The Sphinx Speaks – Part Three


Do you see, how you are all getting in your own way?

You think you are being Divine and light, yet, and yet, you are still casting judgements. You are exercising judgements from the standpoint that you are right and the majority of the world are wrong.
What occurs in this moment is you access and tap into a stream of consciousness which is matching that vibration and you think it is Source truth. Absolute truth.
You are replacing one set of thoughts with another.
Source has no judgement of anything, this is not a concept practiced here. We see it in your experience of course but to think that that which created everything, is now floating around pointing out its rights and wrongs is another layer of illusion.
Source is, as we are, as you are. You are whole, we remind you.

If you have a half glass of water, do you say ‘ah, thats the good half of the water, the divine pure source water, and then condemn the empty half? forgetting that it is a whole glass and that it is as full or empty as YOU fill it to be.
Humanity is doing this to a great degree, taking it all far too seriously.
You are making it all up, remember? The goodies, the baddies, the disasters, the governments tyrants, the sacred and the profane. Then, you fight fight fight for these creations, and against them. Forgetting that they are your creation.
You rally lots of people (vibrations resonating together) and you shout about what these baddies are doing to little ole you. And you even extend this to the going ons of the galaxies. Some of these vibrations (people) agree with you, and some do not.
Low and behold those who do not. You preach acceptance, you declare unconditional love, but secretly you judge. In your inner thoughts and your inner circle, which are both the same thing.

What we invite you to realise, is that you have simply changed your mind about some of your creations. It is that simple. You would imagine. No, the human must rally against it, fight it over, go through years in your reality, if not an entire incarnation, healing the ‘darkness’. And then, then, maybe, possibly, you begin to choose to focus on what you would like to create and experience NOW.
Would it not be easier to choose that first?

We suppose that would depend on wether you prefer the path of least resistance as you call it, alignment, or the path you call struggle.

You are making the entire thing up, so it matters not to us which way, if any, you decide to choose. You are an immortal being, you never die, you change form. So whats the rush?

Who is judging who? who and what are all of these ‘dark forces’? what is the war you describe to yourselves and each other in your world and your galaxy?
Who are ‘they’ that are not you?

Planet Earth is the only Planet with Free Will, everything else aligns naturally with Source.
Look to your nature and you witness this. Look to your children and they remind you of this. The majority of your ‘Masters’ as you call them, are still in nappies.

Are you beginning to see, to realise, to open your eyes and the limitations of your self given thoughts and beliefs, to see clearly that the only war of any description, is in your mind? It is the wars you waged against yourselves.

Would it not be a less exhausting experience to enjoy where you are with who you are?

Love ❤

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