Soulstice Rising – The New Moon, anchoring more NEW!

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Very very important tips to help us to align with the new movement. I know personally this has been rising for me this last week in the post Equinox integration period aswell as the upcoming New Moon pull. Yesterday my mother and i went to the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt. It was such a strong day, i felt out of body from the moment i woke up! As the journey progressed i felt more challenged than usual, with the slightest thing bringing the sensation of ‘annoyance/snappy mode’ as if something were literally poking my core in my stomach. I kept a continual focus on my breath to be in balance with my responses and anchored into my heart as best as i could.
Walking up the steps to the temple felt exactly as if i were meeting my own death. Faint memories of walking this before drifted in and out until we reached the entrance to the Temple. The guards (guardians of the temples) were very welcoming and helpful, as most are, and we made our way to the outside Temple which is still half immersed in old Nile water. The water has been there so long that it is now the most fantastic green colour, although full of rubbish too. Nevertheless i was delighted to see that there was actually some access to the Temple chambers due to the water level lowering. We took our steps down to the lower Temple, as if literally going into the underworld to meet Osiris.
Our strong clear intentions had been made the night before and repeated this morning as we gave thanks for our day and the healing it was gifting us. I noticed the flower of life symbols, which are etched into the stone wall, and I marvelled at their beauty before taking off to an opening i could see, which led to some tunnel. As soon as i got to the entrance the guard shouted down and stopped me ‘not allowed madam’ and i stopped and made my way to the other side. Walking across the little piece of concrete serving as a bridge, i could smell the earth, a deep rich soil smell, it was very nice and homely in some way. Pigeons flew out suddenly from this chamber and then we heard the bats. Mum took her place outside as she said there was no way she wanted to disturb the bats! and i continued inside, asking permission to enter and stating my intention with peace. The room was much bigger than i anticipated and the bats were also much louder than i anticipated. But we respected each other and as i lit the incense as an offering, their sounds faded into the background. I invoked Osiris and told him why i had come and what i was offering of myself, my surrender to all old patterning of relationships. I was asking for a fresh slate of creation, no repeats from the old thinking matrix. We have been travelling around Egypt to the Great Pyramids, Temples, Desert & Red Sea for the past month, making offerings and communing with the ancients as they guide us through transformative passageways. Today was a strong one. As i stood up and walked deeper into the darkness of the chamber i began to see deep purple and green lights form, in flashes first and then more steadily. Then Osiris came, he came as a bright ball of white light directly in front of me at heart level. I watched this light, felt this vibration and then it began to expand and emanate outwards like a bright white sun. This energy travelled into my heart, i took a deep breath, well quite a few deep breaths as it quickened my breathing. After a few moments it settled and my heart, my being, naturally responded with gratitude. Every cell was vibrating! Then the guard came, ‘ok madam, finished’. They are quite strict about timing in these temples because they don’t fully understand what the purpose of them is, and their authorities fill their heads with all sorts of silly notions so they feel like they are doing the right thing by moving tourists on. They almost panic if you stand in one place for too long. We pray this eases and more people can access these temples for longer and with greater peace. For now this is just the way and I’m sure has a higher purpose too.
‘Finished, thank you’ i responded, making my way outside.
One of the guards motioned my attention towards the side ledge, ‘come’ he whispered. We followed him and we stood on a tiny ledge by the water and looked up. It was surreal there was circles appearing on the stone work above, as if pebbles were being dropped into the water, creating the most beautiful geometrical designs of circles and expansion. Yet looking at the actual pool of water there was no movement, it was completely still. We smiled at each other and i thanked him for showing us.
We then walked over to the stones which the flower of life design was carved into, and we put our hands on the stone, calling in the consciousness of the stone to assist us we began breathing in the flower of life to our bodies, to our being. It felt very gentle and wavy.
The guards now told us it was time to leave, they had taken us down to this part of the Temple for extra money, its not open publicly. Its their way of helping themselves while assisting us. We were grateful for the experience and most def the encounter with Osiris so we didn’t protest, we followed them up the stairs and made our way to sit on a stone seat overlooking the Temple. I took out my quartz crystal, which i originally purchased in Mexico. I have been attuning this Crystal to various sites across Egypt, Mexico, London and Peru. I laid it on the stone and attuned it to The Osirian Temple too. We watched the crystal as it became filled with bright ice blue colours, shining iridescent and changing its form inside. It was the most beautiful sight, mesmerising actually. I remembered as i saw the blue that The Osirian Temple represents the Throat Chakra in the Temples of Egypt. Clearing our throats to speak truth as we have seen it, as we know it to be. How apt i thought and thanked the crystal.
My attention was brought back to the original part of the Temple which i had attempted to access before the guard stopped me. From the place where i was currently sitting, i had an elevated view of it. I walked around the sand and stone formations and was able to look down upon the room or chamber. It was filled with old original hieroglyphs and depictions on the wall, all ceremonial. My attention was then drawn to a long tunnel that extended from this room to the right, and the tunnel was covered in, it was underground. i noticed the same to the left side too. There is a whole structure of this temple that has not been accessed by the public, it is iterally underneath the sand and stone, with passageways and chambers. I called upon Osiris and asked him to take me through the tunnel. I knew this, i had been through this corridor tunnel before. As soon as he began to guide me through i recalled being on a boat there, and to my vision i could see the artwork of a boat on the wall. A memory of being take through this passageway via boat out into the nile to make way to another temple began flooding into my vision. This was the procession after the surrendering, the death process of the inner chambers.
It amazes me how many times i have walked these temples in this lifetime and each time it is so different, another layer deeper. I thanked Osiris for showing me this and thanked the entire energies of the Temple for embracing us.
‘Anchor the crystal, bring it around the temple’ i heard my higher self whisper to me. ‘Of course!’ i replied. I have been journeying into Hollow Earth since i came to Egypt. Lord Melchizedek & Thoth brought me to the entrance in Giza. On my journeying there, they have shown me the Master Crystal which is underneath. The Crystal Core of Gaia, of our Ancient Knowledge and Being. In each site i have visited since being here, including Giza, they are teaching me how to rise/ascend this Crystal up through the Earth body, via the channel in my body, to program the New Frequencies and strengthen the New Grid geometrical formations.
I went into a receptive, meditative, semi-trance state and called upon the Crystal Consciousness to rise through me, extending it through my entire system, out past the physical body, even though the physical body disappears for me at this stage. Then i expand it to cover the entire area of Temple i am in.
I am not entirely sure of the purpose of this but i am trusting and following instructions and nudges when i receive them. Its truly fascinating and not for the faint hearted. Many many moments, alike my pervious journeys i do ask myself ‘have i lost my mind?’ and the answer always tells me ‘many many times dear one’..

In this picture we see how the Osirian Temple normally looks filled with water.


In this photo we can see the stairs that lead down to the water and the chamber directly to the right of them. thankfully the water had drained and we were able to access them areas yesterday 🙂


So in light of that, here is Kara’s article. Thank you Kara for sharing ❤

The New Moon…anchoring more New – 4/17/2015

We are actually still in the energy of the Eclipse Cycle. While things have mellowed a bit, we continue to be in touch with all that is not Love. This energy has been especially powerful in relationships of all kinds, self-worth and Abundance/lack consciousness. There have been returning issues and this communicates to us that all has not been cleared.

If there are relationships that still are of the old, or parts of them that bring up old issues, then address what is being shown to you and choose to release it. Release especially old emotions and old stories that are mirrored to you by others. You may choose to let the relationship completely go or you may choose to let go of the deeper issues and remain in the relationship. Whatever pushes a button is calling you to release the underlying emotion, if not the entire relationship. Releasing the underlying issues/emotions can bring the relationship to a new Intimacy. However, also know that just because you shift does not necessarily mean the other shifts. It does, however, help you see the other with New eyes and New perceptions. From there you can choose what to do based on your Clarity and self-love. You can love others, but choose not to be in relationship with them. Accepting others does not translate into having a relationship with them. Choose what is best for you…choose the action that is most loving and freeing for you. Or you may choose to do nothing at this time. There is no one way of doing things; all is based on what you are guided to do or not do.

In regard to Abundance, many are still operating in the lack consciousness of old life. In the old, one would say, “I can’t afford that.” One would base all their decisions on what their bank said they had. One would limit what they shared out of fear of loss. This is all lack consciousness. In the New, one knows that money is energy. One gives freely, knowing this creates more Flow. One gives or spends with no expectation of how it flows back to them. If one spends or gives in fear or lack, this also blocks the Flow. The Truth is that everyone is abundant. If you truly know this and act from this Truth, you create more Abundance in all forms in your life. If you have any fear of not having, you create more of the same. When you give from your Heart, whether it is a donation, a tip or paying your bills and you do it with a grateful Heart, you create more Abundance of everything in your life. It is only when you have fear and hold on to what you think you have that you stop the Flow of Abundance coming to you. This is very big in most folks’ lives. Only when you choose to act from a state of Abundance do you truly let go of any lack consciousness. Amazing things will happen for you. Abundance is Love. To have the thought that you aren’t Abundance is like saying you are not Love.

To be Love is to come from that expansive Truth in all ways. Every choice you make shows you whether you are Love or not. And, of course, most are somewhere in between. One may be expansive in some areas and not in others. Take a look at where you limit yourself and shift it to reflect the Love you are. In this way, you rise in self-Love, self-respect, self-esteem and self-worth. Remember that we are all doing the best we can, for we still are shifting into being ALL LOVE. Any limitation you perceive in yourself and others is calling you to let it go and to expand in and as Love. This may call you to make some very difficult choices in your life. Yet, the choices you make free you to be more. You may look back at your choices and say, “Wow; that was the best thing I could have done! I feel great!” Letting go is freeing the energy to evolve into a higher form.

Indeed the Eclipses and all the cosmic activity has, and will continue to, helped us be more than we ever thought possible. We are pushed to be more and to go deeper. We cannot keep life the same, for everything is shifting. If a person chooses to hold on to the life they have always known, often it is then that the changes will be thrust upon them rather unpleasantly. It is always best to make a choice before the change decides to choose for you. And yes, that happens. A college professor I once had told a story of how he refused to make a change in his life. He kept getting bonked on the head by a bigger and bigger proverbial 2’x4’ till he got the message and shifted. Our Souls have unique ways of showing the way.

This Saturday, April 18, is the New Moon. This pushes us again to be in a state of letting go of especially the deeper dross AND to move forward in a New way. As we move forward in Love, many opportunities are available for us. It can be a whole new way of being and living, for we have been and continue to be in the most powerful shift yet. We have made some giant leaps in consciousness and this will continue for at least several months. Our lives, along with our bodies, have been recalibrated to be more Light/Love, and this continues. It is gentle for some and really dramatic for others. You may experience physical changes that are so different that you can’t even put them in a category. Flow with what is, for resistance surely delays shifting. As the old leaves, let it go without dwelling in it. And let go of any old stories you still repeat in your head.

This New Moon helps us to have (and Be) more Courage to continue on in Trust, even though we know not where we’re going. So stay in the Moment without the need to know what’s next; just be willing to move forward. Let go of any lists of future project you may have and any control you think you have and trust, placing one foot in front of the other, moment by moment. We continue to build our foundation of Love as we move more and more into the New. Resist the temptation to explain what you are experiencing in the clothes of old life or past experiences. This is all new and therefore we can’t explain it using our past. While the past comes up for release, do not linger long. It can tell you how far you’ve come, yet that is about all.

Let go of any old stories you still tell yourself. You can write a new one. Write it in present tense and write down your current intentions for who you are becoming based on how you want to feel. You might want to begin with the words “I AM,” for these words empower what goes after them. Let go of any words like will, want, wish, hope and use words like choose and intend… “I intend…”, “I choose…” You may claim what you intend in the present: “I AM Love now.” “I AM Abundance now.” You can let go of the details and just come from the essence of Love. The old stories are based in the past. You are no longer there and continuing them holds you in the past and the New then cannot be created if you are still dwelling in the past of who, what, why, where or how. Words are not just words, even though some claim that they are. Words are energy, as everything is. Words create. When you listen to yourself or to someone else, the words that are used tell you everything you need to know about where you truly are or where another truly is.

Reality shifts based on your consciousness and everything and everyone is a reflection of you. This is becoming clearer and clearer. As we each rise in Higher Truth we see beyond any veil of illusion. Intuition is honed and there is nothing hidden. You can’t be fooled any longer. The Truth is revealed through your own insight and intuition and from there you are able to discern and rise in your Power of Perception. “The truth shall set you free” has never been so potent as it is now and this will continue, for we are continuing to increase in our Light and our Love. All brings great expansion of everything in our lives and this is because our Heart Chakras have expanded significantly, bringing more and more Clarity into ourselves; where we hide as well as into others and where they might hide. By being honest and authentic we expand more into clear Truth. And there is a great Light that shines on all that is illusion and not of Love. This makes it easier to see what is not Love.

During this continual expansion, do love yourself with self-care. Pace yourself. Be gentle; let go of your busy-ness; see all with New eyes. See the message beneath even the most mundane activities, for everything is designed to show you the way. As things release, they are very much in view. Detach from judging things as good or bad; see things as they really are; go deeper. Know that transformation disintegrates things before a new reality can be created and manifest. And know that if it feels as though you’re floating between the old and the New, that that is perfect for you. As we continue to clear ourselves, we help others and Earth to do the same. The clearing allows more Light and Love to flow into us, others and onto Earth.

As we each serve Divine Will in however we’re guided to, we truly are anchoring the higher dimensions into us and into others as well, regardless of how it looks. Pay attention only to your higher calling and not what others are doing nor how things in the world look. By holding the highest vision of New Earth and by tending to your own Path is how Ascension occurs. We are One. What we do, think or feel affects all others; others may attempt to get you to shift your focus to them or to old patterns, yet you have the Power to maintain your focus on your own Divine Path.

As you rise in vibration and consciousness, your guides may shift, for you attract who and what you are. Many are guided by Soul alone and this is actually being guided by Source; by the Divine Mother of All. Wherever you are in your Ascension, be grateful and know that you are loved and honored for who you are right now; no matter where that may be.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Hi yah Cherina hows it going I finally got around to reading this post.. Soulstice Rising – The New Moon, anchoring Wow it all sounds amazing thank you so so much for continuing to share your beautiful experiences and keep on keeping on YaY :] How are you!!! I have not heard from you in awhile! I hear your coming home next Monday…….. now do we feel it is the right time I ask myself :] !! sending you so much love sweet light being of the dear one :} XXX woosh …….

    Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 13:31:18 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you for your comments, i only just saw these now. Learning something new about blogging every day! Its a pleasure to share and amplify our light together, thank you for being who you are, much love and blessings to you, beaming light into your heart xxx

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