clearer, clearer AND clearer still! part 3

In addition to the previous posts i wrote regarding the grid transmissions, activations and portals, i am including a link to an article by a writer i highly respect and admire -Celia Fenn. She is very intuitive in regards to the Grid Work and the rising cities of light which are PHYSICALLY arising on our planet, albeit invisible to the unawakened eye at present, they are there, and many many grid workers are being guided to become guardians at these points, as they used to be in other lifetimes, now and over the March equinox. Their purpose is to resume Guardianship of these highly potent spots, paving the way and holding the heart space for the awakening of our species to all become the guardians of Planet Earth.

The article is :

Its very comforting/interesting that she mentions the Sirian connection as i know i am from Sirius. I have been visiting my home planet, in an awake conscious state since last summer. Recently during a trip to Peru i received a visit from Kachina, who is the feminine essence of Sirius. The Blue Star of which the Hopi prophecies speak off (when she came to me, i had no clue to the information i found through research afterwards,i.e sirian connection/blue star prophesy, i just knew i knew and loved her/the energy i felt) She told me that i always have her/their protection, that we are covered in their blanket of love and guidance and its time to truly feel our safety of who we are. She was the most beautiful sight to behold in a manifested female form, standing at least 30feet tall, glowing, with a very large white feather extending from her third eye. She took the feather from her third eye and with the point she drew a pentacle shape on my third eye and also a heart. She handed me the feather and said ‘its yours now to share’. I held it in my hand and it transformed into a pen! and in that moment it confirmed my remembrance that one way of sharing my visions and expressing all i see/receive, is to write a book. Which currently is manifesting as a blog! but a book is being created step by step too, alongside my trust in spirt.

The eyes of truth are upon us, are being gifted to us. In order to fully utilise this gift, to smooth our journey, to enjoy where we are, who we are, and truly experience the ultimate joy that is us, is to allow ourselves to BE. Being brings a state of Love, our natural state. To BE is to allow and surrender to the life-force flowing through us, through everything. It is greater than our human physicality, it is to allow life to communicate with itself through us. Its intelligence and knowledge of what is occurring on our Earth is far more expanded than what the human mind can comprehend.
Be safe and still in this knowing. I suggest that everyone comes into a practice of their own in order to tap into your own stream of intuition, otherwise it can become quite confusing when your trying to believe what someone else is saying. Including what i am saying. This is the truth as i see and receive it, i don’t require anyone to confirm or agree with me. i know it is what it is and i am in acceptance of this. This, i believe, is one of the ways in which we can eliminate ‘judgement’.
I recall a talk with the channel ‘Bashar’ where he talks about people complaining about high fee’s for workshops, where they say ‘ knowledge should be free’. He says ‘yes, knowledge is free IF YOU PICK IT FROM THE TREE YOURSELF!’ otherwise whomever you are approaching for said knowledge, has the freewill to charge whatever they deem as fair for their services.
Were not talking about money here, but we are talking along the same lines. When everyone can touch in with their own intuition and confirm information themselves, what we have is an empowered humanity. No longer needing to fight opinions, knowing instead that they have access to their own truth whilst simultaneously dropping any need to defend it or criticise another. This is because you’ve eliminated the spiritual ego, or reined it in at least. Remember the Ego needs to be right/ hates being wrong, and most defiantly struggles with neutrality.

I came across a quote today that said:

your life is a garden and your thoughts are your seeds, so if your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds’

Thank you for reading, thank you spirit for sharing 🙂

Heres a short youtube video on The Hopi Prophecy


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