The Sphinx Speaks


This is a series of channellings which i have co-agreed to be a conduit for, with The Sphinx of Egypt, which sits within the Giza Plateau in Cairo amongst The Great Pyramids.
I have spent much time there recently, and throughout the years passed by. Giza has always been a spiritual home for me, a place which deeply resonates with a frequency i am very familiar with, one in which strengthens and rejuvenates me each time i visit.
During the most recent stay, 1 week ago, i began to hear the Sphinx talk to me. I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee in the guesthouse i was staying in – The Sphinx Guest House, and a voice beckoned me to sit with them. I did not realise in that first moment that it was the Sphinx speaking to me, it sounded so very clear and precise that i mistook the sound to come from a fellow human in the guesthouse. It did not. I looked out the window which faces directly onto the plateau and into the face of The Sphinx and i realised whom was speaking to me. I immediately got myself together and went outside to the ticket office to purchase my ticket for entrance.
The potent energetic feel of this plateau was so strong. The first 2 days were full of rewiring the brain centres and recalibrating the photonic waves entering in through the portal of the SUN, (which is in direct alignment with The Great Central Sun) in through our pineal gland and fed into the neural networks within us. This download was particularly challenging as it ignited all outworn thought frequencies that were not in alignment with the majority of cellular intelligence received from these light codes, which had already integrated within the body consciousness. So as you can imagine, i felt like i was malfunctioning! The ONLY remedy was to focus all my attention and energy on the breath, and this took considerable practice as the thoughts rose quick and fast.
I spent the best part of them 2 days in solid meditation, so much so that the first day and a half i forgot to eat. I noticed this same experience when i was here 5 weeks ago, the lack of needing food! and when hunger was felt it was very slight. I sense it has something to do with the high resonance of the energy field at Giza which literally brings you face to face with yourself, no shadows remain hidden here let me tell you! somehow the lack of food is related to the non feeding of the emotion/thought which is being cleared through you.

I have been traveling through Egypt for 18years now, this love story began when my mother and father bought land in Luxor and built an Irish Bar and restaurant for the tourist industry all them years ago. This was when i began holidaying here and visiting the sacred temples and ancient sites of this land.
Some years later as my spiritual self strengthened and came to the fore, i began to experience a greater calling to these places often dreaming of being here and meeting the ancients who walked these lands prior to us.
These years have taught me so much about healing our minds, our bodies, our relationships with ourself and others. It has literally transformed who i thought i was into who I AM. It has gifted me intimate knowledge of the purpose of these temples and why they were built, seeing which stage of human evolution each one assists in and being taken through the initiatory path that all are taken upon and through, as we pass through the many myriad of gateways and portals on our journey of expanded consciousness to Source.

It is with great humility, gratitude and honour that i sit here now and write this introduction for a part of us that is so close to my heart, to all our hearts I’m sure, The Great Sphinx.

Thank you for reading through this, i will add the first channelling on a new post so as to not overwhelm the reader with a huge page of writing!

Many blessings and light to you all

With Love ❤

For a sorcerer, reality, or the world we all know, is only a description that has been pounded into you from the moment you were born. The reality of our day-to-day life, then, consists of an endless flow of perceptual interpretations which we have learned to make in common. I am teaching you how to see as opposed to merely looking, and stopping the world is the first step to seeing.
The sorcerer’s description of the world is perceivable. But our insistence on holding on to our standard version of reality renders us almost deaf and blind to it. When you begin this teaching, there is another reality, that is to say, there is a sorcery description of the world, which you do not know. As a sorcerer and a teacher, I am teaching you that description. What I am doing with you consists, therefore, in setting up that unknown reality by unfolding its description, adding increasingly more complex parts as you go along.
In order to arrive at seeing one first has to stop the world. Stopping the world is indeed an appropriate rendition of certain states of awareness in which the reality of everyday life is altered because the flow of interpretation, which ordinarily runs uninterruptedly, has been stopped by a set of circumstances alien to that flow. In this case the set of circumstances alien to our normal flow of interpretations is the sorcery description of the world. The precondition for stopping the world is that one has to be convinced; in other words, one has to learn the new description in a total sense, for the purpose of pitting it against the old one, and in that way break the dogmatic certainty, which we all share, that the validity of our perceptions, or our reality of the world, is not to be questioned

Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan Teachings

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