The Heart Knows the Way…

Wide eyes open, here we are. All of us. Doing what’s never been done. Seeing each other through the eyes of our hearts. There’s no path here because we have never experienced this with each other before now. There’s no memory or grid that could feed us this knowing. And as many are feeling, it’s totally unknown. Yes there is a familiarity to it, a long forgotten peace that’s anchoring us into this resonance. It feels different, we’re not sure which step to take and which choice to make. To me it seems the only way is to put one foot in front of the other and real-eyes there’s no choices to be made. Why? Because the heart knows the way. It knows and its guiding us. Are you listening?.. you can see the other hearts, you feel them beating as if it were happening inside your own chest. And it is. Louder and brighter than we’ve ever known. That’s the funny thing about this love era we’re in, we don’t know the greater capacity to love, so as it expands, we instantly move to constrict it and question its flow. But what about this, and what about that. I can’t do that because it will, won’t, may or may not.. Yet our heart keeps smiling and waiting patiently for us to return to it once again. In quicker succession than we ever have previously. It feels like the ‘previous’ has disappeared. We find ourselves here in this moment. Quite literally, this is where we find ourselves. In the present moment. I recall a quote from a children’s film, kung fu panda – the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift from God. That’s why it’s called a present. Ah the simplicity. Will you allow yourselves to re-member this innocence, this simple way. Or will you choose to make the decisions to constrict & flow against the will of love.. I don’t feel there’s a choice. It’s here and it’s touching every part of us. Will you merge with its touch or will you prolong your return home, into the sanctuary of your very heart that beats regardless of wether we choose it too or not.. 

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