The Awakening Woman

We have had huge shifts these last few months, time is dropping further away from linear being, days turning into night quicker than before, people are making changes to their lives, food, routines, relationships. Its truly magical times to be here. Eyes wide open, travelling our paths as our own teachers. No longer looking for validation for who we are from outside sources, we are deeply incubated in the womb of creation, growing, growing, growing still…


I am seeing, experiencing, that when a woman awakens the once latent coils of her kundalini force, a new energy becomes her.
An ancient energy that feels new. One that has been hidden so deeply in this lifetime.
This energy feels very, very, sexual. The woman is arousing herself awake. She is feeling this awakening, this uncoiling, within her very own body. It is sending orgasmic pulses through her bones in varying degrees of intensity, throughout the day.
She is expanding into this Ancient awareness of herself. A re-membering of her place in this world, is becoming her.
Finally she feels her body. She is beginning to love her body, appreciating her form.
This is a beautiful sight to some, and its gonna trigger a whole load of shit we’ve been hiding inside.


The feminine has awoken, she has worked through her pain. She has turned around and faced her fears, she is kissing the relentless dragon on the nose, and unexpectedly they are becoming friends once more. She is no longer seeing her enemy, just her minds malady.

She is embracing her sisters & honouring her brothers. She has forgiven her mother, and her father, for all the things she blamed them for. She’s let it go. Everyone did the best they could with what they had and she’s in peace with that. Now she is teaching her sons & daughters a new way.

She is breeding the next generation of awakened children, through the seeds that are blossoming within her..

To my future husband, the father of my unborn children. Let us be the parents that show our children love. In all its glorious facets. Don’t be afraid to show romance to me when our children our present. I want our children to know how to really love somebody, because we lead by example. Because they see you kiss me while i am preparing their breakfast, They remember it is normal. I want them to see the cheeky ways you tease me, make me laugh and hold me when i cry. Lets be the parents who embrace each other, and remind them that they are a part of it. Never be afraid to speak of things in front of our children, i want us to include them in all our life, shielding them from no-thing. Guiding them with truth, allowing them to express freely. So when they leave our nest to meet the world, they are bringing their whole self with them

The awakening woman is learning how to Embrace all of who she is. Feet firmly on the ground, she is reclaiming her place in this world.
It won’t be taken from her again, she’s wide awake now.

* She gave up gossiping a long time ago, she knows how it feels to receive it, how it feels to send it out, and she chooses another way. She replaced gossip with honour & integrity, aligning her words, thoughts and actions. Deeply knowing that her thoughts create her reality, and that any idle gossiping can touch the persons involved, like an arrow hitting its target with inexplicable accuracy. She chooses another way.

* She no longer needs to know everything, something has softened inside her and her seeking has ceased. In glimpses of quiet solitude she sees the stars inside her very body, floating in space, twinkling with brightness. Theres more to her than even she realises, but she’s surrendered, she’s trusting and it’s growing rapidly.

The Goddess has returned to Earth accompanied by a big loud ‘Honey, immmm home’ bang!

We must remember that the cycle of death, transformation and rebirth is intimately known within the woman. Every month she cycles through this process. She’s an old hand at it by now. She letting it flow, she’s allowing the cleanse and she’s given up holding on to all the shit she was trying to keep together. She’s finally allowing herself to receive herself.

This is stirring the medicine pot once more, for her sisters and brothers. To come into community again, to reawaken our relationship with the lands, and all life that lives upon it.

Don’t you think its time, for us to truly release ourselves and each other, from the small and inadequate places we have self imprisoned ourselves too?

We are all mirrors of each other. There is no me without you, and there is no part of you that is not me,

The new education must be less concerned with sophistication than compassion. It must recognize the hazards of tribalism. It must teach man the most difficult lesson of all—to look at someone anywhere in the world and be able to see the image of himself. The old emphasis upon superficial differences that separate peoples must give way to education for citizenship in the human community. With such an education and with such self-understanding, it is possible that some nation or people may come forward with the vital inspiration that men need no less than food. Leadership on this higher level does not require mountains of gold or thundering propaganda. It is concerned with human destiny. Human destiny is the issue. People will respond.” Norman Cousins

Men are hugely attracted to this newly awakened power in women. They are recognising it and they are moving towards it. Choosing to honour it once more instead of destroy it.

Somehow theres something familiar, they know deep down in their bones she’s calling them home. Home to their truest self. They can trust her. She is not misleading them, or manipulating, as the old trait of the feminine once did. She has healed her wounds, she is recognising her ability to respond now, as an awakened woman.
She is realising she does need you, she does want you. Arms open she’s calling you home to her.

The awakening woman feels she has enough capacity to take care of everyone, yet she has the wisdom to know she can only give this to herself first and foremost before it naturally extends to all in her life.

The awakening woman wants strong sisters to be by her side. To face each other. Support each other. To sit in the presence of each other, naked. Revealing themselves, to themselves.
The parts we had deeply buried and denied. Were lighting the fire for ourselves once more.
As is the cycle of the Goddess.

We want to be able to share the old stories and fears with each other. To air the things in our heads, thus realising its not so real after all.
We are all in this together (to-gather) our whole self


To once again gather as Sisters. Unafraid to be seen by each other, in all our magnificent colours and human maladies.
The awakening woman is dreaming this into being. She can see into the hearts of her people, her tribe. She wants to weave us together again as she is weaving herself together.

The awakening woman wants strong brothers by her side, where she feels safe to express herself. All of herself. Being free to feel her sexual, life creating essence without being violated or abused for it. Neither moving to shut it down or turn it up, being who she is without excuses. She wants people to see the natural essence of creative force. To enjoy it, to respect its power, its influence. And to express it wholeheartedly and with love.

She has come out of the old stories. The ones that punished her, humiliated her, scorned her, for being a whole woman.
She is rising once more, as she always does, again and again and again.
And she see’s all brothers and sisters rising alongside her.

The Earth herself has awakened through us. Giving us the gift of her sight, her love, her wholeness. In all its many radiant Diamond facets.

Peace becomes me once more. Peace becomes me because i have let go of blaming you, or blaming me. Seeing our innocence through this journey and the golden opportunity presented to us all right now.

And whatever you do, don’t take it personally. Love is all there is, showing itself in many forms and faces.


Lets open our hearts, meet our edges, make friends with our fears, and maybe…maybe.. our dream of life may become a reality.

May all our fears transmute to laughing

Much Love ❤

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