The Sphinx Speaks – Part Two


To live a pure life is to live clearly. You are pure beings having a human experience. Each one of you is an individualised manifestation of our Source, our Creator, the Mother-Father-Child Universe.
We note your current states as the grids of Planet Earth shift, revealing greater and greater purity of what you are.
You have all been awoken from a long nostalgic sleep and now you are learning how to walk once more.
The veil of separation, like all veils, is an illusion to protect mystery until the individualised soul is ready to accept greater degrees of themselves, and in turn, greater degrees of truth.
Let us explain your shift from Planet Earth 3rd & 4th dimensional consciousness.
In the 3rd & 4th realities, you were embedded in a framework, a grid, wherein linear time, action, thinking, feeling and being was your life.
Within this you had families and friends, jobs, studies, responsibilities, roles and a big wide world to explore. This framework of being, of living, has been an experiment.
You were seeded into the body that you have now grown, with the pure and whole consciousness of Source. In the moment of birth you entered through a portal, into the 3rd dimensional consciousness reality. Herein you experienced the first veil, the veil of forgetfulness.
Alongside The High Council of Elders and the Karmic Board Council, you chose the mother and father to whom you would be seeded into. The expanded conscious self of your parents were in agreement for this.
No doubt you were taught the basics of earthly existence by those around you who were actively involved in you’re nurturing and from here you learnt to define yourself.
Implanted in you were moments, moments which would carry the potential to trigger your multidimensional consciousness , lifting your awareness out of and above the mundane. These occurrences would involve specific people, which in truth are vibrations, that existed in your perceived outer reality, that which you would deem your life, your world.
It is not that these people and places were not real, for they were all very real to you in that framework, that grid of which you were embedded.
Then what transpired was you began unhooking yourselves from that framework, beginning to see through the veil of forgetfulness and remembrance became you.
This is the constant purpose of your existence, to remember who and what you are with greater clarity.
At this point you noticed relationships with people in your life changed, because you changed the relationship with yourself. Vibration resonates in sync with similar vibration, otherwise we have disharmony. So you move away from that which feels disharmonious to you, but you do not understand fully why.

Let us take a deeper journey into the understanding of family, as we see that it is a challenge for the majority of you right now.

You were born into a specific family, maybe alongside brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. And some were not.
Each of these people, are a spark of light within the veil of forgetfulness. Designed and perfectly placed to trigger multidimensional awareness.
As you awaken you may begin to remember, to re-experience some other memory of ‘time’. A memory in which these people played a different role with you.
Your father has been your husband, your wife, your brother, sister, cousin & friend. Remember it is an experiment, like a movie casting, roles change and storylines differ.
On a clearer level of awareness than can be fully comprehended right now, all the people surrounding you, and you yourself, agreed to these family dynamics.
Each of you triggering the memory in each of you.
We would wish to inform you that ALL is family in the sense of the word as you understand it.
You can comprehend this in greater degrees when the human aspect of the emotional body begins to detach itself from the 3rd & 4th dimensional framework.

Each being knows what it is up to, even if this is not totally clear. By seeking that truth then being that truth, you play an integral role in the awakenment of all others. As was mentioned previously, you are already whole. Embrace the wholeness of what you are.
What happens is your vibration (person) shifts into tune with a higher octave, a new note. As the universe is musical by design, the new note, vibration, of which you have now accessed and embodied, sings out to the entire Universe and more specifically Planet Earth. The consciousness of Planet Earth, nature, FEELS this sound and responds.
Do you understand now a little clearer when we have said to you, there is no thing you need do, all that is required is to be your authentic self as you now know it, in any given moment. That is all that is asked of you and all that is encouraged for you to reach the liberation you have sought, in order to know yourself.

We could not bring this to you all at once of course, you would disintegrate. You would instantly cease the ability to be in a human form, you would become a particle of light in a moments blink.
There is an exact process within this complex programming, and each vital step is as important as each other. Remember this, for it is not by chance, it is by perfect design. Know that you are always ‘on track’ and do not try to move quicker than you can. Have you seen babies do this? Watch them and you will understand the exact process of what we speak.
The same can be applied to human interactions with others, each is as important as each other. It is the duality programmed human brain mechanism, embedded into the web of 3rd & 4th dimensional realities that informs you otherwise.
Once the emotional body is released, which is occurring across your planet in these moments, you will be able to accept and know this.
Everything is happening NOW, yet NOW is filled with moments, which are all NOW. These are experienced when you are present and the presentness naturally comes following the release of the emotions. The emotions are what gives life to the memories, without the emotions they are just pictures.
Feeling is how life interacts with itself, not always consciously, therefore you see it is not a prerequisite to be ‘conscious’ in your experience, as it is to fully ‘feel’ your experience.
With the shifting of emotional body, which is the most important aspect of this planetary shift at present, you embody a finer vibration, a clear new emotional spectrum, on a higher octave. You call it Love.
At this point you have the opportunity to arise out of what you call the ‘karmic wheel’ of death & rebirth, which results in you building your own emotional body by the NOW feelings you emit.
In more simple terms, you are accepting a pure emotional field which you have the ability to design in the way you chose by the thought and feelings you nurture it with. It is living intelligence, it is living light intelligence, it is at your command.
How you fashion it is entirely your responsibility.

Love ❤

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