Clearer and Clearer

Just as the title suggests, reality, or lack of, is becoming clearer and clearer.
This morning I read a post from Sandra Walter regarding the latest shifts on Earth.
Reading the post ignited a remembrance in me, like a sudden ‘aha’ moment. I stopped what I had been previously doing and I realigned myself to my grid work and took myself out to The Royal Parks nearby. Thank you Sandra for your divinely channeled nudge πŸ™‚
Since I came to live in Earls court last November, I have been working to assist the anchoring of light frequency into the Earth’s Electromagnetic life force field, to transmute the collective matrix of memory and consciousness stored there. I am also working with the Crystalline Diamond Grids to reprogram and anchor new data frequency codes. When I say ‘I’ I am referring to ‘us/we’ as I do not work alone, I am the channel that has the ability to move around in the physical form, and as such I am directed to different places to be an anchor/activator in Planet Earth’s Ascension journey. As the planet ascends, we ascend and it is always spirit which creates this, we are the conduit, the hollow bone to the healing of Planet Earth, our Beloved Gaia.
The last week or so (whatever that is meaning now as grasping anything linear is practically non existent anymore, pardon the pun) I had been feeling the urge & hearing the call to go out into the parks surrounding the area I live in. But I put it off. Yet yesterday I knew it was time to move again. Theres this integral pattern I’m coming into a relationship with, it’s a pattern of my cycles, their link with planetary movements and hearing an inner intelligence which is educating me in when to move, when to rest, who to go to, who to walk away from, where to go, when , etc. It’s a reeducation of my being.
I have personally been assimilating HUGE waves of data being poured into my system, and in turn having to relearn the purpose and abilities of the body. Creating space everyday for physical exercise has never felt so good as it has these past few weeks, so empowering. BUT as today gently reminded me, not to fall into the old way of attaching/creating a ‘routine’. Staying flexible and fluid is the key required in these rapidly evolving times.
So instead of getting on the mat at around the same time, I went to the park and called on Spirit to work through me.
I gathered sage and incense, offerings of fruit, money and sweet things (fairies and all elementals love sweet offerings) which had been sitting on my alter the last week. I topped up the box of bird feed and I stepped out into the day. It was beautiful and surprisingly mild. I love the walks from my place to the Parks. Such a blessing to be in walking distance of Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens and Holland Park. I have come to adore & love the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. There is so much breathtaking architecture in the old buildings surrounding this area of London, it gifts me glimpses of its regal past every now and then. There are many mini sanctuaries of private communal gardens, dotted in-between grand structures, and this all paints a pretty picture to me! A picture of how simple it can be, to be of nature and thrive in a city environment simultaneously.
I used to tell myself, and hear from others, that the city can be stifling. ‘You can’t breathe in the city,’ ‘its too busy,’ ‘so disconnected,’ ‘rat race,’ , etc. One day as I walked to Chelsea I remarked at how many trees I passed and how beautiful and majestic they were. Full of life and existing in full health. Right in that moment I realised, if a tree can be in the middle of the city and still emanate such peace, such presence then each one of us has the exact same opportunity. Thankfully that little lesson manifested as a natural gratitude for where I am, wherever that may be, a city, a forest, an ocean. Slowly but surely the mind has shut up now and I no longer entertain any thoughts that differentiate one environment from another.
Back to the day at hand! As soon as I entered the park I felt a burst of joy rise up in me. So much space filled my eyes with love. The sounds of the birds happily chirping, squirrels crossing my pathway as I walked towards the Serpentine galley. Seeing groups of friends and families walking together, laughing, lovers hand in hand and dog walkers roaming around, was a great pleasure indeed.
When I first began working with the crystalline grids there was a specific tree which I was guided too, one I had been visiting since. Naturally this is where I headed today. WRONG! Spirit again reminds me ‘flexibility’ and ‘present awareness’ are key to accessing new information.
A very old looking tree to the left of my peripheral vision caught my eye and I couldn’t stop staring at it, I went to walk on but my legs didn’t move, then I got it. ‘Of course!’ I said (to spirit) this is the tree today. So I walked over. It must be at least a few hundred years old, the markings were unique and powerful, it even had a little natural seat on its trunk, waiting for me to sit on. I must be upgrading myself in this tree business I remember thinking, all other times its been a cold wet seat on the floor.
I opened my bag and took out an incense stick and lit it, as I introduced myself to the tree and asked permission to sit with it. I then placed offerings around the tree of raw chocolate, blueberries, silver, gold and bronze coins and manuka honey. I also sprinkled some bird food for the birds who inhabited the tree. As I sat on the tree seat the blaze of the sun came and shone on my face, I smiled, sun gazing is one of the ways to assist the energy transmission into the grids. I turned my face to the sun and looked through my third eye with eyes open. It took me a few moments to relax to allow the light to work through me uninterrupted. I remind myself ‘I am a channel, let it flow where it wants too’. I begin to see the sun become a portal, it ceases to have a physical structure. It moves around, expands, contracts and splits into 2 or 3 parts. Today it was 2 Suns side by side, appearing as spinning eyes in the sky. Streams of bright light extended from the double sun portal and I see them pour in through me, firstly flowing into earths core magnetic field and then fed back up through my body and out through my Hara, which then feeds into the Crystalline grid that I am part of. Today I realised the intelligence of this, it is communicating with itself through us. We are the children, and they dance through us in unity, if we get out of our own way and allow it to be so.
The rays from the Sun changed many times during the next 20/30mins, the colours ranged from very bright pinks to different shades of violet and then on to the brightest yellow variations I’ve ever witnessed. All the while the electromagnetic radius of the energy being projected into me from the sun, was becoming larger and larger, as if the original size of the Sun had doubled itself 100 times over.
I went to take my phone out and the camera wouldn’t work, ok no picture today I muttered (to spirit) and put it back in my bag. I got up from where I was seated and began to walk into a clearing between the tree’s. I resumed Sun gazing and the most curious display began. As I looked back up at the Sun/portal the eye of Horus was in full display largely printed across the Sun. I instantly knew it was the left eye from it’s positioning from where I stood and observed. My mind tried to jump in a few times and question but I knew being present and allowing myself to observe was the only way to truly witness this. The eye became more pronounced for a few minutes as the sun radiated out strong pink light, then the eye began to subside and the sun appeared as if it had split into many different pieces, I saw 6 quite clearly, its possible there was more.
A tube of light began to pour from the sun (left hand side) and extend down onto the Earth towards where I stood, simultaneously another tube to the right side of the sun but not directly attached to it, appeared to be trying to connect with the Sun/Portal but it was looping in on itself and couldn’t quite make the same image as on the left hand side. Maybe it wasn’t meant too either.
I could not say what this all means as it hasn’t been revealed to me yet, i sense it is showing an upcoming or current alignment with collective duality, and the relationship/balance of Masculine/Feminine, as it learns to come into a trinity as opposed to a duality. I trust it will all become clearer and clearer πŸ˜‰ for now i am documenting the visions as best i can without ‘needing’ to know what it means.
All the while this was happening I was literally standing in an open space in Hyde Park staring at the Sun, when I adjusted my eyes to see the physical structures around me, not 1 person was looking my way or watching what I was doing, it was so surreal, as if I were actually invisible.
The guardian spirits of The Royal Parks have been present with me each time I have been there and receiving, transferring and anchoring light codes/information. They have an extremely powerful presence, as if it were a 15ft tall very well built circle of men standing around me in a circle. Very protective and very masculine in nature. Many feelings of them remind me of the legends of The Knights Templar.
They were with me today also, in clearer form than they’ve shown me to date. When they came today and projected their strength towards me, as I received this energy from The Sun, I watched how they connected it to every tree (in my line of sight) through a matrix of golden threads. Truly fascinating and humble to bear witness to these happenings on Earth right now.
By this stage, while still in Hyde Park, I began to feel the cold wind building around me, I always know by a weather change that the work in that moment is completed. I heard the wind speak to me and tell me the storm would follow as the clearing took place. I cannot describe the exhilaration and peace that became me. I lit another incense and placed it by another tree and gave thanks for the experience and the opportunity to be here and assist in this way. I felt like a child walking back to the entrance gates of Kensington Palace Gardens, I couldn’t contain the ever increasing grin appearing on my face and all I wanted to do was skip and tell everyone I loved them! Haha, the fairy spirit is contagious! πŸ™‚

I can’t help but feel the tangible ‘awakeness’ of The Earth these past weeks, of the Feminine God counterpart that is present here among us, manifested on Earth in all feminine reflections. And the ever increasing presence of The Lion/Feline races.

So I leave you with this information and I allow it to sink in and reveal itself in greater understanding so we can all be clearer and clearer about who we are, why we are here and what were being called upon to do.

As always, thank you for reading, I know today’s article is a looooong one!
To all the Spirits, Guardians and Elders who work alongside us, we are grateful for your wisdom, guidance and wit.

Love ❀

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