Introducing The Creoles

3 months ago I was taken into hospital for a kidney infection & kidney stones. It was quite a shock to find myself there, for many years I had turned away from western medicine.
I recall the moral conflict I experienced as the morphine was passing through my body, judging what it might do, while simultaneously feeling relief & peace from the prior agony I had been in.

On the 4th night of being in hospital, laying in my bed, wondering what was happening to me, I received a visit. 2 very tall streams of light appeared at the end of my bed, extending from floor to ceiling. All of the lights were off in the ward. Naturally I blinked a few times, trying to find the physical source of where this light was originating from. There was none. Everywhere else was in darkness.
These streams of light moved closer to where my head lay and I slowly recognised their feel. The peace that came into the room was astounding. The hospital environment disappeared and all that was visible was these lights and some part of me observing/interacting with them.

‘Who are you?’ I asked.
This was not the first time I had experienced encounters like this, it was however my first close communicative encounter with this frequency of Energy.
‘We are The Creoles’ they replied. They did not speak, this was occurring telepathically.
‘What do you want?’ i asked them
‘We know you do not understand what is happening to you, we have come to assist you in this process.’
‘What has happened?’ I asked.
‘Your body is going through the Crystallisation Process, you knew this was about to happen, it is no accident that you set your intention for it’

Suddenly I remembered my intention at the previous Ceremony (which I attended the night before I was taken to hospital)
My Intention was ‘to accept and embody The Crystalline Body’ (The shaman has written evidence of this intention as we were asked to write them down so they would be taken and blessed in their home country)

‘Wow. Why am i in so much pain and what am i in hospital for, i have been healing’
‘Yes, we know, your body required a foreign substance to pass through it in order to break it down. The hospital keeps you still to allow it’.

I had been receiving information on The template for the Crystallised Human Structure, following a strong Ayahuasca Ceremony during the summer.
At the time I didn’t fully realise what was happening but right now something was clicking into place. Hundreds and thousands of beings began appearing following that Ceremony, ranging from typical ‘alien’ looking species of a variety of sizes, to Native tribal men and women. They seemed to just observe all of us in the room. I could hear them conversing but it was in sonic tone, reminding me of dolphins. They Literally communicated in waves. This same day, when i stepped outside and looked up towards the sky, there was no physical sky. There existed only a giant Flower of life, which contained everything including all of us and our planet. It was very beautiful and very disorientating! These prior encounters flowed back to me in picture form as the Creoles spoke.

‘What can i do to assist this? i asked
‘No-thing, just rest, really rest. Pay attention to every person and what they are doing, there is messages contained within this experience for you’

With that last comment they left and the hospital room came back into focus, I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

The following days were very surreal, I observed the nurses extracting blood from me (3times a day) And as the blood was extracted I saw bubbles of memories leaving my body too. Old old memories of childhood moments. Of course I swung between trust & fascination to brinks of madness!
For nearly 2 weeks these beings came and went, or maybe I went in and out of being aware of their presence. I enjoyed their company and energy.
As it turned out I didn’t need the operation that was scheduled for my kidney, the doctors said my body had healed itself.

Many synchronicities began to occur and The Creoles came to me again when I returned home.
They shared with me information on their Origin. They are a ‘Species’ called the Creoles. They are transparent beings due to a radiation which occurred on their original planet. Their now ‘Home’ Planet is called Xanthia. It is the third largest planet in our galaxy and has yet to be discovered, they tell me there are many more we are unaware of too.
The Creoles, though transparent in essence, have the ability to take on any form they wish. One began to take on a feminine essence and introduced herself as Aurora. Aurora has taken me to their ship, yes I know what you’re thinking, ‘ship’ sounds a bit sci-fi yet this is the truth of where I have been shown. It is a light craft that simultaneously exists as their planet.
These beings are primarily stationed between the 7th-9th dimensions of frequency/consciousness, they have been assisting other Galactic Species to aid Planet Earth in her Ascension, to a unified Planet of Group Consciousness.

Their reason, their intention for contact, is to help us to ‘BE transparent’. They say that in order for Our New Earth to grow, its inhabitants would require an understanding of the new Laws of the Universe they have Ascended too. They tell me the Ascension has already occurred and we are in the baby growth stages. The merge of Masculine/Feminine creates the Divine Child.
The merging of your own Masculine/Feminine brings neutrality (like a child is a neutral source). Only when this merge occurs will we experience the harmony on the Planet, some are still experiencing Duality and will not understand how others can be happy, joyful, loving in these challenging moments upon Earth. This is the balancing stages of Masculine/Feminine.
They advise us to stay focused and connected to our hearts, emanating all the energies pouring through us into the matrix field of energy of where we are.This effects the WHOLE when exercised Consciously.

The goal is to be in complete mastery of thoughts. We must know our thought formats so that we have clear intentions in EVERYTHING. To know why we are doing something and to also consider in the split second of holding the thought, how it will impact the WHOLE, humanity. This will be our natural state of conscious co-creating.
We will see & understand our service to the Earth in greater Unity, the rise in Feminine/Masculine BALANCE and the exact same rise in our Mother Gaia. It is all intrisyncally linked.

The Creoles tell me that they will be reaching out to many of you now, they are on your peripheral. If you wish to see them, to communicate and assist, set your intention and allow them to contact.

In the next article we will be covering the topics which they wish to discuss with us

* The importance, role and function of the Animal Kingdom and the keys this realm holds in guiding us
* The messages from the Plant Kingdom and Instantaneous Healing
* The functioning of Group Consciousness

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