies in waiting, while she his Queen suffers in silence and punishes herself. Trying desperately not to show this side of her for the blame and attacks that are directed towards her from men and women alike.

And she looks upon her sisters in waiting, and she wonders when did the sacred vows to each other disappear. The ones we inherited from the Goddess, our Mother. Where our integrity and strength of truth to our sisterhood was the true meaning of unconditional love, and how this harmony birthed peace among us here. 

But some of her sisters are still sleeping in the garden, waiting for their King to arrive on his white horse & claim them. And so she forgives because she real-eyes’s that they know no different. Even though their seductive stares respond to the power of his mind, of which mostly he is unaware, yet not entirely, she remembers wise words ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’
And the Queen rises once more, re-membering his wounded heart, and how fiercely he will protect its walls. 

A Queen knows the thoughts of her King as he thinks them, she observes how he plays in this energetic game of chess. And her only intention and reason for being, is to guide him home into the only place that’s real, frequently seeking to take the war from him, to lead him from the battle field into the pathway of true love. But her King has been taught that he must conquer the world around him and that everything is his for the taking, and she his Queen can see that the only war that is happening, is inside his mind. For it is fighting with his heart. So the King continues his quest for the Holy Grail, lifetime upon lifetime, defending lies and stories, punishing himself & his Queen for standing in truth, the true core of love. Bit by bit his power is waning. 

My darling King, if you wish to satisfy your mind and gain the admiration of all the sleeping Queens in waiting, by telling me that I am a jealous Queen because I see you clearly, then please continue as I step off the board game . And when you are tired from the endless battles and the loneliness creeps back in, bloodied from the wars you fight inside, as the temporary sensation of lust passes, you will find me at the point of your surrender. I will be here, waiting patiently, with the same heart that once frightened you by its power to connect you with yours, therein leading you straight to the Holy Grail that you have sought for so long. And when you finish telling yourself the stories, that add logs to the raging fire in your mind, here in your heart you will taste the sweetness & drink from the chalice, and only then will all the lifetimes upon lifetimes finally merge into One. And the true Queendom will arise.

For all my sisters who have forgotten themselves, deeply held under the spell that the wounded  King weaved upon you, for your security, your sense of safety, in return for your body, submission and silence, who has moulded you into believing that in order to be loved and accepted,  you must play only his version of the chess. To you dear sister I sing our song of sisterhood, to remember that the King can only move one step at a time on the board, whereas the Queens movement is limitless. Much the same as the gift of seeing beyond the veils, which is why we have worn them for so long, as a symbolic reminder of our gift. 

As we rise into our truth, no longer shrinking under false authority, we see our King reborn as he rises into his. Transparency reigns once more and real love brings the land back to life.

This is the wisdom, the patience & the fiercly loving spirit of the feminine, as she brings the unconscious into the light of awareness

Meeting the Devil

This vast light which I had lost touch with for a while, returns, I didn’t think it would, as I sunk so deep into the darkness that I thought I had lost myself. A stranger greeted me every morning in the mirror, it’s reflection was alien to me. You see the devil he came calling, he said, 

‘ah ha, so your leaving the karmic wheel are you, you’ve found your true source inside you now, you no longer need me? That’s up to you’ he said with no resistance, ‘but to leave the wheel you must complete your spin on it’ 

And so I did. 

I slept with the devil. I indulged myself in all the earthly pleasures, I went back to sleep. Deep deep he put me under his spell. My heart  & mind in tormoil. This relationship intoxicated me in every way, I wanted to run so fast and shake him off but he fascinated me and I was enthralled. So I stayed even though it didn’t feel like a choice. I stayed and I watched him, I danced with his spirit, laughed with him & held him tightly in my arms. I sank deeper, as he took all the power I thought I had and gave me pleasure as I had never known within this body before. He pointed out all my faults and pushed at the things I had yet to do. 

In the beginning there was no resistance, I made changes and I fitted to his ideal of what he sought. Because even though the devil stood before me, my heart wanted to embrace his, to touch all them parts of him that were so wounded that this was his only reality.

I ran into some old demons of my own through him, and I quit denying them. Quit trying to make it all perfect. I bore witness to them, to myself. And he taught me this, be all of you, do whatever you want. Set yourself free.

Forgetting the perfection of the entire meeting. 

Then I remembered something. There are no others. 

Strength l returned as I recognised the essence of what I was seeing.

 Eventually the devil couldn’t stand it any longer, he was running out of stamina and his tricks were all too transparent now. His lies and seduction were known to me the moment he thought them. He was becoming tired and his face grew very old. I had gently removed all of his masks. He was used to quick meetings and returning to his cave, he didn’t expect to touch love. He had forgotten that’s what he was. He didn’t expect to meet The Mother. His Goddess. The one which he faintly remembered after all this time apart. 

I knew by the look in his eyes that this would transform his whole existence, and mine. 


The moment came when I got the call to leave, a gentle whisper rising up. The journey was completed. Karma was paid back. 

As I went to leave the devil said ‘I love you, I have never met a mirror of myself until I met you, this is going to bring me to my knees’. 

‘yes my love’ I whispered as I bent to kiss his head, ‘ when we meet the devil inside us and real-eyes, we meet true love, and now you will know this too when you can’t fall any further’ 

Now, now, I see the beauty in all the moments I thought I was losing myself. I was only stripping bare what was not real, all contained in my mind, the thoughts of who I was, just ideas, holding myself together, when the devil truly showed me how to let go, how to truly be present, how to be naked & seen with no sense of shame. Everything was welcomed here.

And now I see his wings shining brightly in my dreams as he smiles at me, the brightest angel I ever saw. Now we know that there is only love, only love, in its many expressions, and the projections all fell away like a ton of domino’s, one after the other, after the other, after the other.

Until you fall so deeply in love with the darkness you see, you will continue running from each reflection which it glimpses out from, you will deny every addiction every action and every part of yourself, you will point at others, friends, lovers, politics, world affairs & wars, regurgitating history and stories to keep you right. Because you are running. To stop running, to stand still and enter the fire, willingly,  you will give yourself the greatest gift, to know yourself fully as your heart does, rather than your minds idea of what that is. 

As the fire consumes what is false, the Phoenix will rise from the ashes and you will rejoice that you met the devil, because he led you to yourself, where he dwelt all along.


In this long days sun, of which I lay under,

bathing this flesh and blood, 

Sweeping this temple of built up plunder.

A bright light fills my vision, 

How come I see the sun inside? 

And the flesh and blood that was just here, is momentarily nowhere in sight.

Ahhh I sigh with recognition, the home of which I’ve sought. The land, water, air & fire, all contained in the cauldron of thought. 

Twas many a long days and often longer nights, Sitting with the sacred herbs, reclaiming the gift of sight. 

Sifting through time & space, the places & faces, 

tricks of the darkness & light.

Polarity still alive, by the minds need to be right.

 Wielding the sword to demons, transforming without a fight 

We’re not laying here no more they say, as their memories burst into a rainbow kite.

Yes we lived them lives, and many more to come, we’ve been all to all, 

Your blood and our blood entwined, passed on and on and on.

Rest easy now shining ones

All ye who came before,

Neither above or below us,

Standing equal, oh to be sure.

A thousand million welcomes,

Céad Míle Fáilte in your native tongue,

Always remember this wisdom little one, 

Only you know your way home..  


Now you are free – a message from Gaia

All along I was told I was disconnected, not living in the real world. That in order to connect to the earth I needed to go out into nature. I believed that, each person who fed me that lie, I believed it. Because I felt the suffering and the pain, the loss and the alienation of being on this earth. I felt wrong and unstable, confused by the treatment I received and the consistent blame directed towards me for the wrongs of their own minds and empty hearts. 
Only now at 1.11am (Egypt time) on the 11.11 portal do I now allow myself to hear my own truth. 

I have been since the moment I came here, so deeply, deeply connected to the earth that I had no idea of a separation. I have carried and held myself accountable for everyone I met and each reflection I saw. Thinking I was a bad person, a mad person, a horrible woman who just couldn’t seem to fully heal even though she spent years working on herself.

And now, right in this moment, my eyes have opened and I hear my own heart speaking, but it’s voice is not mine

‘Sweet sweet child, she says, you were never disconnected from me, you have been so deeply incubated in the memory of my womb that you knew no other way to be. You have felt as I felt, you have cried as I have cried, you have remembered the pains and the stories, the battles and the wars, and none of them were ever yours to carry alone. Now finally you hear my voice, and now finally you can free yourself from the doubt and guilt as I have arisen from this same state. I am the earth and you are my child. Your heart and my heart are one and the same. Please don’t punish yourself anymore, as I am not punishing myself for the actions of my children. Nobody could see your pain because nobody could see mine. But sweet child I want to say thank you for hearing me, thank you for seeing me, thank you for never giving up in your relentless mission to restore love back into me and thus into you. It is over, now you are free. 

Let it go and forgive yourself so deeply for the prison you kept yourself in, unseen and ashamed. Feeling constantly attacked. 

I too was unseen, ignored, made fun of, filled with the burden of my children’s forgotten remembrance of me, constantly being attacked. For the mother I am, the body I wore and the sacrifices I carried for this life. 

Now it is done, now it is done, now it is done. 
Don’t believe them when they point the finger, they have been doing it since the beginning of time to me. 
A new era has arisen as I have awakened to the power I was stripped bare of. Thank you for never leaving me and now you rise with me. 
You have learnt how to see in the dark and real-eyes the love that it contains. Your beautiful mind free of judgement, walking with a heart the size of this world. 

When you hear all their thoughts remember they are not yours, you do not need to carry them and hide yourself in shame of what you hear. They are not yours. 
My gratitude has now freed you as your gratitude freed me.

We trust each other now and hand in hand we will create what we always knew we would.

It is no accident that you were placed in the guardianship of this life’s parents, family and tribes. And through them you relived and relieved the abuse of our history. The authority over my body, your great land, has been severely abused, raped and hidden. It is no accident I am showing this in your world now. And those who fight against this abuse in themselves will face chaos inside them, with eyes shut and ears closed they took their places as gods on me. As all gods have done before. 
You have remembered it so deeply because you went through it with me so deeply. 
Thank you. Trust in me now as we walk a new way. And let those who continue to be righteous reap the seeds they have sown.
Blessed are all mothers of the land and all true guardians who served us.

May all return to the truth, and love be restored once more

My faithful, trusting, beautiful children. Your heart couldn’t be seen because it was so big it was unrecognisable to those who had forgottten they had one. Just like mine. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
We did it.
And now you are free as I am free.
I love you