You are never alone…

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

You are never alone on this journey. Never.

Even when you are physically alone, you are surrounded by the loving extensions of your soul. You are living and breathing within the body of our Creator. We are not separate. We are just waking up from the dream that we were.

We volunteered to come here, at this time to Planet Earth. To heal our Ancestors, who are us, the humans we were before this lifetime. So you see, we came back to Earth to heal ourselves.

All this cleansing thats occurring , people struggling to be pure, to be clean. You are God, manifested in physical form, what is there to clean? You are here to remember. To remember who you truly are and not the illusion you have been clouded in. In this remembrance comes the prophesied ‘Coming One, Christ’.

The ‘Coming One’ is the realisation that we are all ‘ONE’, it is humanity waking up to realise their god self. Christ is not attached to just one person, Christ is a consciousness frequency, that each one of us has the ability to access, to tap into. This will be the creation of Heaven on Earth, because when you awaken to your true nature, you will create mindfully for the greater good of all. You will choose community, you will hold each other, you will love and embrace each other, there will be no judgement. This is the foundation for Our New Earth.

It is already here, we have birthed it into being. Can you feel it?

In order for us to hold this vision of Heaven on Earth, we must be mindful and conscious Creators, operating from our HEART consciousness and not the old human-mind intelligence. This is why so many of you are experiencing such upheaval and changes in your life.. You cannot create love & beauty if you don’t know this love and beauty in yourself, if you don’t feel it for yourself.

Do not be alarmed by all these challenges, they are just activating and releasing all your false memories and beliefs, them which will not serve you any longer. You are being encouraged to create a relationship with yourself. To remember how to honour yourself, to trust your instincts, to live in harmony with yourself. This is what you want, no? If you think it and speak it, you bring it into being. Therefore bless this process, thank this process. We are each the bearer of a human story, we lose and find ourselves continuously. Call upon Great Spirit, seek a Shaman/Healer to guide you through these times if need be. Reach out!

(I would be more than happy to recommend some very good friends of mine who are doing some amazing work with people right now)

Pay no attention to the thoughts that tell you that you can’t, won’t, should not. Any thoughts that put you down, that torture you.. you think these come from our loving Creator? no. These come from yourself. Focus on the goodness inside you, the beautiful spark of light that you are. Reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters, we are all in this together. In the moments when you can’t pick yourself up from the floor, these are the most important moments to reach out, allow yourself to be held.

There are many beautiful humans who have been through what you are going through, and this was their purpose. To experience what they did so they could transform themselves and the false ideas they held. They are now able to hold the space for those who would follow. There is no hierarchy. We are all here to hold each other.

‘ Come come dear child, come home to my embrace, let yourself rest in the arms of Grace, let yourself be held and let all else fall away, you are a divine child of this universe, you can never lose your way’

With Love





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