Activating, Anchoring & Alignment

Welcome to May!


Last night a huge portal was opened for us. This Portal was one of divine intervention where many beings, human and non human, who were ready to leave this earth plane, left. Effortlessly they floated through the portal and merged with the all that is once more. This portal has been opened for this purpose, to allow those who are tired of the earth plane, who do not wish to participate further with physical ascension, to return home. There is no judgement of this, wether we are transitioning through death and the ascension out of the physical body, or we have decided to remain in the physical reality and continue to ascend and embody our light bodies, we are all achieving the same experience. There is no separation. We witnessed star beings descending through this portal unto earth. We will experience direct physical First Contact from this moment forth. They are here with us on Earth, no longer are there veils between us.

I am inviting the higher intelligence of our Council of Elders and The Order Of Melchizedek to communicate their message to us during this now moment.

Welcome everyONE,
Thank you for opening the stream to communicate Dear One. We would like to address the subject of ‘worthiness’. We see you witnessing the events that are occurring in your skies, we know you see us. We have shown you our ships, we showed you the portal last night, so know that you were informed truthfully when you were told that you are clear now, there is no ‘karma’ to clear, no clearing to be done on a personal level. Is this difficult to accept? We understand when a certain way has been the only way for such a period of time as you know it in your earth reality, that it would seem the normal occurrence for more clearing and healing to be done. We ask you ‘ when will you allow yourselves to be healed?’ for you are recreating the ‘need’ for this and putting incredible strains upon your bodies when there is no ‘need’. We suggest that you tell yourselves that, reach into your heart, ask your heart to show you the truth of where you are. Each of your cells is new, we have been pouring codes and activations into the planet, through portals similar to the one you witnessed, for many many years. The level of perceptivity in your new cells right now is potent and extremely receptive, therefore tell them the new story of the new earth as the new multidimensional self you are coming to realise you are. For they know this already, and when you are consciously communicating this with your cells you are ACTIVATING, ANCHORING AND ALIGNING this into your reality of experience. You are communing in ONENESS, bringing your awareness and your cell intelligence into the unification that you are ONE. There is no real separation between your cellular intelligence and your mind. As you would interact with people in your world, focus this interaction on your real world, the living intelligence of you. Tell them all the greatness of what you see, the magic and miracles, the return of the Garden of Eden, tell them your heart dreams and sing them your heart songs, and listen, listen when you have finished speaking, and hear their response. They are alive, they are thriving, there is an entire living universe within you. The energy that makes up our universe, our galaxy, our planets is exactly what makes up you, you see. You are a walking universe within yourself, full of planets and stars and the knowing of all life. It is time to come into communication of this with this. Merging the old ideas of healing and looking outside of yourself for your god, your guides and your high self. You are all this right now Dear Ones.

What does it mean to Activate, Anchor & Align?

To Activate is to put yourself in a state where you are willing to move beyond who you know yourself to be right now, to Anchor is to embody this new expanded state and step out of the old. To Align is to BE the new that you have become. It is very simple, humans like to complicate and complexerise things, often not seeing the simple path. There is a simple path, a simple way to evolve into expanded knowing of your origin, of who you are. To take this simple path is to release expectations, ALL expectations. That is the simplest route. It will instantly activate you into anchoring and alignment.
We see many who are in a state of fear with this stream of consciousness, this energy. And many will continue to be in that state, simply because they are choosing it. It feels too different to step out of the normal attachments. We hear your thoughts dear ones, we hear you when you look around and think about your family and loved ones, we see your conflict with the thoughts that you cannot leave these people, these places and these things. We are here to tell you that you are leaving no one. You are all a part of each other, you have been travelling these space-time realities since the beginning of time, changing forms and roles many times with each other. It is impossible to lose them. This would be choosing to stay safe within an old belief system programming. Realise your safety is never compromised, we would not guide you to that which would bring you harm. Realise that what you do for yourself you are doing for others. When an individualised aspect of soul begins to remember itself, it creates an energetic field which further creates a resonance of light frequency. This frequency that has been tapped into, that has been activated, anchored and aligned, is not only occurring within you, it is strengthening the magnetic resonance field of Planet Earth. What this means dear ones is that the more light quotient that you open too and embody,the stronger the field of resonance is that you create for others to step into. A field of resonance in which all life communicates with itself naturally. Imagine that. Through the strength of your souls calling to you, you are lighting the way for everyONE who answers this call too. Through the inner healing and clearing that you have already worked through, unfolding yourself like the thousand petalled lotus you are contained within, you have eased the journey for the next person and the next person and the next person. Each time strengthening the field of vibrational resonance so that they will not have to experience the pain you have unhooked yourself from. So can you see the great gift you are giving in your service to yourself? It flows like a domino effect and creates the space for all to step into their luminosity.
You are The Light of The World, it is you’re only purpose. To recognise the Light, embrace the Light and BE the Living Light. You’re only purpose. Everything that stems from this awareness creates light, in many forms and in many directions. This creates the space for us to merge with you as the ONE we are. Heaven on Earth is manifest with the realisation that we have never left the Garden of Eden, that has been an illusionary perception of which the veil is lifted now.
We welcome you home dear ones. Set your intention to connect with us, the higher aspects of yourself, for we are always with you. Years in your time awareness is but moments for us. It was only a moment ago that we sat together, that we planned this great event of which you are experiencing. Appreciate yourselves as we appreciate your being and activate, anchor and align with us, into the pure joy that awaits you.

With all the blessings of the universe,

Your beloved family.

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