Rainbow Light Activations

Two days ago, after publishing the article on the streams of light i was perceiving/receiving, a friend came over to my place. Her and I meet every tuesday and we share healing sessions with each other. The sessions vary from week to week depending upon what we are guided to do with each other. Sometimes it involves drumming, tuning forks, crystals and sometimes it is simply sharing the energy through us via meditation.
This week however was different, as this whole week has proved to be!
When she came in, the first thing she showed me was her camera. I pressed play on the camera and MAGIC! the streams of light i had been seeing flowing in from a source of white light and extending towards me as rainbow colours was playing out visually in front of me on the camera. I was astounded and excited. This is exactly what I’ve been seeing i told her. I watched the 3 videos she took and realised the perfect timing of them arriving into our life.
They are encoded with pure light frequencies emanating from The Great Central Sun, projected through the portal of Earth’s Sun. You will notice that there is quite a presence of Elementals in these videos. The Elementals are always around us, especially gardens, parks, forests and areas of abundant nature. Its interesting to witness how they can be physically seen more clearly in these videos. Im assuming its due to the finer beams of light which are vibrating at the same frequency as the Elementals therefore they are able to appear on our camera. I cannot be sure, all i know is i am excited to share these videos and receive such rapid confirmation on what i wrote earlier.
We truly are supported BEYOND our wildest imagination.

Before watching these videos, i have this message to share,

Let go, Let the lights flow through you uninterrupted. Open up your being to the healing of these Rays, for each one is penetrating through your physical body and recalibrating your Nervous & Immune system.
Each Ray is assisting the awakening and activation of your Hara, which sits behind your belly button towards your back. Here is where the original Atom is. This is the God/Creator Atom, which once awakened, begins to inform all other atoms within its vicinity, of its original data/information. There may be some uneasiness with this activation process so breathe, allow and trust.
Here’s a mantra to help to open up and receive,

The Mantra

I surrender to the greatest truth in myself

Enjoy the videos and if you would like to see anymore of Brenda’s videos her Facebook link is http://m2.facebook.com/brenda.dyer.737

Heres the video’s, enjoy and bathe yourself in the rainbows of light 🙂

heres the link to the recent posts,



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