Blood Moon Gateway & Inner Earth

I am sitting in Giza as i write this blog today. It has, and continues to be, a very profound experience being on this energy site during these Equinox/Eclipse/Blood Moon gateways. It is also a great pleasure to sit in a place very close to home and commune with my star sisters and brothers.

Thoth has been a strong force around me since i arrived, indeed his over-lighting guidance is the reason i am sitting here to begin with. Thank you Thoth ❤

Todays message begins as a reminder to focus within ourselves and not distract ourselves with outside events or happenings.

'Please do not concern yourselves with an 'outer' darkness, focus instead on your inner health. A grand opportunity is present to you, presented as a pre-sent 'present'. You must be PRESENT to receive it.
We would suggest unplugging yourselves from your habitual distractions, work/family drama, media drama, social site obsession, droning, recreational drug taking, overeating.. you know all the ways you distract yourself. Get honest and clean it up. We can see how these activities limited, will assist you greatly in assisting yourselves.
Learn to experience exactly what and how it feels to be completely with yourself. Become intimate with yourself once more. Ask yourself questions, enquire. What are the current changes informing you of? think not about what other peoples writing/information is informing you of. What are YOU informing YOU of? Create space to build and develop this trust with yourself, it will lead you to greater balance and stability with your core, assisting you to detach from the 'outer' sense of security and safety.
NOW is the moment to bring all focus back into you, call it in, claim it. This power and energy is yours.

Heres a little simple mantra :

In the name of Source most high, I AM that I AM, I call all aspects of soul energy from the 4 corners of the world back into me, and i accept and receive this soul wholeness. x3

See how it feels? feel how it feels? Empowering..?

There is a homecoming occurring on your planet, all is returning home to itself. Hue-manity is awakening. Ancient sites are revealing themselves, clearer and stronger, dispelling many, and eventually all illusions of the old human programming.
The Matrix program as you've known it has been cut, currently in the latter stages of malfunction.
Use this opportunity Earth family, to prepare yourselves for being a Creator, in physical embodiment as Creator cConsciousness. One where you are implementing the Divine Plan as natural as your inhale and exhale breath. You are restoring yourselves and your planet into harmony and wholeness.

If you remember our brother Yeshua (Jesus) said :verily verily, i say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that i do he shall do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because i go unto my father'

These i believe are 'the greater works' we are doing as we return closer to the father (the sun, our portal to our galactic home)

I asked our Star Family Alliance to share some information with us that could assist us in the upcoming Blood Moon gateway, here is the channeling i received. This comes from the High Council situated in the Inner Earth which is directly connected to the Sirian High Council in our Star System.

What would you like to communicate star family?

Your stellar body, that is your star consciousness, is integrating; you can all feel this from one intense level to another. The Crystalline Diamond of the Earths Core is Ascending From her place within the core, or as you have often called it ‘hollow’ earth. This Diamond Crystal being is rising up through you, reminding you of who you are.
You all know well by this stage that many civilisations descended into the Hollow Earth many lifetimes ago, and have resided there since. This was to protect the crystals and the structure grids, which had been planted & created originally. So you see it is not ‘out there’ you are ascending to, this ascension is rising up, through what you perceive and currently know as your physical body. You are all a living extension of this occurrence because you have always been a seed of her womb. Can you see, you are the children of light, and having awakened consciously more than ever before, you have awakened the energy grids that held this blueprint of creation within it.
The cities of light that are returning have not descended from the heavens rather they have ascended from the Hollow Earth, where they have always been alive.
Atlantis and lemuria, as you know, were under water, sunk into the oceans. If you look at the many drawings of Hollow Earth available to you, you shall see the oceans are within the hollow earth.There are worlds upon worlds existing simultaneously right here where your currently are. This is where the cities of light are re emerging from. They never disappeared; they just disappeared at the then level of perceptive awareness that humanity was capable of. Now that that consciousness has risen significantly in vibration resonance, the illusion of the lower worlds are falling away from view and the truth of the holographic structure is revealing itself. Humanity is ready for this shift, otherwise it could not occur.

How can we assist ourselves and those around us in this shift?

Connect with your core, as the core of mother and your inner core are one and the same. Delving deeper into your inner world, your authentic self will align you with the data and knowing. It will align you to the hollow earth, which again is one and the same with your inner earth. You will be able to hold balance during these shifts, as they are occurring quickly and fast in keeping with your recent collapse of linear time. You are in no time now or all time, without distinction.
Imagine you are plugged into a power socket and that power socket is the physical world. We would suggest you to meditate deeply to learn how to unplug yourself and thus free yourself from the frustrations that are of your own creation.
It serves no one for you to hold it all together on the outer plains whilst the inner plains are crumbling. Know with every molecule of your existence that those who you care deeply for, family, friends, pets, are all on the same journey home. When this lifetime is transcended you will all be together again as the pure spark of creation that you each are, living harmoniously together as you always have on your home planets in the galaxy. So you see you can never lose someone, for they just transition back home, they do not die forever, they just release the physical embodiment, the cloak of this human body, of which they used as their vehicle to experience being human.
Understanding this will assist you greatly in the thing you call ‘letting go’ for we see many of you are worried about leaving those you love behind and instead falling into deep sympathy with them, their emotions, feelings and self created dramas. It is not serving either you or them for you to hold yourself in this vibration. Infact this is holding up the process of ascension for you. Nobody will be left behind and we intend through these words that we share with our channel to assure you that everyone is perfectly placed where they are right now. Your responsibility is to the raising and unveiling of your own consciousness. This in turn strengthens the grids that surround the entire planet, connecting everything to everything. This is indeed the greatest act of love you could give for those you care about.
All else is procrastination and fear of your own power.

We have noticed changes to our bodies, gaining weight yet loss of appetite, strange food cravings and immense thirst. Can you explain to us what this is?

The thirst is the physical body recognizing its need to be watered, it is assimilating great changes and this is restructuring its cellular memory and cells. The cells are water and thus are seeking to communicate the new information to water, therefore drinking immense as you call it, amounts of water, breed’s new cells that carry the new information. The more water you drink, the more you flush your system, until all of your cells are operating in sync with the new vibration frequencies. These frequencies are matched to your stellar consciousness and aligned with the New Earth, which is the Ascension of what was the Hollow Earth.
Imagine all the water content in your body. Its vast. The more water you consume the more clearer your body becomes, it is renewing itself. This is feeding your new cells, as we remind you, new cells grow every moment. If you are keeping your physical vessel clear and clean with plenty of pure water, then the information you are receiving with these star alignments, gateways and portals have a greater chance of integrating at a more effortless pace. They are not fighting inside with old information.There is more of you in alignment with the new DNA.
The weight gain is the rearranging of organs. Especially the stomach. There was originally an atom placed in what you have called your ‘hara’ at the beginning of time. This atom contains the blueprint of creation, of all that is, of all you’ve been and all you will be. Every experience and range of feeling emotion is stored in data form in this atom. This atom has been asleep for a very very long time in your human years, it is now in the process of being kick started, this is rearranging your organs, it is physically and energetically changing the inner structure of your physical bodies as you have known them.
You will all eventually pass your own intestines. As the intestine has been the storehouse of toxins and malfunctioned cells operating within the body.
Your need for food will eventually cease to very little and of this very little all of it will be plant based.
The cycle of life is reinventing itself. Tune in to what your body is asking for. Sometimes it may need these sugary or savoury tastes, salt is particularly ‘grounding’ as you would call it and chocolate of course at its core, and in its purest form is also plant based. The copious consumption of mainstream chocolate has always been the human seeking the cacao plant, which is one of nature’s natural medicines. Of course humans are not aware that they are seeking this and so they have a human emotion called guilt when they do consume large quantities. We find it entirely amusing the way in which you humans define the goodness of products that you put into your body.
Seek the purest form of whatever it is your body is craving, as you are seeking the purest form of yourself. We remind you purest means clearest. So the clearest form would be one that contains the most natural of ingredients that can assist your body, if it originates from a plant it will have that consciousness.
Sleep when you require it; detach yourselves from linear time of day and night. We understand that there are many who are working in the material plains and rest assured that when it is time to work and as long as this work is fulfilling and utilizing healthy creative energy you will have all the stamina you think you need. Only those who are resisting the flow of their souls purpose will find this increasingly hard to function until eventually they stop pretending and give up the illusion. Coming closer home to themselves even though at first it may appear as disastrous occurrences. We remind you of a famous line used in your language ‘ what appears to be falling apart, is actually falling together, and probably for the first time’.
Trust brothers and sisters, trust.

There are significant moments of bliss and peace followed by intense moments of anguish confusion and instability. Can you advice us on this?

This is all part of the process dear. You see once the finer frequencies penetrate the human vessel, they vibrate at such an astounding speed that they disturb so to speak, all that does not vibrate at such speed. As we all know, when we disturb something, there is a reaction, a movement. The anguish, confusion and instability, is this movement in action. Its not a normal feeling for you inside your body, it quickens you from the inside. This is the most unusual experience for you, for you have not felt this before in a physical vehicle.
It blasts into dense cellular structures in the physical vessel, therefore it is akin to if you had a large piece of dough, in a round blob, and you blast the dough with flour and take the rolling pin to it in order to straighten it out. Imagine how the dough would feel had it the ability to feel? This is no doubt how you are feeling. It is a part of this process of evolution and it cannot be escaped. Taking the steps to develop and maintain connection with your core will balance you greatly in these moments when said intensity arises.
The bliss and peace can happen before or after, during or at all times. It really is a unique experience. Once the energy expands it can bring a more blissful, harmonious peaceful state, this is due to the old being cleared and the new integrating, which reminds you in a much closer resonance, of where you originate from. Your being becomes more familiar with each step.

We have the much anticipated and talked about Full Blood Moon coming to us in a few days from now. We have been told it is another gateway and opportunity to access the higher octaves of consciousness both personally and collectively. We have also been informed of its importance with the water element. Could you give us some more information on this so we may prepare ourselves to assist?

Thank you, yes it is always welcome when you set your intention to assist with planetary alignments that are present. It helps us all to work together in co-creation, as we are accustomed too.
Firstly the Blood moon is indeed a fire moon. It is the power of fire returning to Earth. Many have already been told you will have summers of fire across Europe this year and even more intense in already hot/dry climates. This will carry on the ‘burning’ of the old, clearing the ground quite literally, for the new. We would like to remind you, you are the new earth bearers. With each choice you are making, you are anchoring this information into the newly arisen and connected diamond grids. This varies in degrees of consciousness and soul knowledge, but make no mistake you are all doing it. To have a good idea of what you are creating, take a moment to look around your environment. Is it a picture of beauty? Of love? Of community? Of kindness? Of empowerment? Whatsoever your environment is showing you is exactly what you are creating with your thoughts. We urge you to become mindful. Watch them thoughts as closely and lovingly as you would your newborn baby. For that is exactly what they are, planting the seeds for our generations ahead.
The blood moon and the water element both have an intricate relationship. One cannot exist at the same time with the other. Although they can work together, they cannot be mixed. As we all know. If you have a fire, what do you use to put it out? Water. If you want to heat some water, what do you use? Fire. These 2 important Elements are vital in The Crystalline Process that is occurring to your bodies, to your planet. The fire burns through the physical vessel, the consciousness, and the illusions. The water washes away the dross, the ashes and replenishes. Thus it replaces that which was burnt, with new life, new structure and imprints this new information into place.
We would greatly advise and request you all to be beside a body of water this weekend. It will assist your transition.
In terms of preparing yourselves, it is already done the moment you set your intention to assist. At that moment you have the choice to follow the guidance and inner nudging you feel, or you simply do not. Either way this event is taking place. It will be beneficial for you to ‘flow’ with it rather than ‘resist. Imagine the flow of water and mirror that dance as best as you can.
For those who can be beside water, and can immerse themselves in water, we would ask for you to open your entire being to the elementals of water to receive the new fire coding which will be waved through you during this period. You will be a conduit. As the fire energy moves through your physical vessel, it will communicate with your cells (water). Naturally if you are immersed in the water, the cells will communicate with the other cells, (the larger body of water i.e. ocean/river/lake). You are transmitting information from one form to another, as in Alchemy.
You see all that you have worked through in yourself, you now have this opportunity to transmit to your elements. They will shift much quicker than the human as they abide by the universal flow naturally. This will literally create a ripple effect through the oceans, rivers, lakes, all simultaneously because they are all connected and know they are.
You are assisting Mother Earth greatly here. We thank you once more for our co-creation in these moments.

Thank you. May i ask the name of who i am communing with?

Yes, this is Ashtar. I am one of the head commanders and overseer’s of the craft of which you are very familiar with. We have come close to you since you arrived in Egypt. We revealed parts of our ship to you in Giza and again as you are stationed in Luxor. We have always been close. Now your sight is beginning to see us. This brings us great joy Cherina.

AHA! makes sense to your familiarity and your quote of Jesus. Lord Sananda is present as you and you as him.

This is correct.

So explain to me how come i saw the Brotherhood council in the inner earth during my journey there.

We have many stations dear one, we are in many ‘spaces’ or ‘places’ as you would call them. We take care and diligence for the planet in all directions and forms. Above, below, sideways, upside down. Nothing is horizontal and vertical as you’ve been taught. Everything emanates from a core and radiates out into every space connected to that.

Ok, I’m a little overwhelmed right now. Thank you for your information, guidance and constant presence. Even when i cannot see you, i sense you all beside me.

We understand and we know. You have never left us as we have never left you. That would be an impossible feat as we are all one in another. We shall speak more in another moment of your time. Thank you, as your saying goes ‘with great love!’

Haha, yes, with great love ❤

Here are a few photos taken on the recent equinox and giza/luxor sky activity







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