We appear to have entered another wave of operation clean up AGAIN! theres hardly a breather between them now. You get through one, sigh some relief and then another washes through.. brace yourself beloveds, its not stopping, its the new way of being.

Just when we think we’ve got this life thing handled,  Haha enter cosmic humour at its best. We think we’ve understood its purpose and message, that we know ourselves on every level then WHAM BAM BOOM! another layer presents. This is the path of the ever expanding heart embodiment. We are literally embodying spirit into matter in an unprecedented manner.

The Gypsies, Shamans, Seer’s,  Witches, Magicians, Artists, Mystics and Drifters throughout all time, had an intimate relationship with spirit. Acting as a conduit for its wholeness to enter a sacred space to heal/assist those within it. Lately i am noticing an increase of this ceremonial feel. It is in every moment i am noticing now that spirit is present. No longer an entity outside of me that i pray too, but a sacredness increasing from within my heart and pouring itself out into the environment. A deep embodiment is occurring for everyone. 

During a peyote ceremony last summer in the secluded woodlands of Sussex,UK, I received a vision of an ancestor. He was covered in feathers, wearing them as if it were a bodysuit. I recognised him to be  Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. To me he was also Thoth, a guide and friend who has been by my side since I can remember. He danced around the fire and inbetween all of us who sat in circle. I watched, mesmerised, as he put his hands around me and directed arrows away from penetrating my body. He told me these were the collective thoughts and I no longer needed to absorb them as my own. Interestingly enough as he did this I felt a lightness return to me, in that moment I watched (yes watched) as a grey clump of energy passed through my body. I knew it was not personally mine as I had watched it move around the circle. As soon as I observed it, it passed to the person next to me and they spontaneously began purging very deeply. The feathered serpent said ‘ when you know yourself, you do not get lost in the myriad of illusions of earths screenplay’ I’m sure I will fully understand that one day, for now I am only grasping its wisdom. 

The experience was very beautiful, as was the tribal family I shared it with. Two days later as I was smoking some tobacco out of my bedroom window, he appeared again to me floating midair (we’re on the 3rd floor). He took out a huge white feather and touched it on my heart, blowing into it. My entire self melted into my heart and I saw the black void of the universe INSIDE me. He showed me that my heart was a portal from where everything came from, not in too. He said ‘you do not let the love in, you let the love out. It stems from the gateway here’ the visual I saw was the black hole of the universe as I have seen in images (see below) from black light does all light come.

He continued ‘ you breathe your environment in to your heart (because it is all your creation) and as you exhale you are exhaling absolute new life out and into your version of reality. You are letting the love out because it can only ever stem from inside you. Any perceived distortions exist in your mind, never your heart. There is no one else but you in all shapes and forms, breathed into existence for you to know yourself and journey the labrynth of human experience. 

Truly we are our own universe experiencing our unique viewpoint of consciousness from multifaceted angles. Source has many expressions and we are all the parts that make up the whole. We are also the whole experiencing itself in parts. How genius our design! 

His wisdom has stayed with me and recently I came across a meditation by Sandra Walter called Divine Neutrality which resonated to what I was shown. Link below, thank you Sandra! 

I share this today after hearing and reading many articles that are set with the intention to protect ourselves.  I often wonder who are we protecting ourselves from, only our own self creations/mirrors and the other parts of ourselves. To love wholly maybe we must start seeing things wholly and not choosing one thing or the other exclusively. Maybe by letting the love out to all creation knowing nothing can ever harm us, take from us or hurt us, we can realise that we have created the experience for our own evolution in consciousness, to pierce the veil of seperated illusion to understand our holographic nature.  So the parodox of what the serpent taught me was that yes we are all connected, yes we all feel each other but we do not get lost in everyone else’s self created reality, for to take on others pain or suffering to make them feel better (momentarily), is to truly disempower them in their own experience of evolution.

 Each night we sleep we are all together with all that has been, is and will be. There is no time and space between us, we are as intrisyncly connected to each other as the waves to the ocean. Imagine the chaos in the sea if each wave started to protect itself from another wave.. What an image that conjures. Think about it. There is no power outside of you creating your life. You are beautifully remembering that you are the conduit for creation and you have all the power of an outside God, inside you.

During this fiery, igniting New Moon period, as I sit overlooking the Great Pyramids & Sphinx in Egypt,  I am letting the love out to all I see. Knowing on some level we created it all and We can create anew in any moment by breathing our current reality into our hearts and thus birthing new life through our breath. Truly it is all we really have. 

Each encounter we are now having ( and they are intense!)  is for our own growth and awareness. Innumerable unconscious programs are rising into our awareness as they are deleted from our experience & the memory of Gaia. I would say we are very on track! Now is the time to amplify the love out, play a lot more and not take it personally 🙂 I truly believe our unique expressions are a gift, maybe just maybe we’re not here to be the same as each other. We would get bored with the sameness all the time, as im pretty sure source would too. The gift of multidimensional expression is the ability to experience consciousness on all levels, simulteanously. And thru us is this being done. 

We are the stuff stars are made of, quite literally.

It’s all love, every part of it.

Breathe it all in, Let the love out ❤️

Note: another powerful meditation that resonates with this article. Thank you Sandra Walter,


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