The Creole’s – The Crystallisation of the human vessel part 2


following on from the previous article written in January, it is my delight to be able to share this next instalment with you. Heres a link to the previous article if you haven’t already read it.

We talked about the clearing of the emotional and mental bodies last time with brief descriptions on what that meant. Here i would like to address a few points that The Creole’s have brought to my attention to share.
* WE are responsible for making the decision to allow this process to happen
* Each person is vital to the upliftment of human consciousness, as each person is a part of the whole
* now is the moment to get out of your own way and wake up, too many humans are still dragging their feet EVEN THOUGH they have been talking about their beliefs and working in a healing modality/ environment/ path for many years. This is resistance to accepting the next stage of evolution. This is an attempt to stay ‘safe’ in where they know/are. It is now the moment for this behaviour to cease and open the space for flow to resume once more. We must keep moving, mindful not to dwell to long in what we have already outgrown.

Recently i came into contact with a ‘drain man’. I called him a plumber, to which he replied ‘I’m not a plumber, I’m a drain man’ He was fixing the toilet in a friends house. He said ‘ its all fixed, theres 2 buttons to flush, don’t be afraid to use them. Were not here to save the water, were here to flush the shit’

His words rang through me, as this vital information came out so innocently from his mouth. Yet he is right.
We are not here to ‘save’ the water, nor are we here to ‘save’ Mother Earth. Not in the sense that many have been lead to believe.
When we concentrate on ‘flushing out our own shit’ we become clearer, we become more conscious, we create the space for finer frequencies of being to become us. This naturally manifests to be mindful of our environment, to act in a natural way towards all beings/places and things. It is the natural being of an awakened responsible species. When we are treating ourselves, first and foremost, in this responsible, loving, conscious manner, it automatically reflects in our environment.
We must remember Earth has been alive for many many many ‘lifetimes’ she knows how to regenerate herself, how to clear herself and how to heal herself. It is US who are seeking the healing, the saving.
Here is a short video that a friend introduced me to recently, which echoes the message i have been receiving on this matter for quite some time.

Returning to the subject of the Astral Body, which we briefly touched on in the last article. The Creole’s tell us that this relates to the opening bulletin points. The Astral body/ collective consciousness field, is a combined energy matrix of humanities thoughts/experiences/memories/feelings/fears & desires. Light intelligence is working on this aspect, and our co-operation/co-creation is vital. They will continue to pour the new light code frequencies into us, through us, to disconnect the old programming, assisting us in our Grid work and strengthening the mass acceptance of the new data of The Diamond Crystalline Light Grids.
The truth of it is that deep down, WE ALL know what to do. And resisting is only going to keep bringing more resistance into your life. I was brought into a vision recently where i was standing in a never ending wide corridor. There was endless steps in front of me, not above me or below me, but on the same level extending miles ahead of me. They were gold. Where i stood, the walls began to close in around me, i could feel the tension so i began to walk forward. The message here was very clear, it told me ‘ keep walking, you cannot go back to who you were, you are not that person anymore. You have come closer to home, you cannot undo that now. All the people who reflected you then are now not a true reflection. Some will keep moving with you and others will choose to hang on to where they are. Keep moving, keep walking’. This was a very significant vision for me because i had recently been in some emotional and moral turmoil over friends who i knew would no longer be a part of my life. I had realised that one woman in particular, who i had spent intense time with last year, was replaying old patterns between me and my mum. I and this friend were replaying these dynamics in our friendship.
Since November, any time i went to visit this friend, i was stopped, in many and genius ways by the universe. I eventually listened and stopped trying, then the vision and explanation came.
When i did manage to see her briefly, i understood. She was the same, talking the same stuff, fighting the same things, doing the same things. For her she had stayed in that place she was comfortable with, and i was no longer at home in that environment. I had effectively stepped into a ‘past’ me. The difference here was i was able to communicate honestly and clearly the truth of why i had not been to see her, the truth of where i am with myself now and that we would no longer be spending time together. It left the situation clean and clear for me, and for her. With a level of mutual understanding between us both. It is as it is. Like the drain man said, were not here to save the water, were here to flush the shit. With acceptance, i keep moving, knowing I’ve outgrown that place, them people, them reflections. Eternally grateful for all their love, laughter, tears, experiences and the new discoveries that their being led me into.

When we co-operate, it helps us, it keeps us moving, it keeps life flowing through us and its helping all our brothers and sisters who are still asleep in these sentient worlds of material reality. Its like trying to explain to a toddler that we need to go out and get some food from the supermarket, some toddlers will happily go where mummy wants them to go, others will fight and scream and throw a tantrum. Mother is guiding us now, she’s calling us to where we would most benefit from being, to receive her,to receive our authentic selves, to assist and be a part of this wonderful evolution. So are you the toddler who listens and trusts your Mother or are you the toddler who throws himself on the floor to get your own way, your own ‘idea’ of how everything should be??

The peace, joy and harmony that awaits you is indescribable, but you will need to trust in your highest self, your spirit, to move into it.

I have co-created 3 audios which you will find attached below.

First one is spoken in the language of light channelled through me and it is for the assistance of the emotional body.

The second one is also spoken in the language of light and it is for the assistance of the mental body.

The third audio is a heart attunement and activation, also spoken in the language of light.

The next audio is The 4 waves healing.
There are 4 parts. These energy waves flow into/and through me, and are directed to each and any person who listens to them.
The 1st wave is a wave which carries the Violet Flame through in all its intensity and effectiveness. It is the clearing wave.
The 2nd wave is a wave which brings through the healing of the Fifth Ray. You may see green colours flowing to you/ through the room during this wave.
The 3rd wave is a wave which carries through the energy of the Creola’s, it is for complete regeneration at the cellular level of the body. They communicate directly with your cells through this way. Integrating the crystalline codes.
And finally the 4th wave. This wave seals the codes received. It emanates from the Golden Galactic Central Sun.

Thank you for reading, Thank you Spirit for sharing,
Love ❤

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