So you see, we’ve all been telling you, reminding you, you are the Creator, incarnated.
All the information and guidance coming through says ‘ create, create, create’. And many are looking out to the world and wondering what am i creating? what do i want to create?
You are saying I AM the Creator but you are not fully believing this and deep down you know it.
Lets share something with you.
Do you remember them really old books that were written, called the bible? theres a little clue in there.
It says ‘ God said let there be light, and there was light’. Two very important words and 1 is key.
G.O.D , S.A.I.D. God didn’t DO, she SAID.
The word is the creating power. If you were to look to your world, asking ‘what is really needed here, what would serve the people, the community as whole, what would really make a difference to their lives. You would receive ideas, inspiration. The answer would come quicker than the question.
You could ask the people in that place where you are, what do you need? How can we help?
Then you imagine it done. Visualise that whatever it is that they need, that which would make a difference to their experience of life, their community (common unity), each other, visualise its already there. Imagine it done. Talk about it. Share with them the prayer of gratitude, tell them that believing is seeing and giving thanks in advance is the blessing that extends both ways. But most importantly, you would see them whole. You would see the place they are viewing as whole.
How? you may ask. Look beyond, look beyond the stories that they are telling you, telling themselves, look beyond the structures of reality they have built in their minds and see the whole dance of everything. Then you are a Creator walking the Earth.

We want to tell you a story about a young woman who experienced being God while in her body on earth.

Rose was excited, she was excited because she was going on holiday for 12 days to a warm country, relaxation and a beautiful sea of breathtaking wonder to rest upon. She was feeling very blessed and thankful, this vibrational state brought her more and more reasons to feel blessed and thankful. Many who witnessed her, witnessed a bright sun. She didn’t realise she was emanating this, she still had her doubts and fears and when people looked her way, she wondered what they looking at. She didn’t realise they were drawn to her warmth, the love pouring out from her. She thought in many moments they were judging her, thinking the same thoughts about her as she often did about herself. But Rose had an infectious smile, and throughout any of her low moments, she still managed to smile that smile from the warmth of her heart.
Fast forward to the day she arrived to the Resort with her 2 companions. They giggled like children and hopped up and down with excitement, there was a state of bliss building momentum between them.
Now as you remember, Rose was giving out all this thanks before she arrived so you can only imagine the amplification of this when she stood on the balcony of the hotel suite. The staff had kindly upgraded them to a sea view suite, we would say it was Rose’s smile that cinched it. They walked through their room and were feeling very happy, they looked out to the vast sea and they blessed it with their great-full-ness.
Rose and her companions were overwhelmed by everything, the warmth of the staff, the cleanliness of the hotel, its resonant ethics, the environmental protection of the corals and sea life, the food, the softness of the beds. It was as close to perfect as they knew.
2 days into the holiday, after a long day sunbathing, the 3 companions sat outside the hotel lobby, with a glass of wine to toast each other. Rose was noticing that her attention and vision was zooming in and out of where she was. She felt a little dizzy, she had taken but a few sips of wine and knew it couldn’t be just that. She watched her two companions speaking and a strange occurrence became her. In that moment she realised that they were her thoughts being played out in front of her, in the form of people, her companions. Her vision expanded and began to include all the people sitting in this lobby, she was able to hear all their thoughts and words. ‘All of these are my thoughts and i can interact with any of them or none of them’ she told herself. She also felt a shock at hearing these words leaving her mouth. Rose realised that no one else was aware of what was happening with her. She excused herself from the table and walked to the beach a few metres away. It was around 11pm. There was a security man on the beach and he smiled, as she smiled, passing him by.
Rose sat on the shore front. Her breathing was becoming more prominent, deeper, louder. In this next moment Rose’s reality collapsed. She witnessed the living energy of the Ocean, the living nature of the rocks to the side of her and the beach upon which she sat. In them moments there was no distinction between all of these, including Rose. She experienced living light as one BEing.
When her vision grasped what was occurring, millions and millions of white crabs crawled out of the sea towards her, touching her gently and flowing back into the sea. Rose felt very happy, filled with profound peace that she had never known before. Her entire world changed in that moment, by the Ocean.
Rose knew she had changed too. She went to find her companions and found them inside the hotel, talking with some guests. They gathered together and she shared her experience. They knew something was different, they could see it, there was no denying the light shining out of her eyes, the softness with which she spoke and the certainty in her voice as she talked, but they were also suspicious. This was a different Rose.
Once they all went back to the hotel, Rose found she couldn’t sleep. She was wide awake as if it were the dawn and the beginning of a new day. She felt a hunger to explore so she grabbed her robe from the bathroom and walked outside into the gardens.
It was the most exhilarating experience of her young life. Her eyes gazed from tree to flower, from ant to spider, from the stones on the pavement she walked to the sand on the beach beside her. Even though Rose knew the names of all these things she was observing, she had never seen them before. To her eyes, such beauty, such love looked back at her. She knelt down to watch an ant and marvelled at the strength and agility of this creature, she loved the ant. She touched the tree’s and they spoke with each other, she felt its heartbeat just as if she were feeling her own. For hours Rose walked around the gardens of this complex. When dawn came she smelt the flowers, tasted the dew offered to her from the flower and sat on the beach to welcome to Sun. She was still awake, no tiredness became her.
Eventually Rose made her way back up to her hotel room, where her two companions were still sleeping. She was so excited to wake them, to talk with them, to share the beauty she had seen and touched. She didn’t want to wake them until they were ready, so she sat on the balcony and began to write. When she looked at the paper she saw a language she did not recognise, but she had written it. Moments later her companions awoke, and in her excitement rose did share all this with them. They smiled and they looked at her, but there was still suspicion in their eyes. Rose could feel their feelings and she could hear their thoughts but the Love in her made no distinction between them, she shared her story because she was excited.
The companions and Rose went to breakfast to the beautiful buffet restaurant. All the colours and smells fuelled the gratitude Rose was already emanating, but she didn’t feel hunger, she felt more curious than hungry. She picked some items to eat, some sweet, some savoury, and made her way to the table to join her companions. Every bite was divine and only a bite of each she took, for she was satisfied with just that and needed no more. Everything felt like the first time, taste, smell, touch, texture. She smiled and greeted each waiter that passed their table, thanking them for their service and delicious food. To see the effect she had on them was astounding, it literally ignited their soul.
After breakfast they all walked to the beach, on route Rose greeted everyone good morning. She looked into the eyes of every person and she saw God, and each person beamed and responded to her. Her companions, although still suspicious, began to adopt the same behaviour, and soon they smiled more, even though they spoke of her when they were alone. She knew this, she could read their thoughts and feel their feelings. But she loved them and it did not matter to her.
In the evening rose watched a man weaving a rug, thousands and thousands of threads involved in the process. She approached him and asked him could she sit with him. ‘Of course’ he said. ‘Please do’. and she sat. And he showed her how he created this magnificent tapestry that she was observing. ‘Thank you for sharing your work with us’ Rose said, ‘you are a weaver of all our stories’ and with that she got up, hugged the man and went to join her companions.
This state of being continued for 10 days for Rose. She took a boat trip out into the Ocean and entered the water, it spoke to her. It told her how to align her heartbeat with the heartbeat of the sea, so as to be ONE with it whenever she entered. It quickened her breath and caressed her body. She swam with dolphins that were not visible to everyone, but she saw them, they touched her. She held jellyfish in her hands and kissed them, and watched as their electric purple pulse brightened each time she did so.
Rose knew she was one and all with everything. She knew she was beyond Rose and yet she was Rose too.
The day it came to leave this wonderful place, Rose took a walk to the beach. She sat on the sands and she thanked creation for the gifts it had gifted her, she thanked her heart for the expanse it had shown her and she thanked God for taking this vacation with her.
Rose knew in them moments that she didn’t need to do anything, she knew that everything she ever wished to experience was being experienced through her. If she wanted to write a book, it was done the moment she thought it. Not necessarily by her, but some part of her would.
She took a long nourishing breath in and breathed it out with the same effect,
‘God’ she said, ‘Thank you for this experience, i now know i am one with all, I am experiencing everything because everything is connected into this consciousness i am a part of. This feeling is so divine and i realise that nobody else is experiencing the same state with me. I would like to experience the many colours of life again’, she continued, ‘in all its ways, shapes and forms’. And so Rose went home and entered her life. She experienced duality and she experienced divinity. Rose realised she was both, and now this she shares with the world for she understood the art of Being.

In the search for enlightenment, one is not leaving the earth, one is bringing to the earth the realisation of itself

Love ❤

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