Ascension – Magnified Healing

The Keys of Enoch (319:1,2) tells us that: God loves his people Israel. The tern Israel is a cipher for the People of Light who come out of every tribe, tongue and religion (including all major religions) to work with the angels and the Hierarchy of the Most High God. And because he loves them, he has promised the Ascension to them from this world of physical limitation and negation, so that they can be like the Brothers and Masters of Light. ‘Physical Ascension’ is possible in this dimension of reality for ALL the world to experience.

Ascension is the rising of the physical form (body) to higher kingdoms of Light through the process of raising the vibrations of Light in your whole being. It is the attainment of the Christ, the graduation in Godhood. It is becoming a perfected Buddha. It is becoming a full-fledged spiritual Master and realised being, not just a soul realised being. Ascension is basically a change in frequency and a change in focus of consciousness to a higher level where we are able to integrate our Light Body. Ascension involves the surrender of the lower ego self to the divine Overself so that the individual can become an ascended master with all the powers and responsibilities that go with that divine status.

The process of returning the 12 strands of DNA in our current body is known as Ascension. It is the process by which the embodiment is elevated in vibration, a little at a time, until it is vibrating to the resonance of unconditional Love. As the embodiment is elevated in vibration and as the DNA is fully activated, fear based patters and beliefs are released simultaneously to make room for more joy, creativity, self-expression, manifestation and freedom from limitations. Once our 12 strands of DNA are activated, we are ‘Christed’.

The consciousness of accession is that of total joy, total unconditional love and the complete, full recognition and realisation that you are a Whole Light Being. It is a feeling of oneness at all times with God and one’s brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a consciousness of being a world server. It is the power to command one’s life to be as one desires it by the power of one’s words. It is an ability to achieve physical immortality.

As we put on the energy pillar of Light and the garment of Light, this changes the genetic code. By activating the highest Love and the highest Service to others on earth, we become ONE, we become Light Beings.

‘When you recognise the Divinity in the world, then there is nothing that can take that peace or love from you. You have crossed to the other shore’
Sri Sri Ramakrishna

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