In this long days sun, of which I lay under,

bathing this flesh and blood, 

Sweeping this temple of built up plunder.

A bright light fills my vision, 

How come I see the sun inside? 

And the flesh and blood that was just here, is momentarily nowhere in sight.

Ahhh I sigh with recognition, the home of which I’ve sought. The land, water, air & fire, all contained in the cauldron of thought. 

Twas many a long days and often longer nights, Sitting with the sacred herbs, reclaiming the gift of sight. 

Sifting through time & space, the places & faces, 

tricks of the darkness & light.

Polarity still alive, by the minds need to be right.

 Wielding the sword to demons, transforming without a fight 

We’re not laying here no more they say, as their memories burst into a rainbow kite.

Yes we lived them lives, and many more to come, we’ve been all to all, 

Your blood and our blood entwined, passed on and on and on.

Rest easy now shining ones

All ye who came before,

Neither above or below us,

Standing equal, oh to be sure.

A thousand million welcomes,

Céad Míle Fáilte in your native tongue,

Always remember this wisdom little one, 

Only you know your way home..  


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