The Sphinx Speaks – Part Five


Welcome once more,

So how are you all feeling? thrown upside down, turned inside out and then swung from left to right, rapidly? Good. Because sometimes its the only way to shake the nonsense out of the human mind.

We see a tremendous amount of struggle in your relationships with each other. An edge that exists in-between surrender and self protection. This edge is becoming clearer, more prevalent with the effects of the recent portal of energy that has opened today (24th july 2015).
The edge is the manifestation of the mind. For if you were all truly living in your hearts it wouldn’t be there. And we tell you this with full knowing that the heart IS the portal into Love. It is not just that You will feel love in your heart. It is the actual portal of which, once entered, you transcend the current state of consciousness and merge into a multi-dimensional experience of what you are, which is of course Love in its purest essence, undistorted by time and space realities and human mind maladies. When you live from this place you see its reflection everywhere because you see with the eyes of love. Now this is not to say you see fluffy smiles everywhere and everyone holding hands with daisies in their hair, running through wheat meadows. Love in its purest form is unconditional. It has no conditions, it only seeks itself and so recognises itself in everything, regardless of how it is appearing in that moment. Love is all there is. Like a diamond that radiates millions of different facets depending upon the light in the moment. Love is as equal in an investment banker who hasn’t a clue what a crystal is, as it is in the yogi who sits under the Bodhi tree for 24 hours a day. Only the mind differentiates.
There will be people that tell you to ‘live in the real world’ but thats only a reflection of where they are, how they think, and has no actual reference on you. The real world is subjective to the persons belief on what ‘real’ is. To one who is accessing a multidimensional consciousness, you know that there are worlds upon worlds existing and interwoven into each other, all right here. Likewise to one who is believing theres an up and a down, to them then your either up there or down here. Be the driver of your own vehicle.
Your minds are desperately trying to hold on to what it knows, in a self protection mode. We know this, we showed our channel this in her dreams 4 nights ago. We projected her awareness into her head space to observe herself, her thoughts, the things she ‘thinks’ when she is trying to work out what we say/show her. She’s always at the ready to absorb but the head can go off on its own tandem and create a story around it,based on past information, from an obscured state of conscious awareness. Do you remember the dream?
Cherina: yes i do, i was sitting inside my own brain, looking at the workings of a computer system, lots of computer screens, all playing different scenes, like CCTV but more movie like. I watched the stories i held as truth and then watched as you showed me they were not real, they were just a screen projection of a thought/belief i had adopted.Then the computer screens went blank, as if they had all turned off and the space became very expansive. It was totally dark, black dark.
Yes. The computer screens represent the multiple programs operating based on your beliefs, information you’ve absorbed, learned, experienced. When they went off and it went dark, the stories were erased, turned off. The computer was wiped. This is the opportunity to create yourself anew, completely anew, without any prior conditioning. Its delicate and ripe. What will you program into your computer now? You choose, you are creating it. But you do not have to do it by yourself. Remember we have told you consistently from the beginning ‘you are making it all up, don’t take it personally, don’t take it all too seriously’. Now to some that could be misconstrued as a very flippant remark, of which the remedy would be even more humour! but for a moment let us explain. Above all else, Source has no specific plan for Earth. This is mainly because it operates under free-will. Source knows that Earth will return to itself as it always does. It supports whatever is requested. Therefore although it supports the dominant collective mind frame, it is Gaia, the living entity of Earth, whom is the Boss, so to speak. This is one way in which to bring it back home, because when you bring your life-force and attention to Gaia, you are disconnecting your subjectivity to the collective consciousness, which is a big soup of mixed signals right now. Gaia is in rhythm, and you can come into that pure rhythm when you surrender to her. You see you walk upon her body, she is one big body of life and she supports you all, literally. She waters you, feeds you, warms you, and she destroys what needs to be destroyed, in order to create anew. This is not new information, you ALL, already know this. If you could all take a moment to think of your mothers and the many facets of her, you will see the bigger picture with Gaia.
So why are we telling you this? because she is calling to you. She has embodied a greater degree of consciousness than previously available to her, due to so many humans retaining energy in their bodies and unknowingly cutting off her supply, her connection to you, with you. Imagine the water pipes that are all connected in your house, and how they carry the water out of your home, you flush your toilet and you do not think where its going, how it will get there. Do you wonder if its a ‘good’ flush or a ‘bad’ flush? No. Now imagine them pipes were blocked, they were not able to flush anything out and they instead contained all the water inside them. What would eventually happen is they would combust, it couldn’t possibly handle the continued flow any longer. This is akin to what we are talking about in you. Mother is the ocean to where all waters return, but if the pipes (you) are blocked and containing the water inside of them, then we have a combustion in the making. There ceases to be a flow.
She is now calling you Home. You are always contained within Source, you are source, so we advise to take your attention away from wanting to be Source. You already are, even if somewhat unrealised in varying degree’s. Instead focus your attention on Gaia. She will speak to you, she will direct you specifically to what you can do to assist her in this unprecedented experience. Gaia IS source manifest in its Earthly body. Did we not tell you Mother God was returning to Earth. Think about that. Its not ‘up there’ your needing to get too. Its right here. Like everything you want, its right here, right now.
You think all of this has been challenging for you humans? take a moment to consider the animals, albeit they live in relative harmony with earth and each other, but they are affected by every thought, word, vibration and frequency that is moving in the universe also. Only they don’t get to sit around and read articles to help them, they wander around wondering what the f*** has happened to my world, my habitat. Imagine going out one day to work or to the supermarket, happily going about your business (busi-ness), only to return home and find your homes not actually there. Its been completely destroyed while you were out. How would you feel? This is happening daily on your planet with your animals. And this must stop, if you all truly want what you are saying you want. In order for life to harmonise with itself once more, all must be considered and treated the same.
We see many many souls healing, but you are healing your emotions and not your minds. Emotions are the feeling mechanism of the human experience, you will always feel. Emotions is energy in motion. It can never be ‘healed’ it is a constant flux, wave, circle and spiral. The mind, however, is seeking the healing. So when you enter into ceremonies, workshops, physical processes of yoga and such likes. Take a moment to check your mind afterwards. Ask yourselves what do you think now? are you still replaying stories? are you making new ones up? are you still talking about other people and judging them? no matter how many healing experiences you give yourself, if the mind is still looped on judgement, you are just kidding yourself. Momentarily forgetting that you are talking about yourself again. The remedy? Laugh. Laugh at yourself, truly laugh. This brings you into your heart. Don’t take it seriously, this breaks the cycle. When you get serious or caught up in the energy that is not flowing (blocked pipes) you lose the natural flow of love. Come back into the dance with love and you will see your whole world transform regardless of how it is showing itself, you will remember its all love. Ahhh and there is your peace.

Bless ❤

‘ 3 in the morning, heard something calling my name. 3 little birdies, at my doorstep again. 2 ravens, 1 dove, this must be love, telling us all, to come home. To come home.
Rivers and oceans, mountains and springs, Mother Earth doesn’t need your excuses, apathies or blame.
Just come home, come home.
Sadness and suffering, depressions and rage. Bobby trapped illusions, like a light to the brain. Please come home, Everybody please come home.
Sun goes down and the stars come out, wow a million billion grandpas spanning out, listening to the glistening space child, calling out to devout dancers of the Tao ‘if not us now, then who and how, how many miles must a man travel until he knows, he’s home. Everybody’s right at home.
Thunder and lightening, tornados and rain, I’ve got your number, thats me calling again, to come home. Everybody please come home ‘

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