Twin Flame Reunion – personal & collective consciousness

I love the subject of Twin Flames, I love the romantic notions of it, the deep passionate longing, the promise of reunion and all that goes in-between. I believe every woman does. We are romantics at heart, we love fairytales and flowers, even those who pretend not too, they secretly do. We grew up with dreams of boyfriends who would become husbands and lives that would be happily ever after. Drum roll the twin flame phenomenon… = perfect!
Or so I thought.
This week, however, has changed my life, and my thinking, about the true meaning of a twin flame.

I used to think that this knight would come along and everything would be da-da magic in my life, I soon came into acceptance (kicking and screaming), that it wasn’t going to happen exactly like that.
But I still believed in the ‘ONE’. A man who I would meet unlike any other, who would ignite something deep within me and share that with me.

As I shared in an earlier post, a past boyfriend has reentered my life. By re-entered I do not mean physically, because we have not seen each other yet, we may not see each other at all. Right now its been a few phone conversations. BUT this re-connection has brought me many quick, painful, happy, sad, confusing moments in a short few weeks, and its made me look deeper inside myself, asking questions I never asked myself before.
You see, I know this guy to be a strong force to me, we had a strong relationship and from all the posts I’ve ever read on the ‘twin flame’ it fits that it was that relationship that caused me so much pain that its effect pushed me into my quest for inner understanding, the path of spirituality that I now walk. Im not saying all relationships prior were rosy and perfect, but somehow this relationship triggered the deeper stuff.

7 years ago, pretty much around this time was when we parted ways. We have never been more than 6months without contact with each other and I couldn’t tell you the countless times he tried to rekindle our romance. I always turned away form it, from him, from the intensity, from the fire I felt between us. It was, in my mind, destructive.
Now fast forward 7 years, a few relationships in-between and I’m beginning to see the deeper significance underneath the story of us.
I am understanding with fresh eyes, listening with new ears and accepting with unconditional love. The damaged and fragmented people we were then, are not who we are now. They have been repaired by a greater degree of love and self care. I can’t speak for both of us but from what I hear, there has been significant changes on his side too.
Yet, I know we don’t share the same things in common as we once did. I left that life behind 7 years ago and I don’t know if he has. So this brought me to questioning wether I have a choice in this whole ‘twin flame’ business, which then got me asking myself ‘ if everything and everyone is a reflection of me, then this man is showing me something. Like I said we haven’t seen each other, but since our contact I have been on a roller coaster of memories and feelings.
I began to ask myself ‘ could I accept him now, if he were the same?’ then I asked myself the same question.

This ignited an inner journey. A journey into my psyche, my human primal self, often termed the ego or shadow. I saw that the twin is me, I am the twin. The dualistic nature of life on this 3rd dimensional reality has been based on duality. Is it any wonder, with our ascension into unity consciousness, that we are reuniting with our twin? We are marrying duality together, therefore we must reunite our higher and lower selves/human and divine soul.
It makes sense to me that we must honestly and courageously seek out our lower nature, the things we turn from in ourselves, in humans. What are them traits? How does it feel/behave? How and where does it hide? This is the great cleanse of our earth, our bodies, our planet.

Realising an aspect of my twin has brought fear and anxiety, it has brought my defences to the surface, rushing to protect me. Wanting to appear perfect in order to be accepted, worrying how my body looked, was I pretty enough.. I don’t have a regular job that fits into society, how will he take that? Will he look after me? We don’t share the same beliefs or spiritual loves, but what about my security? thoughts arising quick and fast. Thank god for the ability to meditate!
Then last night I realised, or should I say remembered, that I AM Source, I AM always connected to my Creator and this Earth. So why am I worrying, or looking for someone to love me/look after me when I have an unlimited abundance of love and whatever I wish and ask for, given directly from the Source which created me?. I realised the limiting thoughts and beliefs it arose in me. Like a tidal wave, quick and fast. Is this not the age old story of separation? where we have worried about security and appearances and having enough, being enough, behaving the right ways. A mass of social conditioning, which now appears to be rising with strong force to release.

I saw the submissive feminine playing out to the dominant male. Where i, the feminine, was entertaining thoughts of relinquishing her freedom and power of who she is, her spirit, to a man who could bring safety and protection and take all financial concerns away (old masculine paradigm). The words ‘remember who you are, remember who you are’ were whispered gently but consistently in my ears by spirit as i sat present with these spiralling thoughts and feelings. Realising that this was my old pattern, of playing that submissive role with most of the males in my life in one form or another.
‘aha’ i thought, another insight to what i am bringing into balance within myself.

Then i remembered that this ‘twin’ was, is, as everyone is, a reflection of me. So when I am embodying my greater self, my most authentic self as I know it to be in this moment, in unconditional love, then this twin will ignite, magnify and amplify that. AND all that is not that. Its like shining a torch into yourself, everything is seen, nothing can be hidden.
Is this happening to punish us? No. To test us? Not exactly. Its designed to bring wholeness into our being.

I realise with greater clarity and intensity as I write this now, that THIS is the cleansing of our collective masculine and feminine. The death, so to speak, of the old male dominated masculine, patriarchal hierarchy. It’s an age old pattern thats finally being undone, unstitched at the seams. The old ways of rigidness and fixed power struggles. Man dominating nature. Dominating the Earth, dominating the animals, dominating the planet.Dominating the feminine.
You can begin to see how this is weaving into our collective story.
The effect this domination has had on our Mother Earth is deep, look around you, you can see it everywhere. Mostly you can see it in all expressions of the feminine, men and women alike.
Everything has been built upon rigid linear thinking and actions. We have been conditioned to create for the future, build things that last forever, make something valuable of our lives. Yet in the process we’ve missed our selves. We’ve ignored the inner to conquer the outer. So I now I see the picture more ‘whole-istically’. This is not just a personal experience, this is a collective restructure of how we are living.

Many relationships in the spiritual movement are centred around finding this twin flame, the be all and end all of ascension. I have heard and read, over and over again, how we must find this twin to ascend. Yes, this is a truth, but the twin is not found outside of you. The twin has to be integrated from within you.
By kissing the dragon on the nose, so to speak, we ignite our warrior spirits and we face the demons that still haunt us, those whom are asleep in a quiet corner and who silently attack us and catch us in moments when were off guard and not tightly controlling our reality.
You know who and what they are, because you do everything to hide them and quieten them, so that no one will see them parts of you.

It became clear to me that when we reunite with our twin, our higher and lower selves, we merge into an ocean, dissolving duality. Arising Oneness, connectedness, vastness. The either/or, this way/that way, good/bad, right/wrong, ceases to exist because we have become consciously aware, we are no longer running on auto pilot or hiding from ourselves. We finally know who we are, because were looking at the WHOLE picture and not just the pretty edited snapshots. Not just the ‘Divine Soul,’ because thats a given, we are already essentially Immortal. It about embracing the human parts too. The good, bad and indifferent. The pure, tormented and numb and the unhinged, controlled and balanced.
You see this is the new age of our trinity. The true trinity of our minds, bodies and souls, the whole all inclusive package. The unification of our higher, lower and middle core selves. The Father/Mother/Child.
In being present here and now with everything life is, we open ourselves up to it, to all the colours and tastes, the entire rainbow of life that we are. Surely this is a massive leap for us all, one which has all the possibility and opportunity for us to embrace ‘oneness,’ ‘unity’, ‘harmony’. Thus enabling us, to step out of separation and war. This will be a result from making peace first and foremost with ourselves.

All i want to say to you is ‘you are The Beloved’, and all i hope is that you can hear these words as spoken to you, with all the tenderness and force that love can hold. My only desire is to make these words reverberate in every corner of your being. You are The Beloved.

Even the unity and oneness we seek to see in the world, is a deep and direct reflection of the unity and oneness we are seeking within.
We are awakening and reconnecting to our Creator, to that which we are, from a long deep state of sleep and drowsiness. The unity consciousness, I believe, is occurring within us. It is our innate essence which is seeking itself, and group consciousness is the physical outward Goal. Group consciousness is bringing ourselves into alignment, into the ONE being of which we are. All parts of us working together, all reflections of us coming together. The ONE being which is Creator/Source/God.. You see, EVERYTHING is reflecting us. The group consciousness we are striving for in the world, is what were striving for within. And none of it is happening first on the outside, the outside is a reference to what is happening inside. We live in a holographic universe remember, therefore there is no thing outside of us that is happening or occurring that has not originated inside of us. Including all the world news, dramas & disasters.

I believe when the focus of this twin flame search is outside of us, looking for a physical person, it is a quest for something to fill the void were too busy denying inside of us.
Scan over your life, all them moments when you’ve entered a partnership and thought ‘ this is the one’. Then all the romantic notions don’t turn out like you were told they would, and the differences become apparent. So we say ‘ nope, it’s not him/her’ and walk away. Continuing our search for the twin, the ONE. What we are effectively doing is denying the fragmented human parts of ourselves, over and over again. We are denying the Twin over and over again. Because the search has been for perfection, for the idea of divine love. the search has ultimately been for our Source. Is Divine Love not unconditional love? And is unconditional love not something that loves everything as it is no matter what? like the love between mother and child?. We are returning to this state on Earth.

We are embodying a higher form of consciousness in a physical body, this is such a gift. In embracing all that is present within us, we can make conscious new choices, aligned with this expanded state of knowing. Waking from ignorance, waking from robotic actions, waking from the illusions we have been taught and embedded in.

All this ‘question asking’ has brought me to many realisations these short few weeks, and reminded me to ALWAYS ask questions. My mother used to say i was as curious as a cat, that i would fight sleep when i was a child incase i would miss something happening. And I’m still the same 🙂

Maybe we could focus on embracing ourselves, in all our colours, all our stories. We are awakening an ancient part of us, of Earths history, taking part in an unprecedented event on this Planet. We are remembering and releasing the memories and illusions, pain and suffering from not just this lifetime, but ALL lifetimes, all ancestral debris, all life form conditioning.

Imagine we are the Creator, manifesting here in our human bodies. We are God. Lets look at our world, our environment, our lives. Now lets take a few moments to imagine and think of the ‘kind’ of world we would love to live in. Remember what we create for ourselves we are creating for everyone. Thats the responsibility we are been gifted the opportunity of right now. We are creating the Blueprint for the Master Template of our New Earth Existence. If any of our thoughts/behaviours are not aligned with what we were just imagining, then how can we create it? There is no-one else that is going to change this earth for us.
WE ARE THE ONES TO CHANGE IT. We are the ‘Masters’ incarnated, finally waking up to complete what we came here to assist in.

Embrace your ‘whole’ self and then you become ‘whole’. We literally become that which we are seeking. The twin flame reunion becomes ONE, duality becomes ONE as the two parts merge. Wholeness complete. This is the Ascension, this is the true twin flame reunion.
We all originated from the same source and to the same source we shall all return. We are here to be the change, it’s a grand opportunity.
When we come from this place then what is there not to accept in anyone who shows up on the stage in life? Remembering everything and everyone is us. Sometimes we may not even recognise our own reflection, but if we pay attention very care-fully, we will see how our thinking, deep worries or hidden fears, desires, wishes and longings are playing out right in front of us. Its reflected in our friends, our families, our perceived enemies, animals, the weather, the news, EVERYTHING!..
Everything is reflecting you back to you, but because we’ve lived in separation for so long, draped in the veil of forgetfulness, we don’t recognise the thread that connects us all.

Make no doubt about it, we are weaving a new story into existence. We are bringing Heaven to Earth. Lets get over the romantic notions, daydreaming and tightly controlled ways of being and open ourselves to spirit, to life, to each other.

And in this light i would like us to ponder the possibility that everyone has been, and still is, a reflection of our twin flame. It is entirely possible that there is not just one person meant for us, and that it is us who becomes the twin as we merge the dualistic nature of our experience as humans on Earth.

The more conscious and whole we become, the higher the vibration of love we become, equals the clearer we see the God in others. Then we will experience this reflecting back to us

In loving service to ONE-NESS, within & without.

Deep love and gratitude to all of you,

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