Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Therapy

Welcome to Sacred Roots Shamanic Therapy!

I am honoured to be able to extend what I have learnt & experienced through my life, to those who are seeking greater clarity in thiers.

I offer a combination of Spiritual Counselling, Healing, Sound and Soul Retrieval

Each session begins with a conversation. Many of us in todays society, have forgotten how to engage with each other in present conversation, much the same as we’ve forgotten how to listen to each other. One of the greatest respects we can extend to another, is to allow them the space to talk & truly listen to whats being said. We all have a story. Human life is a story. Here at Sacred Roots, we offer the space to hear yours.

Through sharing your story, we will journey to the ‘ROOT ’ of why you are experiencing frustration, blockages and unhappiness in your life. We don’t want to put a band aid on your feelings, we all know that’s temporary. We want to bring your own clarity and awareness to the surface, helping you to understand yourself deeper. This will enable you to be an active participant in your own healing journey.

Soul Retrieval

It is entirely possible for a Soul to become dis-integrated through any of a number of common traumas, situations or events that may take place during a person’s life. Therefore, a most potent ability of a Shaman, is to assist in a Soul Retrieval.

When trauma of any sort is suppressed, ignored, or buried so deeply that its been forgotten, theres a good chance it will manifest on a physical or emotional level. Often we find that modern medicine and treatment in psychiatry/psychology may help to alleviate the symptoms, which brings temporary relief. Until the ‘ROOT’ cause is addressed, the underlaying block remains, leading to reoccurring illness, ailments, patterns, behaviours and cycles in your life.

Soul Retrieval is focused on locating, recovering and reintegrating lost parts of the Soul to you.

These sessions will include a combination of sound healing, shamanic journeying and soul retrieval. I will be using a drum, rattle and my voice throughout these sessions.

Through this truly transformative work, you will have the opportunity to release yourself from your past and experience a more authentic loving YOU.

How deeply do you think you can love yourself? How deeply do you want to love yourself?

These sessions work on a deep level, bringing you into a balance and authentic relationship with yourself, your friends, family & life in general.

Each session can last between 2-4 hours at a cost of £140

For more information and to book, contact Cherina: 07968-476-903 /


 ‘All healing begins with the intention to heal’

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