Light Quotient

In the recent channeling i shared with Ashtar, they mentioned Light Quotient. Its not a word i have used before in my day to day speaking language. So i googled ‘Light Quotient’ and came across this description from a man named Dr Joshua David Stone.

Feeling so blessed and excited right now! Everything is confirmed immediately.

‘The path of ascension is intimately connected with the path of initiation. Essentially, an initiation is an expansion of consciousness. The higher our level of initiation, the more evolved and expanded our consciousness will be.

Our level of initiation is measured in light or light quotient. Building light quotient means to anchor greater and greater frequencies of living light into each of our cells. Light is a key attribute of Spirit. An enlightened being is someone who has anchored a certain measure of light into his consciousness and four-body-system.

To become an Integrated Ascended Master means to raise our overall frequency to a sufficient degree that allows us to break free from the wheel of rebirth and continue our Spiritual path and journey on a dimension higher than this that resonates with our new heightened vibration.

We raise our frequency by brining more and more light into our cells. This is why light quotient building is so essential on the path of ascension and initiation.

The Integrated Ascended Master realizes that we ascend by becoming lighter and lighter – literally. To ascend means to realise that we indeed are the Light of the World – in the most literal sense of the word!’

Excellent description, makes so much sense.

Reminds me of a saying ‘I AM enough in all ways because I AM living in the body of God’

Much Love ❤

Here is a link to Dr Joshua David Stone’s website

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