The Sphinx Speaks – Part four


You are not your body.

We know, we know, you have read these words a million times, written by a million people, and that’s the point, truth keeps presenting itself, again and again and again and again and again and again… It has no other agenda.
You are the consciousness in the body, but you are not exclusively the body. You are wearing the body. Much as you wear your clothes, do you dress yourself and then think ‘ I am a purple dress?’ no, it would be an absurd statement.
You may wish to wear a purple dress, you would proceed to buy some more purple dresses, and you would continue wearing purple dresses. Yet you would know deep within you, that the purple dress is not you, it is an expression of the part of you which feels good to express.
Would you find yourself introducing yourself as ‘Hello, I am purple dress?’.

You are Source Consciousness, projecting itself into a vehicle, the vehicle is the body.
We remind you, you are that which you are seeking. You wear the body. The body is as fluid as the water. When you enter into a body of water, you do not become the water, you simply wear the body of the water while you are in it.
You are wearing the body while you are in it. Imagine if you entertained all of the thoughts from the body of water, imagine the millions of other humans who have swam in the water and thought thoughts whilst doing so, but you do not identify with the body of water like that. You are identify with your body like that.

Imagine for a moment, that you are waking up from your sleep. All these thoughts rushing around your mind, things to do, things you didn’t do, people, places, things. Imagine if you knew, without doubt, these thoughts were not yours. That you could simply choose to not entertain them.
If the body is a vehicle which you are wearing then what are you without the body? Consciousness. And what is Consciousness? It is the intelligence of Source.
When you sleep, Consciousness is in its natural state of all that is. It is always in this state, you do not realise this because you are having the experience of being in a body, which you think is separate.
Due to the belief and experience of time, you forget this. You think you went to sleep last night and woke this morning as the same person. But you have not.
You are continuing to tell yourselves the same story and so the same story repeats itself.

There is no wrong thing that needs to be fixed or healed or transcended with your self. Your self is how you experience being Source, singularly. There is much pain being caused with the idea that something is wrong or dark and that there is only light. There is duality, simple experience of duality. Out of the experience of duality is Oneness, which you experience every moment you sleep and some while you are awake.

The light body, we note, which has become hugely popular of late, is a state of Consciousness. It is the state in which you realise yourself, or better put, that you are more than a ‘self’.
We hear many ‘affirmations’ and ‘invocations’ as you call them, stating ‘I AM a light body’, and so you are reminding yourself of something true.
Naturally the cellular intelligence, which is made up of innumerable particles of light (Consciousness, which you are) they remember this, so they respond.
You have an entire group consciousness within you. Theres a key there to what your trying to create outside of you, which is actually happening inside of you.
Some of you become sick, or you feel emotional, wired, headaches, the list is vast and all sorts of varying experiences begin to occur. Then you ask ‘whats going on?!’ and you get yourselves all in a haze without remembering what you told yourself.
We wanted to bring light to this because we see many of you in an in-between state.
Do you realise what you are calling unto you? You are calling your Source body to yourself. And so you see if you are wishing to become Source in physical embodiment with conscious awareness of this, we grant you this experience. But you must remember, everything Source experiences you will experience. This includes all feelings, emotions, experiences of the collective, all that is, was, will be, everything which is Source. And then you wonder why your feeling overload??
Beautiful, forgetful humans.

You see, as we reminded you In our earlier discussion, there are steps. If you are trying to run quicker than you can walk, you will fall down. We remind you there is no race, there is no end and there is no beginning.
Where are you trying to get too? Where is the ‘there’ you tell yourself you need to be?
All exists right here right now, only your current perception cannot perceive the entirety of multidimensional reality. Your ‘past’ and your ‘future’ are all here right now in this room, but you cannot see them because your mind is programmed to linear thinking. Some of you can perceive them, and it brings a sensation of feeling crazy and we see you questioning your own sanity. True sanity is knowing your true self, that you are all things and all things are you. You are all that has been and all that will be, because it is all one big soup of experience right here. Yet, you must be present to receive it.
To be present means to lose one’s mind,the mind as you know it.It is to focus entirely on the breath and embrace all that shows up, without your expectations and without your need to keep revisiting the ‘past’ or ‘future’ for healing.
If you could place all your attention on your breath, feeling your true essence, and practice yourself into this constant state of being, you would heal all that you think you need to heal instantly.
We could use an array of words in your language like compassion, gentleness, appreciation, patience, nourishment, care. These would be the actions we would encourage you to extend to yourself, your body vehicle.
There is nowhere you need get too, to be light, to be one with Source. You are already this. Every moment you sleep you are in this natural state. You are whole, you are complete.
You are Source Consciousness, experiencing and expressing itself through the form of a human. You have worn many human bodies, so do you see the ever changing form you are capable of?
We wonder, at what point Source said ‘ in this human perception of a lifetime, I will only experience certain experiences and I will call them good and sacred?’.. We must have missed that meeting.

You see what is occurring is evolution, which has always been. Each ‘lifetime’ the human capacity expanded. You are now in a moment where you are able to perceive this clearer than you have previously. Your ability to tap into the consciousness you are, has amplified, magnified.
The human mind does not know what to do with this information, it thinks it is entirely new. So the human, you, is running around the planet saving this and saving that. What are you saving? For if you think something needs saving you are not understanding Source.
You are closer to wearing your true body, so to speak, and with that comes an interconnectedness with all. For the first time, or what feels like the first time, you are physically experiencing the consciousness of non physicality. And then you are creating stories about what this means.

The greater degree to which you are remembering that you are Source incarnated, the greater the natural momentum to love and accept all. Which extends to your experience of an environment. It all happens naturally, and it starts within. Because truly, the entire experience of everything is within you. The Universe, Galaxies, Earth, Ancestors. Everything is contained within you, because within you is Source.

Can you experience, without it meaning something?
Does the thing you are observing tell you what it means? Or do you observe the object, and then tell yourself that is what it means?
You see, even in your awakening you are creating maladies where you could be creating melodies.

Lighten up, Love yourselves, Love each other, its all you, your making it all up. Enjoy the experience.

Love ❤

' Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun' Alan Watts

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