The Creole’s.. Part 1

The Importance of Animal Consciousness

Animals naturally exist in a state of group consciousness with each other. From the ants busy working their army on the ground, to the Eagle soaring high up in the skies, to the buffalo roaming the plains. They have always known oneness. Lower Earth, Middle Earth, Upper Earth. All working in harmony together.

The Creole’s tell me that we have much to learn and rebuild with the animal kingdom.

Humans have this perception that the animal kingdom is separate from them, lower than them, primal. Nothing could be more further from the truth. Animals take only what they need, they defend themselves only when necessary and always this is done to maintain order and balance.’

When another animal kills an animal, there has already been an agreement made for this to occur. It is not a disaster, it is not cruelty, and it is a natural occurrence of life.
Animals live in balance, with their environment, with the Earth. They restore and maintain this at all times. Whether they be domestic or wild it makes no difference, they have the innate ability to adapt to their surrounding habitat and thus balance it.
Look to any pet you have or know, observe their actions and you will see the healing force they bring into a home. They are like children; they emanate pure life force as unconditional love to all around them. They absorb their environment to balance it; sometimes they become sick from this and then transition back to source. This was always their intention when coming into that particular situation/family/environment. Animals operate within oneness, they serve always for the greater good, which cannot always be seen by an individual consciousness.
An animal, unlike a human, always works with purpose and intention. This is why they are an important factor in establishing our new Earth resonance. We would benefit greatly from dropping our own beliefs and ideas about animals and what’s best for them, right for them. They will teach us this directly, if we allow them too.

Another topic that the Creole’s would like to address is eating meat, the flesh of animals.
As we all know, in the ancient times of our forefathers and mothers, it was natural to hunt and kill animals; again this was always done with respect, honour and mutual agreement.
We remind you all that nothing dies that has not already agreed too, in all kingdoms.
Since then, with the rise of the ‘Alpha human’, this has been distorted. Factories and farms have been created to meet a growing demand for meat products due to mindless consumption. The animals are subjected to cruel and confined living conditions, medicated and killed in masses. This is not natural living, it does not reflect the natural order of the animal or planet kingdom. Only the human race could create such imbalance, because this is how they have co created their own kingdom of interaction and living.
You only have to pay attention to the feeling in your heart, to know the truth. This is not a part of group consciousness or conscious living, this is one species taking superiority over another.
The animal will serve what it is needed to serve. This is not to be mistaken with a ‘lower consciousness’ as some humans have termed it, this is an expression of unconditional love and acceptance.

This is the cause and effect of the fast society that man has created, people not having ‘enough time’ to have a relationship with their food before it is already sitting in their bellies. We observe that 90% of the time this is done to fill a void, masked as hunger.

We would like to share this with you,

Animal meat is not wrong, it is not bad for or damaging for your body. PROVIDED that YOU, as a conscious being, take responsibility for where and how you source your meat. Hunt it, not literally, but research its source, visit farms, make an effort to educate yourselves on how the animals are treated and how you feel when you are around them. There are valuable minerals and essential nutrients that the animal meat can give you, as well as connecting you to the group consciousness of this kingdom.
In creating a new way of living on Planet Earth, it is vital to develop and listen to your intuition. Some beings will not choose to eat animal products, others will.
This is the gift of choice. The universal law reminds us that everyone has free will; human judgment of what is right and what is wrong has no place here. Eventually you will all merge into group consciousness, where the greater good for all life will be a natural choice. Humanity is not at this stage yet, this is why the animals are so important in teaching you this.
Remember that if an animal is being raised in an ethical, conscious manner, then they will be feeding from the natural environment surrounding them, i.e. plant kingdom. Which means the energy and goodness of this will be transported to the human too.
There are humans who are seeking the plant kingdom, rediscovering its medicine. The animals have a medicine too. Everything in creation has the exact same life force flowing through it.
What is the distinction between picking plants to consume and eating animal flesh? if love and gratitude are expressed towards both.
May this information bring you into further questioning within your own self, to uncover your truth and in doing so raise your awareness of all life in a conscious manner. Then, and only then will you protect the Planet you inhabit, taking only what is needed, restoring harmony and balance in the process, to all life

It has been interesting writing this article with The Creole’s, as it has pushed some of my own personal buttons on the meat-eating subject. I feel challenged with publishing this, yet in many ways it resonates with what my body seeks in moments. Moving away from defining myself as one particular thing, for example a vegetarian/vegan/meat eater and instead listening to what my body needs as it absorbs, harness’s and integrates the constant influx of energy waves being poured into us.
Food for thought huh?

Thank you for reading, thank you Creole’s for sharing, here goes!

Love x

If you missed the first post about The Creole’s, you can access it here

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