The Sphinx Speaks – Part One


You are already that which you seek.

You are all seeking ‘wholeness’, yet you are already ‘whole’. This is the great cosmic humour within your experience. That which you seek is seeking you, seeking itself, to know itself.
Your journey through space-time illusory realities reveals to you, that you have always been what you sought but you had not recognised it being so. In this manner you continued to search, asking ‘when? how? what do i/can i do? what do i need to let go of? (this is a favourite among you).
Moment upon moment we show you who you are, the wholeness that reflects back to you. It is YOU that cannot accept this.
‘No’ you all say, ‘theres more to clear, more to heal, i am not whole’ So we stand beside you and grant you the experiences you have granted yourself.
Let us be very clear here, you are whole, you are a multidimensional complete being. There is no-thing wrong with you, apart from that which you are telling yourself, and that is where your responsibility illuminates unto yourself.
We are not responsible for your thoughts. We can assist you but remember you have free will and choice, therefore no amount of praying for it to be taken away from you will be successful. We see you in perfect wholeness, we do not see that which you are wishing to be free of, that is contained in your thoughts.
You must rise up and out of the insanity of the mind you have grown and realise yourself.

May we suggest that you see all people in perfect wholeness. Look beyond what they are saying to you with their human mind, look at the Divine Presence, the intelligence that is them, that is you. See them WHOLE and they become WHOLE.

This is instantaneous healing.

Love ❤

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