The Creole’s – The Crystallisation process of the Human Vessel, Part 1


The Crystallisation Process is what happens when the 5 bodies of the human being, begins to open, clear and expand.
A Crystallised form is the anchored and balanced Consciousness of Multidimensional reality.
Consciousness is projected into the human body. When one’s consciousness has expanded past its current reality, opening beyond what it has known, it begins to experience multidimensionality. This is where Consciousness remembers more of itself, it realises itself, through experience,not just intellectually, that is it beyond the physical body/form/existence. When a human body can accept this next level of Consciousness, Consciousness naturally projects itself into the body. Thus the human begins to experience a lack of linear time and structure, as if actual chunks of their world suddenly crumble and disappear. This is in-fact exactly what happens.
‘Multidimensional Consciousness” is the ability to be “conscious” of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.
The human experiment exists as a holographic reality, changing the thought forms changes the projection. The Crystallisation begins when a sufficient amount of clearing of the old body structure has been cleansed. This involves the revisiting of ‘past’ memories and occurrences which had been lodged into cell memory through multiple incarnations. Your soul will have chosen to learn from these in this lifetime. I am told that there are currently 7% of humans on Planet Earth who are fully Conscious Crystallised beings.

Its important to note that each of us are at the state of being we have chosen to be at, not meant to be at, but CHOSEN to be at. We all have the same capabilities in committing to an inner path. Some choose this and others do not. It is purely and simply a choice. In this new age of Aquarius we are learning (sometimes reluctantly) what responsibility means on a soul level. Humans are awakening to realise they have a choice and are not the victim of events/destiny/power outside themselves. This is one BIG lesson that we are being handed the curriculum for, and we thought school finished in late teens?! Ha, Welcome to Cosmic humour.

Those who have chosen to ascend in Consciousness will know only too well the deep journey and commitment this entails. It requires balance and courage, to go beyond beliefs and certainties that have been deeply embedded since birth in this lifetime. It takes great trust and spiritual strength to go within and witness ourselves, beyond who we think we are. We will uncover memories that may be disturbing and painful as we take this step, releasing attachments to all things familiar. In the beginning this can bring the sensation and experience of being alone, but nothing is more further from the truth as you will quickly realise.

The process

* complete and utter breakdown of self
* feeling as if you are (and would wish to) die
* realising that your life is empty, looking to your things and seeing nothing
* emotional wreck/being prescribed as depressive
* spontaneous meetings with people who you instantly recognise — these people may or may not be comfortable for you (past life memories/contracts to be cleared)
* feeling extremely vulnerable when you venture outside your home/safe environment
* difficulty in communicating with people already in your life — the feeling of shutting off
* bodily aches and pains, headaches, dizziness, body shakes, vision blurs, seeing lights move out of the corner of your eye, glimpsing shadows and beings
* loss of interest in pretty much everything that you have known
* desire to smoke herbs/work with plant teachers/enter the path of sacred ceremonies — anything to get out of your head and into the heart
* unpredictable sleeping patterns, taking you out of your ‘normal’ routine
* disorientation in all senses of the body
* waves of emotions and memories arising, some you can relate to, others are stemming from before this incarnation
* unexplained sickness, tingling, heart palpitations, weakness, followed by a burst of high energy and feeling amazing, strong, vibrant & powerful
* feeling peace only when in nature OR resisting nature completely through anger

Above is a brief list of some of the ways in which this process manifests physically to effect you. The reason these are occurring, (and many more), is due to the clearing of the 5 bodies.

All emotions you have ever experienced, pushed down, kept quiet about or hidden, will emerge like a giant wave and floor you. Literally!
Many nights I’ve been on the floor crying ‘what the fuck is going on?” as the peace I was resting in a few moments prior, is rapidly swept away in a torrential flood of tears and emotional pain.
All our feelings are located in the emotional body, every feeling/emotional response we’ve ever had is recorded and held here. All of it will remerge to be cleared like a giant purge. This is perfectly normal, be gentle with yourself as you would a child who was crying. Let it go, let it pass. This is a clear out, not a punishment. It would be very helpful to cultivate a spiritual practice, one which suits you as an individual. It could be meditation, yoga, running, reading or as simple as a hot bath and candles. You know yourself better than anyone else, find what works for you.
Ive found the trickiest part of clearing the emotional body, is that when the memories arise, we have little or no control over the thoughts accompanying them.
We replay the scenario’s in our mind. What this does is it instantly brings us back into that event/situation regardless of past/present/future occurrence. It can feel so real as if it were actually happening now. It is happening now, because the moment you place your attention on anything, it becomes real. This in itself shows us the non linear patterning of a past, a present and a future. Its all happening simultaneously right now, we just choose which one to relate too.
A helpful way to assist this emotional cleanse, is to catch yourself giving the memories your thoughts and attention. Breath deeply and bring that attention to your heart, give yourself love and extend forgiveness to all those you hold there. Send love to the person/thing that has arisen. You have kept them hidden in a part of your heart through believing you were right and they were wrong. This has been perfectly natural in a dualistic reality based on good or bad perceptions.
Call on whatever spiritual help you trust in, ask for help to bring peace to this memory/person/thing. Doing this changes its imprint and allows it to be a new memory without the old attachment.It dissipates the emotional charge from the event. It may take more than one attempt to experience a sense of peace, but you will with practice and mindful awareness.

here is a helpful audio i watched recently which talks about forgiveness

The mental body is next up. It is being cleared so that (our) higher intelligence and acceptance of multidimensional reality, can be accepted. At first this may be an intellectual acceptance of its possibility. This is every bit as important a step as experiencing it. To accept its possibility, allows it to manifest.
What is lodged in our mental body? Thoughts, words, how we define the world, how we judge, the ways we categorise right from wrong, good and bad. These exist in the spectrum of duality, which has been the human experience up until now. Duality is falling apart, much like we are.
I have found that whatever I believed strongly to be true, has been tested. This pushed me (I do not always surrender and go willingly) outside any form of a comfort zone. The purpose was to encourage being in a state of acceptance for everything. Complete non-judgement. This isn’t easy, we’ve been trained since birth to judge, it is however possible. Commitment to a practice will help here.
When we realise that everything & everyone we judge, is a mirror of ourselves, we begin to understand that all along we have been judging our own reflection, mirrored back to us by others.

Cleaning of the mental body, is cleaning of our own inner self talk. This stage changes how we relate to people around us. This can explain why we move away from people in our life (or at least detach for a while) Its natural and gives us the space to rearrange our projections.
Here we will begin to notice that them things we judged other people on, berated them for, were actually parts of ourself which we’ve been too busy denying. Truth is illuminating and theres no more hiding.
As mentioned with the emotional body, when our thoughts change, our reality changes.
The neural pathways of our brain are being re-wired and reformed, plugging us into an expanded state of awareness.
This can manifest as headaches, the sensation of liquid moving inside the brain, feeling your on the brink of madness, overload of chatter and constant pressure which moves to various parts of the brain.
For those who are extremely sensitive, you may actually feel this re-wiring being done like a surgical procedure. If anything becomes painful call upon your spiritual team mates/guides that you trust. Ask them to turn the intensity down. They will happily oblige. This is a necessary procedure but it is not necessary to be in constant pain. Give your 50% and spirit will give theirs.

The Astral body is a little more complicated as it holds the mass consciousness of the collective opinion. What this means is that even though you are cleansing on the emotional and mental level there is still a group consciousness carried through ancestral lineages that holds patterns and memories here too. This is not so much a personal, as a collective matrix. In order to clear this one a certain amount of clearing on the above 2 needs to be undertaken in order to gain balance in who you now are. This will assist you to not get lost in the old debris of the collective, as even though it’s not personal it can feel very much like it is!.
The collective group consciousness is shifting but not as quickly as you personally can. At this point intuition would be your focus, learning what intuition is to you, how it feels and what it sounds like, is vitally important to ride this wave. It is true that whenever you make a change your world changes, but the exception is that while your still embedded in this reality by going about your daily tasks, there are many aspects you will still witness. The saving grace here is that you can be a witness and observe instead of engaging and judging.

The next article will go into depth about the methods to assist cleansing the emotional and mental body with some audios to assist and a healing transmission that the Creole’s have asked me to co create with them. We will journey deeper into the astral and etheric bodies and add some meditations to assist the quantum leaps we are already experiencing.

(I would highly recommend and their audio program ’12 rites of passage initiation’ This audio series assisted me profoundly in the lead up to 2012. They also have a series called ‘I AM Avatar Yoga’ — which has also been a powerful tool)

Thank you for reading, Thank you Creoles for sharing,


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