The Descension of the Ascension

(Originally written March 2015, reposting as seems relevant now..)

For 3 or 4 months now, i have been receiving information from my ‘higher self’ which tells me that we are ascending to descend.
This over lighting guidance has taken me on journeys through a stream of light which my body exists within. It extends above and below me and all around, with no end in sight. I have been taken up this stream, tube like plasma liquid stream, met with elders, star families and some ‘recognisable’ figures form earths history. Each time i have been given something. This has varied between swords with crystals, golden keys, old books and sometimes just words to remember. Then i am escorted back down this tube (or so it seems that i am travelling downwards) and aware of a physical earth life again. The message is always clear ‘ anchor what you have seen and been given’.


Last night before meditating, i set my intention to be shown what would best serve me to focus on.
During this meditation, i saw the lotus flower bud in my pineal gland inside my brain. Not outside or above my crown but inside my own brain. Yet it had no casing, or covering, it was not contained in a human head.
I felt the energy from the base of my spine begin to move and spiral up through the central channel of my body, empowering this lotus bud, watering it with beautiful colours. This opened the bud bit by bit, and as it did so, a being of indescribable beauty began to emerge. This being was me, the god aspect of who i am. In my minds eye she appeared feminine, flawless, and ever so loving. As she grew and expanded with each petal that opened from the lotus, the energy showered my whole inner being with ecstasy. It felt Divine. I was in a deep state of gratitude and my heart, or the sensation i know that to be was vibrating with full power, as it cascaded throughout the body. Spinning out of my base, into an ocean beneath me. I witnessed that the entire universe is within. Even though i have read this in many ancient texts, i have only ever had glimpses of it during meditation. Last night i felt the experience stronger.
This lasted for about an hour. Seeing flows of lights and electrical currents spinning and forming into vortex’s inside my body. When i say ‘inside my body’ it is my only way to describe what was happening because it occurred inside. Even though there was no definition of a fixed body during the vision/experience.

So with all this talk of ascension and portals and equinox gateways, i would like to add some guidance. It is not a race to ascend to another planet or indeed Godhood, Christhood or any other hood that enlightenment is umbrellaed under. Ascending is to expand, to travel through our consciousness. To forget ourselves, lose control of the physical attachment, to attain a bigger picture of who and what we are, thus a clearer understanding of the purpose of existence.
In attaining this vision, this experience, this sensation of being, we are to then descend this conscious awareness into the physical existence. Anchoring its information, through us, into the Earth.

Again, this happens inside us first and foremost. The Mother God is the kundalini which sits at our base and connects us to Earth, wisdom, love. The Father God is the pineal gland in the centre of the brain, which connects us to the universe, the cosmos, the all that is. The ultimate goal is to rise the Mother God to meet the Father God in union, merging the heaven and earth, the above and below. To create the third energy, the innocent child, in the heart.
This is the trinity, the ascending, merging & descending energies.
The Feminine is rising, because she is the prime force of creation. She is the sexual energy which sets creation in motion. She is the seed. From this energy we create children, we create beauty, we create inspiration. When she rises to meet the Masculine, she merges with power, vision. The Masculine responds to her call, accepts her seed and makes it happen.
This creates a new being, a new state. The birthing state, the new life, like a child. Once these energies anchor into the heart, it sends out a vibrational blueprint to the planet, and so everything has changed and evolution has moved once more.

Everything that occurs in the macrocosm, occurs in the microcosm.

It is within this very act that we experience ourselves as multidimensional. We begin to witness the many lifetimes we have lived, are living and will live, all at the same time. It is through this heart awareness that we are able to stand in the core of all realities existing at once and not lose balance, navigating them at will. Free of the holographic illusion.
All lives and events are happening right now. We have just been entrapped in linear ‘before and after’ thinking that we couldn’t possibly comprehend it. But nothing is linear, all time is present, all time is simultaneous. If your thinking of someone form your perceived past, you have tapped into this timeline. This is multidimensional travelling. Previously called ‘memories’.

Any moment you find yourself in parts of your perceived past, remember it is all happening now. Change it, pour love into it, forgive yourself and others, release them from the places you may hold them in through emotional attachment. Here is how you are rewriting the ‘history’ of Earth.
Literally creating a New Earth.

Even the ‘Dark Cabal’ is a consciousness war within. With painted pictures of lifetimes upon lifetimes. It doesn’t actually exist in truth. Take your focus and attention away from it. Be within. Love is the force of the universe, be it, feel it, radiate it, shine it, know it, taste it, write it, talk about it, give it, receive it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Everything else is just another distraction, designed by yourself (influenced by matrix thinking) to keep you from the grandest version of the greatest self you are.

Yes we have assistance from higher selves and masters, yes they exist, because they are YOU and you are them. Multidimensional existence remember. Like the stream of light i mentioned above, they are all particles of the one stream of light which makes up us.


‘Come dear children, through the rivers of your mind
flow gently in my direction, leave all your concerns behind
meet me in the ocean, the waves and i are one
realise yourselves children,
your sleep time is done’
Love ❤

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