Eternal Love

How fascinating the depths we rise from and dive into, again and again and again. The inspiration that is alive and vibrant in both these states, and each movement inbetween amazes me. Does it ever change..?
Today I’ve been everywhere. Yet I moved nowhere. I revisited past memories, each so alive and real in them moments that they replayed. A day spanning 35 years. 

I watched as the intricate web, revealed a thread between the choices I’ve made then, which led me to here,  and the choices I make now,  which colour my tomorrow. 

Throughout today, the present moment, the past and the outcome of my tomorrow all existed together, as one continuous stream. It flowed into the ocean before my very eyes, merging as one whole experience, rather than a separate timeline of ages and dates. 

We never cease to exist, we change form and landscape. I suppose the true nature of change is ultimately changeless underneath. 

The gentle waves of the water washes over the golden sand, and the sun still shines behind the thickly gathered clouds. I real-eyes how perfect shit is, in all its imperfections and stories. 

Everything ebbing and flowing , like the waves, unfolding moment to moment. Yet the moment contains them all.

These places we stand in, we stood before and will again. The people we’ve met, we’ve met before and will meet again. Maybe they will wear new bodies and look different, but the essence in them, as the essence in me and you, always remains the same. Finding each other over and over again. 
I am love experiencing itself, and you are love experiencing itself, in all its possibilities. My mind rests into my heart, and I remember.
All that I sought, is what I am. Whether I am diving the depths, or rising above the waves, my nature is the same.. 

Wherever we go and whatever situation we meet, we make a difference by living in the truth of who we are,

Ahhhh.. I exhale and smile.. 

The ocean waves continue waving as the sun continues shining. As for me, well I’m sure I will continue loving, as I can only be what I am.. 

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