Here & Now

She watches us as we explore our new world
She watches us as we explore our new world

As we know, things are changing rapidly in the world around us. Heightened frequency is bringing with it a heightened awareness. The stable structures around us are beginning to fall apart, breakdown and in some cases, disappear completely. We are learning a new way, we are learning ourselves anew, over and over again. Employment is changing, relationships are parting and reforming, financial institutions are crumbling and new ones are being birthed, based on a foundation of equality. We are still in the birthing process on Earth. Gaia has given birth and these are the baby moments of learning.

We can see how these changes are shifting our entire ‘reality’ and what we knew that to be. I am witnessing this change potently within family dynamics. People we loved and spent intense amount of moments with are also changing and shifting.

We are constantly shedding our old skin, peeling the onion and coming closer and closer to the unchangeable true us that has always laid underneath all the crap.
We are unveiling at such a pace never experienced before. This is the first time humankind have ever attempted to ‘ascend’ consciously whilst remaining in a physical body. Prior to this we would physically die, many are still choosing this way right now in our world. We are all heading to the same place/state. Some chose to leave in the death form and others chose to remain on Earth to continue with the experiment of ascending physically.
People around us who have been constant in our lives, reflecting to us our own emotions, tendencies, behaviours, judgements etc etc are now falling away, rapidly! Leaving sometimes a sense of emptiness or confusion, which could lead to self blame for their absence. There is a plan greater than what we can see and right now we are in them precious baby stages of trusting and relying on our Mother. (Gaia, Mother Earth, Goddess)

let me share an explanation of what i can perceive happening,

Every person is a mirror of us, we draw them to us vibrationally through a forcefield of energy which matches our thoughts/feelings/beliefs so that both of us can show each other ourselves. All the while we don’t see this purpose because it was still a 3rd dimensional existence of a ‘you’ and a separate ‘me’. Every thought we had, every feeling we emitted, drew to us a matching resonance so that whatever was desired by thought would manifest as a physical experience. Remember the universe brings like for like, it knows no difference between what we deem ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Every thought is a potential creating power. This is how the mirror theory works. Everything in our life, our environment, is reflecting back to us our conscious & unconscious thoughts.

As we evolve consciously, we must understand not everyone will take the same path as us, including family and close loved ones. Sometimes they step out of our life, friends stop calling and no matter how much we try to ‘revisit’ these people, places, familiar settings, it feels different. We are different, we have shed another layer of false skin, we have transcended who we were then and those who reflected the old us are no longer required for us to see ourselves closer. And so they exit the great stage of Earth, our life reality. Some return to our experience and some do not.

There is a divine orchestration in this parting and it is IMPERATIVE, ABSOLUTLY IMPERATIVE, that we do not go back to visit our past out of obligation, being nice or anything else that goes against our higher self guidance. The grace of being present is to let them, or it, go. Surrendering to the greatest truth of who we are.

It can be challenging to understand this but the ‘THEY’ who we are thinking of in linear terms, does not actually exist. ‘THEY’ are literally thoughts manifested into physical form for us to interact with. I understand that this may push us far outside any form of a comfort zone to accept, yet it is an ultimate truth. The closer we merge with our ‘higher self’ and the more we embody this state of being, our experience of ‘reality’ shifts.  We begin to see the holographic nature of this universe, manifesting as life on Planet Earth. Think Avatar/Matrix and were close to a visual understanding of what i am sharing.

The guidance i am being shown and given is to let go of everything, hold on to nothing. Really be present here and now, no tomorrows and no revisiting yesterday’s. All that there is, is here and now. Not just existing as a theory, or an intellectual understanding, but as an actual natural form of being.

This last week has been a crash course in practising the above!  I shared in my last post the experiences of seeing the streams of lights that flowed through everything i could see, including myself, connecting us all and dissolving separation in-between us all. Every morning i wake and look out i am seeing blue sky and a strong blazing sun, excitement is flowing through me and i am feeling intense waves of love building moment upon moment. When old thought patterns rise in my mind, i remember the streams of light that flow in through the top of my head and i tell my body ‘ its ok, we allow the light to flow through us interrupted’. Somehow this is assisting me and helping me in forgetting a ‘me’ and allowing a greater force to merge in through this body.

I sense this is our new learning curve now, practising ‘being’. As we ascend to a heightened frequency of conscious awareness, it is natural that all the data changes too. Its like leaving 8th year in school and entering 9th year, we don’t bring all our 8th year coursework with us to keep reading do we? no, we embrace what the 9th year material is going to teach us. This is the exact same with our transition from a 3rd dimensional reality to a 5th/6th dimensional reality. We must throw out all we think we know and embrace whats being presented to us now.

So wether your struggling or thriving, saying goodbye’s or new hello’s, its all ok. Its all perfect and we remember that we are re-learning our being-ness. Nobody can every truly leave us because they are us, everyone is connected and when the show is over we will all gather together (in our light forms) and have a good laugh at the dramatics of human existence. For now, lets practice and commit to being the hollow bone, allowing the finer truth of our existence to flow uninterrupted through us, bringing us on a magical journey of rediscovery.

Like little children, wide eyed, trusting, excited and ready for play. We trust in our Mother Gaia to support us as we learn to walk and talk, we recreate the bonds of motherly love through ourselves and extending to all around us.

Let it go child, let it flow

i am here with you, holding you close

explore as you wish child, stay connected to me

we join our hands together child and we remember how to be free





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