The Universe Within, Part 1

Your perception of your body is an illusion. Your body houses the individualised soul/heart of all that is, yet it is not solid matter, even though it appears to be so. We have been so deeply embedded into the matrix program termed ‘third dimension’ that we have become attached to the body as the be all and end all. This is not so. Although it is important to be grounded and connected to our body and the earth, it is also important that you are able to understand its purpose, design and how to shift yourself out of its limitations so that you may realise the expanse of who you are.

There is a very powerful consciousness that is seeding and growing within our human physical experience, never before have we consciously embodied this wisdom in the mass amounts that i am seeing right now.

The entire universe is within you

I used to read them words and think ‘what?! how is the entire universe inside me! 10 years later and I am beginning to understand this. I am being shown this consistently through meditation and inner vision. On some level though, it took 10 years to accept the possibility! There are moments when, spontaneously, everything around me collapses into a mass of floating light, as if tons of fairy lights had just been switched on and the surrounding landscape has temporarily disappeared. In these moments I am floating also as a light, there is no identity. When i observe all around me, the body is not there. It looks like how i imagine space looks like, infinite floating star lights. So i began to experience that there is a consciousness existing beyond this light. An intelligence that was part of it but also more expansive than it. I knew ‘I’ was observing the lights and thats what i was, and somehow i also knew, that like the human body, there was another level being presented to teach us beyond that belief and understanding. When i became aware of a body again, it looked and felt like the millions of lights that were floating around, were joining together and creating my body.

It is so vast and constantly changing and our journeying never ends! No matter how much medicine ceremonies we do, how many books we read or courses we attend, it is all leading us to understand our own consciousness. We are Source, individualised. Source is experiencing itself, through us, in as many different ways as there are humans on this planet. Therefore there is no ‘right’ way or no ‘wrong’ way. No ‘one’ path will get you to where you think you are going, any quicker than another. There is no where to go, you have never left ‘spirit’, it is what you are. You just think you have because your within a human vessel. The key, i have found, is to learn to create a trust bond with yourself. Know your pain and sorrows, know your grief, your joys, your habits and your escape routes. Know all these things about yourself as if you were learning the traits of your beloved partner, because that is exactly what you are doing. Honour all these human things about you and know that you choose your reality, you are creating it.

If you imagine the Ocean, vast and wild. An indescribable thing of beauty and life force. Now imagine picking up a shell from the shoreline, you feel like you have a piece of this beauty in your hands right?.. Our universe is like the Ocean and the shell is us in a human body. We are still the ocean but we have an outer shell (our human form). Inside this shell is the same consciousness as the ocean, We can survive on the land or in the water because we are a part of both and we have a protective shell. This is the beauty of the human experience. We can operate as a human being whilst still residing in our soul origin.

The real us, which is consciousness, is everywhere. It is in everything we see, hear, feel, touch and smell. This consciousness is pure light, millions and trillions of sparkling, vibrating, moving light. It is the exact same inside our bodies. We have created and accepted an ‘idea’ of what we are and this has then defined our belief of what Life is. Our consciousness, which at its very core, is the same for everyone, is experiencing itself in trillions of ways through the human body projection experience. We are residing in this body and growing it with our thoughts/feelings and beliefs. Some are growing it with other peoples thoughts and beliefs too. We look out to the world and it looks so big. But does it really? how much of ‘the world’ can you see at any one time? not a lot. It is the ‘thoughts’ of the big wide world that tell you the last statement can’t be true, its too big. But is it? What we see at any one point is only what we are observing.

I recall my first experience with plant medicine last year (Peyote). On the second night of the ceremony I began to see bubbles appearing in front of the people that were there. Inside these bubbles were all sorts of scenes. Some were fighting and filled with black smoke, there was pain and sadness emanating from the person observing this. Others were lighter coloured and the energy of joy was flowing between the physical body and the projected bubble in front. The people experiencing these were sitting beside each other yet their experience of ‘reality’ was totally different. It began to show me that even without the plant medicine, this is how perceptions of reality work. Everyone has their own personal bubble extending out in front of them. What they see and create is based upon their beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences. Sometimes we come into the space of another and these perceptions will merge, we agree on some level that what we think and believe are the same and so we can co exist beside each other harmoniously. We create a link with these people because they resonate with our energy vibration, our projected reality. Remember like attracts like. Look at the people who you surround yourself with, they are all a reflection of you. We feel a connection with these people because on the mental and emotional level we believe we have met a likeminded person, which of course we have because we have made an agreement to see the same reality. Yet on a much higher level of consciousness we have drawn a mirror close to us to see into. Our true self does not see itself as above or below anything, it knows it is everything, therefore it has not the capability to judge. It is the human self that begins to compare and analyse, place the idea of a person into this category or that one. All the time without fully realising it is themselves they are doing all this too. All the people in your life are projections of your consciousness, the different aspects of you. It appears to me as if the thoughts in our head are taken out from our head and placed in bodies in front of us to interact with. Depending on your conscious awareness you will see these as separated people from you or you will know them to be you. Even in ONENESS, ask yourself do you know that these are you? the conversations you have with them, the issues you talk about, is all you. This is why we are working towards bringing tribes back together, because we are working towards bringing ourselves back together. It is no coincidence.

The ‘third dimension’ was a heavier vibration, which is why it was so easy to perceive the solidity of everything. The particles of light holding everything into place were vibrating slower within this realm. You look at the energy and feel of things like guilt, fear, regret etc etc, they feel heavy. We were surrounded in this matrix of energy too. Now however, after shifting from this vibrational frequency, a lot of you are beginning to see things move, noticing the speeding up of time, feeling lighter (except in the moments when your journeying back into the third dimension to clean up some more lower frequencies and transmute them into their light essence once more) your recognising the beauty in everything around you like never before, feeling a greater amount of peace emanating from your heart. Any emotions unresolved will need to be addressed, its like checking in at an airport, if you don’t declare all your baggage, you won’t be able to get onboard. By this I mean if you do not resolve your issues you cannot embody all of your higher self, so you will be journeying between the frequencies until you can. Again let me remind you this is not a race, we have set a strong intention of group focus through these last few years, we are working together collectively because we really are the one source.

Love, compassion and grace are the most beautiful attributes to support our transition, from knowing our life the way we have, to how it is now rapidly changing. Being able to rest in stillness, within our heart space, is vitally important for sustained balance during these next weeks and months.

The real work begins when we form a truthful, loving and honest relationship with ourself & all our perceived projections..

With Love







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