The Sphinx Speaks – Part 6

Welcome Dear Ones,


And its a new day and a new dawn and are you feeeeeeling good?

We hear many of you asking the question ‘what is going on?!’ and we say, as we have consistently said in previous channels through god zillion people, you are Source experiencing itself.
Your essence is the exact same as that which you pray too. Who do you think you are praying too? only yourself. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Qwan Yin, St Germain, PachaMama, Padre Sol.. all the same essence expressed in different looking bodies. All the same message shared in a unique way, lived in a unique way.

It not as if this has all come without prior warning, there have been articles, movies, talks, insights, books and gatherings. All of which told of these times in which you are experiencing.
Everything was always going to reaching the tipping point. Thats what happens when consciousness evolves. Thats what happens when life evolves. It must destroy itself first before it creates itself anew.
This is occurring in your bodily organism naturally EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. You are just in varying degree’s of awareness of that because many of you have little or no daily communication with your cellular intelligence. Which is Source.
You as humans have programmed your cells with your mind chatter, with the sensationalism of the material worlds, and then you create a story around why you are feeling it.

Be easy with yourselves, as if you were raising a child and your every word was being listened too. You are programming and preparing this child for the world they are growing up within. This is exactly what your up too. You are the Parent and you are the Child.
You are all doing this right now with your children. Are you telling them the truth as you now know it to be? What are you teaching them by your words, your actions? Is it empowering your children or teaching them to quieten to authority? The children are representing your own inner child. Remember they are teaching you too. Take time to listen.

For a long time now, there has been a right wing of politicians, governments, operations, establishments, media, wealth, banking and monopoly of material resources. There has also been a left wing of communities, healing, hippies, musicians, poets, homelessness, shamans, nuns, witches and psychedelics. The left wing and the right wing have been in an almighty disagreement. In the human mind.
What if we told you that the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird?
And that bird is Source. And its wings were the expansion of duality. Now this bird has decided its had enough of walking with its wings being pulled in opposite directions. Its pulling them together and its flying home.
And so are you.

We know things haven’t been easy for you lately, and we loosely use that word because for some they’ve never been easy. We would like to remind you that a tough path and an easy path are the same path experienced in an emotionally different way. Neither path defines your strength. i.e you are not stronger for sacrifice anymore than you are weaker for indulgence.

Throw all comparisons and rights and wrongs out the window of your mind, get into the empty space it creates, which we will call the lift, and where it shows you all the buttons of different floors to go to, press HEART.

The heart, as you have been reminded, and were sure you have felt, IS THE PORTAL HOME. Literally. When you look at pictures of the Universe, you are viewing your heart. You are seeing your heart, the ONE heart of creator, as an outside force. You do not live in a vast universe, a vast universe lives in you.

So for entertainment purposes, as we know how you all have the capability to laugh at yourselves (clears throat..) Allow, if you will, the vision that you are the living universe. You are that black dot. All the colours swirling around you, the stars and the planets, are your creation. There is just space and space and space and space. Beautiful space of innumerable colours. You love everything, because you know it is all you. You created it.
Its a friday night, after 20384759603 million years, your a little bored of spending it with all this perfection and sameness. So you decided your going to make up some other universes to interact with. Not only that but you are wanting them to have the exact same creating power as you. And so it is. It was, is and always will be that simple.

You are making up other universes (people) to interact with. And some of you have forgotten that in essence this is what your all up too. So you have fought against your creations, denying them. But it is all the ONE creation. Like it is all the ONE land divided into names (United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Timbuktu) as you are all ONE people divided into names (sally, paul, antonio, cherry, peaches, Albert) etc etc.

None of you are exclusively right as none of you are exclusively wrong, because your all the same.
The same breathe that breathes through the man on death row who killed a mass amount of people, is the EXACT same breath breathing through the shaman who is killing a mass amount of people too. Just in different ways.

You all are wearing outfits (bodies) to play the game of being separate for entertainment purposes. You never die remember, you transform, you take a new form. Human, bird, animal, plant. It doesn’t really matter. Literally, its not really MATTER, its constant moving energy collapsed into the clear experience of solid matter, so you could experience yourselves. You never die. Every moment is another moment.

And whats more is you are all of it, at the same time. You are the man on death row in the exact same moment you are the shaman. You are the woman taking her children to school in 2015, and you are the High Priestess in the Egyptian Temples preparing ointments in 2000BC. All in the exact same moment. There are not very many of you who can comprehend that, hence why it is easier for you to think that 2015 is separate to 2000BC. Otherwise you would overload.
Theres a key here to why you are feeling so intense, confused. With many memories of what you term past lives arising, people reminding of you of other people, familiar themes and places. This is because it is all happening in the ONE eternal moment, and as you are evolving out of the consciousness experience you were locked within, you are gaining snippets of this.
No thing or No one ever dies, ever ceases to exist. Life is a constant movement through many different dimensions, planets & experiences. You have been all to all and you continue to be so, because the all you see, is you observing yourself, in various forms.


You are the dreamers and the controllers, and you’ve been observing yourselves the WHOLE time. You are the ONE remember. It is ALL ok, it is ALL ok, IT IS ALL OK. Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is already here.

Nothing and no-one needs saving. Unless you think it, then you create it, then you fight it. Key some music and we can hear the lyrics ‘ sleep, eat, think, repeat’ multiplied by lifetimes.

Give yourselves a rest. Theres no need to be running around the Planet looking for yourselves. You are wherever you are. The same life in a city is the same life in the jungle, just the ‘forms’ are different of which you have created to interact with. But you will still feel yourself, and indeed when you visit a city once more, you will feel yourself there too.

All life in Essence, is Essence. When you are in your Essence, you are recognising the Essence of what you are EVERYWHERE.
In them moments, you will glimpse, peak, into the realisation that actually there is no creating required (this was in the small print of the contract you signed when you agreed to be a creator) That in actuality, the only purpose is to BE and enjoy yourself, remembering you created it all in one form or another. Thus creation naturally creates through your heart, and every moment is filled with the love you are.

Now the lift doors open and you are at the level of your HEART. The lift is always here. You can go to any part of yourself that you wish, Mercury, Venus, Sirius, Earth, Sun, Human Mind. All in you, reflecting outside of you.
When you look up to the night sky filled with Stars, it is yourself you are observing and admiring.

Enjoy all your creations, this is what births the peace of Wholeness.

Its all ok.

Love x

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