We are the New Children


It is our greatness we most fear not our weakness. It is in the perceived ‘shadow’ that this greatness is. It is ancient, its in our DNA, encoded from generation to generation and we are carrying these chains of DNA inside of us. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and beyond. We contain the entire lifestream of life within us. And our ENTIRE environment is a profound mirror of them. Everything around us that we see and perceive as a reality is in fact, ourselves looking back at ourselves. The wars, the corruption, the violence, dramas, problems, sickness, health, wealth, joy, freedom or lack of, love, hate, body image, thought processes. All is a link in the chain of who we are as a species and who our ancestors have been, who we are in essence because we carry the same DNA within us. Linking one to the other to the other and so on and so forth.
We are not here to ‘save the water’ as a drain main kindly put it recently, we are here to flush the shit. He was talking about a toilet he was fixing in a friends house, YET his wisdom was profound.
And the shit is in clearing the junk DNA from ourselves so were not carrying what was before. Therein creating a new reality, a new earth by creating a new us. If we clear the shit, the things we carry like emotions and pain and memories that are not ours, we become clearer, more conscious, we awaken to who WE are now, not who we were. Following patterns and beliefs given to us like automatic robots. Layers and layers of stories, stories and then some more stories. This happened to me and its why I am like this and then along came this other thing and oh my, my bad parents, teachers, friends, lover, dogs, chocolate cake etc etc. layers, layers, layers. We take the needle on the record player off repeat and take a chance of playing a new tune.

I have danced with polarity since I was a little girl, as we all have, it is the prerequisite of earthly life/experience. We came here to do just that, to experience, to remember and to create anew. Which would explain the massive movement arising on our planet that tells us, ‘We are the Creators’! and to BE the change we wish to see in the world. By being that change, changing the stories we hold inside as true, we then carry that vibration into the world and witness the healing of our planet that many are seeking. It isn’t or never was an outside job, it was never a physical endeavor although physicality in a human form allowed us to move, to choose, to create. But we were always searching for a purpose., searching for who or what was within this body that we described as ‘me’.

Estas tonne said at a live concert in Goa ‘ Circles circles circles, spirals, spirals, spirals, spirals, seems sometimes things just come over and over again, and the characters that bring certain experiences changes, yet they are familiar, somehow they are familiar. Just lots of faces, lots of faces, all the time being. Its different and yet the same. So many layers of experiences and stories so many clothes, so many legends. I am telling myself. And yet from time to time I can feel, in an empty space, there is a black hole I am trying to reach, trying to connect to, trying to return too.
Circles circles circles, spirals spirals spirals, I can get so busy with so many beautiful things and yet that black hole is still there. If I am truly authentic with myself I can see the longing, I can feel that something is not complete. Looking looking looking outside, telling myself stories, wearing more masks, wearing more nice costumes. Another country, another place, another lover, another friend. Taking myself away from that black hole. Spirals spirals spirals…
Waves… and there is another wave coming’ and he’s talking about the dance of life, the dance of humans.

We were given a set of rules as children, the do’s the don’t’s, the who’s we should become and how to achieve that. School, behaviours, university, health, getting married, having children, saving, mortgages, health insurance and will’s.
So you have it that many people followed the rules, they applied the teachings given to them by their parents and they ticked all the boxes. But there was still an emptiness, and if everyone got truly honest they would admit it.
All the steps didn’t equal happiness. Maybe temporarily but not long term. We were not taught about the fluctuating wave nature of our universe, of our planet. The circles and spirals that we exist within as opposed to the straight lines, so effectively weve been swimming against the tide. And the tide is what? Ourself. Theres nothing separate to what you are or what I am, even you are not separate to me or I to you. But for the game of life, we have decided to play them roles that I am this and you are that, I don’t agree with that and you don’t agree with this. And so we dance this dance of polarity, and we make things and people and events wrong, all the while mostly making ourselves right. Yet, a fundamental question that we would do well to regularly ask ourselves is ‘ how would I know what I am, who I am, what I like, don’t like, what this or that experience is, if I were never to experience what it is not? That’s where the other me comes in, which is you and vice versa. And now theres a peak of wholeness coming to the surface.
So when we tell you your making it all up, you are. But you’ve gotten all serious about the matter. You’ve forgotten its all childs play, we are children. When we observe children, they do not walk in straight lines or talk to you in sequential sentences, no, they mix it all up, they are naturally aligned with the whole wave of this magnificent universe. They are jumping from this to that, back over there until they reach here and then they forget whatsoever they’ve just done or said, because they are in constant movement, and they know its not important where they’ve been, or what they just said. Theyre perfectly here and they know by being here right now whether they are shouting, screaming, laughing, crying, moving, sitting, that its all just here. So you can only imagine the madness they see in their parents, with all these rules and regulations, do’s and don’t’s, right ways and wrong ways. For a child this is such nonsense, and they see how the parents are covering all sorts of maladies and emotions by these imposed rules, which they didn’t make up themselves, they were given to them, by their parents and teachers and whosoever else came into their lives and gave them their views. But the key is the child knows its all play, it laughs, it keeps getting up and playing. When the child falls down and hurts its knee and crys and crys, along comes mummy and wipes the knee, or daddy, or teacher or whoever really is there in that moment. And the child see’s the knee being kissed better and cleaned up, and all of a sudden the dramatic event that just occurred, that possibly caused mummy’s/daddy’s heartbeat to fasten, is over, its done. The child wants to go back out and play. Give it 10 more minutes and the child has forgotten about the whole knee incident. He didn’t stay living in that moment and pressing repeat, which is much of what the grown up population are doing. Pretending to be grown up and forgetting that were all children, and its all supposed to be fun.
Imagine if we got ourseves into this wave of being, this dance with ourselves, each other, do you think its possible that the environment would respond and dance with us? Or do you think we would be the ones coming into the rhythm of what nature is always doing? And then how many more of these illusions would we see through? How would we busy ourselves if there was no earth to save? Or politicians to damnate? Or indeed healing to be done? What on earth would we do? Literally. Haha,

As the shadow enters the light and see’s itself ,it realizes it was never its weakness it was afraid of, it was its greatness. So as the dark reaches the light, and the mother kisses the father, wholeness is birthed. And were writing the story as the new children.

Love ❤9efe97a8d3b3a046654499f07b832d16

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