Post Equinox Channeling with Ashtar

Hello & welcome,

What a fabulous blood moon gateway we experienced, one full of ‘shadow material’ as one of my good friends put it, and a golden opportunity to see ourselves in the light of truth.. TRANSFORMATION ABOUND!

I am going to share this channeling with you all, it is from Ashtar and the Galactic Council.

Welcome Ashtar, I’m not entirely sure where to begin, the full moon was overwhelming. Very strong yet very gentle with us. It was indeed a blessing to be beside the red sea during this gateway. Can you share with us the changes/effects this weekend has put into place and what that means for humans living on earth?

welcome cherina, dear one, do you remember over the weekend when you were asked your name by Lelo, and when you spoke it, he asked you ‘what does it mean’? It means ‘Dear One’ quite literally. You have a good friend who told you this last year, who’s name means love. You see, you are always surrounded by the force of Love, even when you do not recognise it.
Ok so lets move onto answering your question and momentarily away from praising the work you are doing. Because you are assisting us greatly, our hope is for you to realise this and be praising of your unwavering dedication to our collective soul mission.

Thank You Ashtar 🙂 it has become such a normal way of being for me that i feel i have always been in a relationship with spirit, so its natural to commune everyday, to follow the guidance of this vibration of which i am so familiar with. Yet i always feel i could be doing more.

We know, and again we say thank you dear one, literally. We like this little humour with your name, very well named.
Ok, in regards to your question,the recent event you ask about was a potent tidal wave of energy poured into the planet. The way this was received varies. There are some who were able to embrace this greater than others and there was the vast majority who found this difficult, disturbing and very conflicting. There are levels as you all know, in conscious awareness, so depending on which level the individual is currently learning on depends upon the effect it had on them.
We view it as geometrical patterns. Each individual person has a geometrical pattern, and the closer the human patterning shifts and reforms into alignment with the new crystalline grids, the geometrical structure of information, then the easier, the more effortless the flow of being. We remind you of the importance of water. For the water will anchor the cell information.
We do not wish to give you instructions or too much data to ‘think’ about. We would suggest you rest in feeling and flowing right now, it will assist you anchoring the recent Blood Moon Gateway frequencies.
We have said many many times, in a million different ways, through equal amounts of channels that you are all now realising yourselves as Creator Beings. You have never been separated from your Source, even though everything in your reality told you that you were. Now we are in a moment from which everything has changed. Now you will notice how your thoughts are creating your experiences, how consciousness is creating your reality. Does that sound familiar to you Cherina? do you remember it was the title of a book you had the idea to write? it will still be written dear one.
These previous gateways have been the ‘eye of a needle’ operation, where you all have been brought through this narrow portal, feeling as if your body was blowing up and could potentially explode before making it through. This was to encourage you to LET GO of what you have been carrying for lifetimes, for others. You see this is no longer individual, this is a collective group event. You are realising, intact remembering, what it is you are here on Earth for. Hanging tightly to ‘roles’ you’ve been playing out as mother, father, brother, wife, sister, healer, teacher, poor, rich, lucky, unfortunate etc etc the list you have all created is endless. But its the end. The time for this role play has finished. You will begin to realise your children are your Masters, incarnated here on Earth. Now you understand their strength, their determination and their profound will of transparency and truth. Look at what they have been teaching you. You will begin to understand the great karmic clearing you undertook with the partners, parents and people who caused you the most sufferings and the ones who brought you the greatest joys. The purpose of each one of these relations, is now showing itself as the illusions of duality fall away.
And now you are given the opportunity to take responsibility for your life, understanding its perfection clouded in your perceived imperfection. We give thanks to Lady Master Qwan Yin as she surrounds you all in great mercy, forgiveness and compassion. She would never interfere in free will, instead she rests in the trust that you will all accept and embody these qualities towards yourself when you are ready.

Thank You. Thats pretty profound. Thanks for reminding me about the book, my original idea! for a long time i struggled with what my soul was telling me and what the world and my human mind taught me i should be doing in regards to being a ‘mother’. It has been a strong journey but thankfully i have realised that the only people that matter is her and i and our clear, honest communication with each other. I witness many many people fighting with themselves in the parenting arena.
This morning i missed my flight to London, so i am still in Egypt.. Why?

Cherina, did you see the signs in your environment? did you hear us when we very clearly came to you last night and told you that you would not be travelling to London today. This is not a surprise, for deep within you knew this to be true. There is a teaching here. Last night you set your intention to be of service to the light, wherever that would place you. You set this intention directly from your heart and you said it out loud to the stars, to us. You see what happened here? you knew on some level and you touched on it consciously, that you were not finished in Egypt. As you lay in bed last night you asked us not to create a disturbance i.e accident/heath issue in order to have your attention. When you asked us where the delay would take place we told you, when you got up in the early hours to use the toilet, our words were whispering in your ear, we told you that you are not leaving yet. So there was a deeper part of you in acceptance of all of this, therefore it was simple to arrange. It all occurred gently and in flow, because you were in agreement for the highest good, we did not need to exercise interference on a major level. Upon realising that you had missed your flight you instantly accepted it, there was no fight. You surrendered to the natural flow.
THIS IS A MAJOR FACTOR IN MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING. It will serve you well to remember this.

Very funny. Yes i knew all of this but its a balancing up in my mind of wether I’m making it all up or wether it is coming through as source guidance. Im beginning to recognise now how much you are talking with me. When i look at my mind chatter yesterday i can now realise how much we conversated but of which i thought was my own thoughts. Wow thats an amazing realisation right here, thank you!.
What can i do to help/assist where i am?

This is cliche but there is no thing you need to do. We see the light quotient rising as you, and we see how this is amplifying, activating and rising the light quotient in all around you.This is the same for everyone who is dedicated to growing in the light.
Therefore you see, it comes to the point where you begin to realise that by being your authentic self, which is the embodiment of what you term ‘your higher self’ consciousness, you naturally become the living light. This is the ‘practice, focus, practice’ cycle that resonated with you yesterday. To practice ‘being’ the light, using all the tools available to you to focus on the light within yourself and others, dedicating your intention to wholeness, light embodiment. This will anchor your higher self/light body/crystallised form, into being stronger and stronger. You have stepped onto a brand new platform of experience. This is Mastery dear one (we had to add that in)

Aha, in light of what i wrote at the top about ‘shadow’ material showing up over the blood moon. Tell it to me straight – whats the shadow i may not be aware of or indeed am aware of but sidetracking. If i am doing this work i want to be ‘as clean as a whistle’ as we used to say in ireland.

We like your analogy. Firstly you realise things pretty quickly for yourself cherina, and what you don’t understand you will notice that you retract all interaction from the outside world, you go deep into yourself, into a hermit state to better understand yourself. We have seen you struggle many moments with this behaviour, feeling as if you were being selfish and feeling as if you were letting people down. We note that this line of thinking has ceased. You know what you realised about your old ways because you said them out loud in discussion with your mother, the night before you were due to leave Luxor. Remember? You realised the competitive streak in you. The constant thirst for knowledge but the competitiveness you exercised within that. And now dear one we see your conscious awareness with this, through your words thoughts and actions with yourself and others in your environment. You see it ceases to become a ‘shadow’ when we shine the light of awareness onto it. Knowing thyself is the greatest empowerment, for in the knowing it does not mean you are ‘pure as the driven snow’ another irish saying we heard of, it means that you know all parts of yourself and therefore are in a conscious relationship with your actions, thoughts, words and deeds, for you are being responsible. You are clear in who you are, seeing through the illusion.

Your actually quite funny Ashtar, and there was i thinking this was all serious business. Last night we held a group meditation with a group of women living here in Luxor. I didn’t have a clue what was going to come out as i opened my mouth and then it flowed brilliantly and went very deep. I was as surprised as everyone else at the intensity, this was a movement out of my comfort zone. When everyone left, as you know, we had some strong realisations about ‘needing to know’ and its uselessness in the Now. I recall our guides telling us ‘ I’ve left what i know, i don’t know right now but i will know when i get there’ good humour in that simple but powerful sentence. They added ‘when we know its harder to unknow it, when we don’t know we will always be where we are meant to be’. This is how we become the living light. It was very enlightening. We also realised that to be in vibrational alignment is to never truly know, yet know everything. For the moment we step into knowing, we’ve got it, we know it and then greater expansion presents itself.. Thank you for this, i still feel I’m talking to myself!

Creation is humorous dear one, nothing is serious, for the moment seriousness enters, present moment awareness disipitates and your in the ‘known’ state, or ‘comfort zone’ as you called it. You are talking to yourself, the one which exists within a different vibration. You are always communing with yourself on different yet simultaneous levels of consciousness. We are you, you are us. Many teachers have said ‘ be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven’ this is a truth. The innocence and trust of a child is the exact innocence and trust which is being gifted to you all now, embrace it and watch the kingdoms of heaven open their doors to your eyes. You will realise that EVERYTHING exists right here right now. There are curtains separating the you that you are now and the you that you wish to experience. In order to draw back the curtain, align yourself with the new frequency. Your instinct will guide you to any thing that will assist you, wether it be to let go or embrace. Either way it is asking you to step into the unknown. When you become more conscious of the patterns of unknowingness you then come into alignment with the geometrical pattern we mentioned earlier.
There is a pattern to creation, to creating yourself. You have just realised a piece of this puzzle and the more you put it into practice the greater you align yourself with its geometrical pattern. Therefore you come into alignment with the natural occurrence of life itself.
We will give you an example;
You are beginning a new job, today is your first day. You may feel nervous and unsure of everything. You await instruction from your boss to explain to you how everything works together in this new environment. Tomorrow when you arrive to your new job, it flows that bit easier because you have some experience form yesterday. Day after day it becomes more familiar, it becomes natural to follow this pattern of getting up, arriving on time, taking care of your daily tasks and gaining confidence with each day that arrives.
It is the same as vibrational alignment. When you first step into a new frequency your not quite sure of the feel, its different. So you take gentle steps and you listen for your guides advice, until moment upon moment it starts to feel more natural and you feel more at home within it.

Of course! Good analogy, Thank you. As i am writing this last part of our conversation i hear this song playing gently in the background by Nahko Bear. I will post it here, the lyrics are so significant. Feeling very excited, very blessed and in love love love with all. Thank you Ashtar, I welcome first contact with you and all our crew members. Until the next moment, In love, service and dedication to the ONE intelligence.
Love ❤

2 thoughts on “Post Equinox Channeling with Ashtar

  1. Thank you for following Heart Star, Cherina. It’s lovely to read this post and your site, thank you for the Light you are. Namaste, your Star Sister, Joanna. ❤

    1. Dear SiStar Joanna, thank you for your beautiful heart words. I am grateful and honoured, i am also thanking you for your heart courage and wisdom to share truth as is shown to you via Heart Star, Ashtar and Seshat are very close to us <3, much love Starling, Cherina x

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