The power of ‘thought’

Camera 360In my previous post, which was an image of this shell, i wrote the caption ‘ start in the middle and spiral out’. I now realise this picture was trying to tell a story far beyond its eye pleasing image.

We are all in an unprecedented cycle of evolution, never before has humanity experienced a shift of this scale, speed, or conscious awareness.

Have you not noticed that the world is changing? have you not noticed that time is no longer quantifiable with our regular methods of measurement? Our Seasons are still ‘Seasons’ but they no longer correspond to the linear calendar. This is confusing people.

Every day i hear another person talk about the weather, commenting on how ‘unusual’ it is for this time of year. Yet if we look back to our Ancestors, they did not live life based on the linear calendar as we have been taught too. They looked to the rising of the sun, the behaviour of their animals and the intelligence of their crops. They were attuned to the vibration of Earth and they responded when the elements spoke to them too. They held rituals for the harvest, giving thanks for the gift of abundance that they had co created with nature. They grew their own food, this was the only way. How many of them had IBS? Cancer ,and the disease’s we see so regularly in our current world? hardly any. Food was food, it was grown and nourished from the seed to when it was placed on the plate in front of them. They regularly gave thanks for these blessings. Life was a communion with life, each act was a ceremony. Now if you ask an average child where milk comes form, the most likely answer you will receive is ‘Tesco’.

We have effectively transitioned from a very dense physical plane of attachment & illusion. This attachment & illusion has been of our own body, our very own sense of self. Most people relate to themselves as a separate person to the other humans they can see. You are not separate. You are intimately and naturally connected to each other. You are literally ONE.

What does it mean when i say you are not separate and you are ONE?

It means you are a part of the whole of creation, every person you see outside of you in the world, is a reflection of you, an aspect of you. When you judge & blame ‘others’, consciously or unconsciously, who do you think you are really judging?.. Them?. No.  You are judging yourself. Always. Without exception. You are denying a part of yourself and operating in the illusion that somehow you are better than what you are observing and judging.

If you take a moment to scan over your life you will find a direct link between judging those in your life and your direct experience of being what you judged. Its a natural universal law. Judging anything keeps separation alive and you will have a tough ride ahead of you if you continue to exercise this mindless-ness.

Every thought you have is creating your reality. In times before now, the space in-between holding a thought/wish, to seeing & experiencing its reality, was vast. It was so vast that nobody realised that they were the ones creating. That their very own thoughts was their creative power. This was often referred to as,

* acts of God

* miracles

* coincidences

* good luck

* it was meant to be

It was impossible to hold that level of conscious awareness, which knew it was creating itself, in such a dense personal & collective energy field. Humanity simply was not ready for that power, nor that responsibility.

Now, however, linear time has collapsed and our thoughts are almost instantly showing up in our reality, we are coming to the awareness that we are Creators on earth. In order to come to this full realisation, you need to understand how you have been creating and take responsibility for it.

We can change everything around us on a physical level, yet we will still bring ourselves with us wherever we go. Nothing really makes a difference until we change it inside us first. We are constantly communicating with our environment and each other  through a field of vibrational intelligence. You are the only one seeing the world the way you do. You cannot make another person see this way too, for they have their own filtration system to see through.

Imagine that.. REALLY IMAGINE THAT..

What is the purpose of being right or fighting, if the only thing that exists is what you are seeing. If nobody can see the world the exact way you do, then could that not be reframed into ‘liberation’, ‘freedom’..? If you were to truly see that everyone is in your life because you have created them to be there, that they are a thought of yours created into physical form, for you to interact with, learn from, have fun with.. then where is the need to fight, be right or judge?

The same applies to what some people witness in the world. I hear people complain about the government, the economy, the wars, the politicians.. then what happens? they receive more situations in their life, concerning these establishments, to complain about. Why? because they are feeding them with their thoughts. Believing it is a reality, therefore constantly recreating its presence and projection in the world around them.

Let’s take a moment to imagine that your sitting in a restaurant reading through the menu. The waiter approaches you to take your order. You tell him what you want, he takes it to the kitchen, some time passes & your food arrives. This is the EXACT same way the universe works. With every thought you are thinking, the waiter (universe) is writing it down, delivering it to the kitchen (the creator), who gives you exactly what you asked for ( life experience). Take another few moments to contemplate that, then ask yourself ‘what did i order today?’…

Everything is energy, everything is potential creation. When you believe something, you create it, because your thoughts do not doubt that it is real. So what do you believe is real right now? have an honest look at your life and see where you have created this into reality. If you are wanting to experience something new, yet you are doing & thinking the same as you always did, then how can you expect a different outcome. Thats like baking a cake, with the same methods and ingredients you did last week, and expecting it to taste different. You would have  to add something different, for you to taste something different, no?

Getting to know your self is the most important work you will ever begin. It is the life purpose you are searching for. There is no other purpose for you on Earth. Once you start to uncover and remember who you are, becoming intimately connected to your heart, your inner voice, you begin to connect in a clearer way with your environment. You break free from illusions that have been imprisoning you, that you have created to imprison yourself.

When each spark of consciousness (which is you manifested in a physical form) awakens to themselves, a surge of remembrance flows through the planet, and creates fresh growth. It begins with your connection and direct communication with your self.

When was the last time you sat still without a tv, laptop, phone or any other distraction? When was the last time you listened to your breath, felt it move through you and realised you are observing your own breath. Where does the breath come from? it continues to flow even without your conscious input, as does life. You could however, become conscious of it ,and direct its energy into your cells to nourish them and communicate. The same way as you have the potential to become conscious of your thoughts, directing them to nourish your life experience.

This brings me back to the picture of the shell. The world responds to your internal filter of how you think it to be. The middle of the shell represents your thoughts, your creative power, and the spiral is how this energy creates your life experience.. Look how beautiful that picture is, does it reflect your life? if not, why not? Remember whatever you are experiencing is as perfect as this shell, Why? because you created it! It spiralled out to fulfil your wish.

If you wish to see something else, choose a different set of thoughts.

Einstein once said  ‘A person starts to live, when he can live outside himself’.

With Love,




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