The Sphinx Speaks part 7


Why is everyone trying to stop being human? You are having a human experience. Have you all had enough?

We have shared each and every conversation we have had that YOU ARE SOURCE. You are source experiencing itself. Unconditional LOVE is what you already are, and within this human experience you are remembering more of who you are, than you have had the conscious capacity too, previously.

The aim is not to exit the human experience, unless you choose it. The aim is to open up, expand consciously, integrate and embody it in human form. Therein you have the opportunity to recreate your planet, coming from a greater expansion of love for yourselves, inner trust and life experience. This is evolution. You are creating a new way, which is an old way. You see the paradox, you are restoring the natural order on earth by aligning yourselves to the natural order within

         When you align your inside world, your outside world naturally matches it

All the Ancestors celebrate, we are you and you are us. The consciousness of those who have passed on through the Earth experience, lives on still in many forms. Consciousness is being experienced through the human body. When you leave the body, the consciousness remains. So it is for all life. The consciousness stream doesn’t cease to exist, it ascends into other life form experiences.  You and your ancestors are not separate. Their memory lives on in you. What is perceived as a past life, is you accessing a collective memory, which exists in the Akash.

           Half the time you think you’re thinking, you’re actually listening

You are listening to the collective thoughts. Then you think they are your thoughts. If you resonate with its frequency then it will feel like its yours, it will become very real here on the earthly realm. This is one explanation for the past life phenomena. The reason no one has a consistent whole memory of another time is because you are accessing them through the collective akash records, which in that moment feels as if you are the ones personally experiencing it. It is collective memory being accessed, not individual lifestream.

The idea of past lives is based on a separation, but in truth you are living eternally, you have never died, your human form has. Many of you dropped one body and immediately took another. Death & Birth are one and the same, even though they appear separate ‘processes’. You all have a continuous stream of life which contains all the perceived past, present and future timelines.

The greatest illusion has been that you are separate from Source, each other.. That is impossible, if you were truly separate you would cease to exist. The whole is always connected, it is only the perception of that which tells you otherwise. 

It has taken quite a while for our channel to be able to accept this for us to bring this through. She can be stubborn and when a new idea is presented to her, she takes it apart, tests the universe (which of course is her source self) and then she applies it to see how it works AND THEN..she writes it.. Now thats a process! We are greatfull Dear One and we know you enjoy the humour 😉

Planet Earth is entirely susceptible to your thought/feeling creation. In other words, your ‘reality’ is EXACTLY what you think it to be. One of your well know philosophers said ‘I think, therefore I AM’. He was very in-tune with his Source connection. What you think and consequently feel about that thought, becomes your living reality.If you think that there is good and bad in your world, then guess what, there is good and bad in your world. If you think that the land needs healing, then guess what happens? Everything shows up for you that confirms that the land needs healing. If you think you must work hard for everything you experience in life then you will see no other way and you will live your life like this. If you think life is effortless and beautiful, everything, everything, in your life, will show up to be effortless and beautiful. We hear you argue ‘but it’s so real!’ and we say of course it is, that is how it has been created, for your exploration. Your planet is a lightship which has the capacity to change its shape and position and appearance, it responds to your every thought. You must be present to it all to come out of the illusions which keep you playing small.

Humans have operated from conditional love to have their needs met, unconditional love is loving it all. ALL, no exceptions, knowing you need nothing but the present breath in this moment

To come into relationship with this as your reality requires presence. It requires your total presence. It requires you to come out of thinking ,thinking ,thinking ,so that you can instead allow the unfolding. You are always unfolding into greater and greater expressions of love, grace and creation. You are always creating, from the moment you open your eyes until the moment you close them, you have created and co created your days experience, with all whom you shared it with (your thoughts = people playing them out)

It is not a matter of attaining spiritual enlightenment and then everything is done, everything is perfect. What occurs is that you realise that all the things you were fighting with and distracting yourself for and possibly avoiding, were actually perfect all along. Judgement ceases to exist within you, towards yourself, others and thus towards all life. You are Source in physical expression. Therefore we would like to remind you of the beauty of unfolding.

The experience of the heart expansion never ends. It is an endless well of infinite love, with no beginning and no end, constantly present and seeking itself (love). The greatest empowerment right now for you all is to remember that your heart WILL continue to pour out more love into your body, your being, your environment. It is only YOU who restricts it. The key to its breathtaking breakthrough (which can look like breakdowns) is to be present with it ALL. Remind yourselves, soothe yourselves in these moments. Allow the tears to flow, you will come through it, you will reach the surface to take a new breath of life upon your return from the depths. These depths are deeply embedded in your DNA. The patterns, the behaviours, conditioning, programming. It’s not personal. Remind yourself not to take it personal. An illusion is temporarily heart wrenching as it is noticed, seen and moved through.

Be gentle with yourself and trust your inner voice. Whatever keeps on replaying in your intuition, guiding you to a place, a person, anything, follow it. TRUST and you will reap the benefits of your most loving yourself

Love ❤



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