Everything is Medicine

During a recent trip to The Amazon Jungle in Peru, i was constantly hearing these words:
‘Everything is Medicine’

I repeated it to myself many times, Everything is Medicine, Everything is Medicine.. Intellectually i understood what the Master Plant was saying to me, but i had yet to fully understand her wisdom.
Sitting on the wooden steps of my Tambo invoked a memory from some months back, a weekend when friends gathered for a temezcal ceremony (Native American tradition). Following the ceremony, where we prayed and sang for our personal healing, our Family, Ancestors, Earth & the union of each other, I returned to the fire with a good friend of mine. We sat and shared our gratitude for the healing.
As we began to share some stories I felt something tug at my hair, I soon realised it was an elemental spirit.
‘Get down’ it repeated, again and again, as it continued to pull my hair in a downward fashion.’Ah it wants me to get down on the Earth’ i said out loud, as the penny finally dropped. So i did. I got off the chair I was sitting on and lay on the Earth. She began to speak to me, ‘ When do you hear my reply?’ she asked. People are coming to ceremonies, praying, asking for assistance, opening their hearts but when do they listen to our response? I was a little taken back with the assertive strength of her energy conveying her message to me in this way.’Everything you give yourself, give to the Earth first. This is the way to build trust, to have a true relationship with us. Return to source. Food, money, water.. Everything is medicine, give everything to the Earth as if we were your own sister, and then watch as we amplify and magnify this back to you. I nodded in agreement. She said ‘Walk on the Earth like the Buffalo, with the Consciousness of Light’ and then our conversation was finished.
‘Walk on the Earth like the Buffalo’ I repeated, ok so how does a Buffalo walk? I asked myself (and Lisa) out loud. Strong and sturdy we said, ok so be strong on the Earth.
The next day as we attended a workshop with Leo Rutherford, White Buffalo Calf Woman came to me and told me that to be like the buffalo was to walk with my heart, to expand my heart to beyond Earth, ‘this’ she said, ‘ will enable you to walk in harmony whether you are in the presence of pain or pleasure’, Your heart can accommodate because the Buffalo heart is big and all embracing. Here is peace.
‘Thank you’ I said. Thank you Earth, Thank you buffalo, Thank you White Buffalo calf spirit for you’re teaching. The memory faded and I was aware of my surroundings once more, the tambo in the middle of the jungle. I breathed deeply and sent up a prayer ‘guide me Great Spirit, to walk in balance, to walk in harmony, to walk the path of love with all its beauty’. I walked towards the Maloka for Ceremony that night with Madre Ayahuasca with the intention to know that everything is medicine. She showed me that any thing which touches our heart, anything which stirs our being, anything which creates the space for change is medicine. Whether upheaval, loss, grief, excitement, all these and everything else always leads us home. I experienced a life review of many lifetimes, highlighting the perfection of every part. She said ‘None of us hold any thought that one is more powerful than the other, we know that without each other this could not be possible and we are ONE group consciousness, the sum total of all the parts. ‘I am consciousness showing you who you are, all of us are reflecting back to you what you have within you, there is no definition between us. I am all of you and you are all of us. ‘Us’ was referring to the entire Life on Planet Earth and beyond into the Galaxy.

The following weeks in Peru were very humbling, to be able to sit and listen to people, to feel acceptance for who they are and whatever story they were sharing with me with natural ease, was a true blessing and a potent medicine.

Everything is Medicine, have trust in where you are.

We have birthed a new way of being, it is here. Our Earth has already ascended, as has ALL her inhabitants. We are creating something that has never been created before, without leaving the human vessel. So i leave you with this message to consider,

‘ When you are creating what you want/desire, Imagine for one moment that you are creating for all of us, then ask yourself if you still wish to create what you were thinking’

Much love


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