The Heart Knows the Way…

Wide eyes open, here we are. All of us. Doing what’s never been done. Seeing each other through the eyes of our hearts. There’s no path here because we have never experienced this with each other before now. There’s no memory or grid that could feed us this knowing. And as many are feeling, it’s totally unknown. Yes there is a familiarity to it, a long forgotten peace that’s anchoring us into this resonance. It feels different, we’re not sure which step to take and which choice to make. To me it seems the only way is to put one foot in front of the other and real-eyes there’s no choices to be made. Why? Because the heart knows the way. It knows and its guiding us. Are you listening?.. you can see the other hearts, you feel them beating as if it were happening inside your own chest. And it is. Louder and brighter than we’ve ever known. That’s the funny thing about this love era we’re in, we don’t know the greater capacity to love, so as it expands, we instantly move to constrict it and question its flow. But what about this, and what about that. I can’t do that because it will, won’t, may or may not.. Yet our heart keeps smiling and waiting patiently for us to return to it once again. In quicker succession than we ever have previously. It feels like the ‘previous’ has disappeared. We find ourselves here in this moment. Quite literally, this is where we find ourselves. In the present moment. I recall a quote from a children’s film, kung fu panda – the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift from God. That’s why it’s called a present. Ah the simplicity. Will you allow yourselves to re-member this innocence, this simple way. Or will you choose to make the decisions to constrict & flow against the will of love.. I don’t feel there’s a choice. It’s here and it’s touching every part of us. Will you merge with its touch or will you prolong your return home, into the sanctuary of your very heart that beats regardless of wether we choose it too or not.. 

Eternal Love

How fascinating the depths we rise from and dive into, again and again and again. The inspiration that is alive and vibrant in both these states, and each movement inbetween amazes me. Does it ever change..?
Today I’ve been everywhere. Yet I moved nowhere. I revisited past memories, each so alive and real in them moments that they replayed. A day spanning 35 years. 

I watched as the intricate web, revealed a thread between the choices I’ve made then, which led me to here,  and the choices I make now,  which colour my tomorrow. 

Throughout today, the present moment, the past and the outcome of my tomorrow all existed together, as one continuous stream. It flowed into the ocean before my very eyes, merging as one whole experience, rather than a separate timeline of ages and dates. 

We never cease to exist, we change form and landscape. I suppose the true nature of change is ultimately changeless underneath. 

The gentle waves of the water washes over the golden sand, and the sun still shines behind the thickly gathered clouds. I real-eyes how perfect shit is, in all its imperfections and stories. 

Everything ebbing and flowing , like the waves, unfolding moment to moment. Yet the moment contains them all.

These places we stand in, we stood before and will again. The people we’ve met, we’ve met before and will meet again. Maybe they will wear new bodies and look different, but the essence in them, as the essence in me and you, always remains the same. Finding each other over and over again. 
I am love experiencing itself, and you are love experiencing itself, in all its possibilities. My mind rests into my heart, and I remember.
All that I sought, is what I am. Whether I am diving the depths, or rising above the waves, my nature is the same.. 

Wherever we go and whatever situation we meet, we make a difference by living in the truth of who we are,

Ahhhh.. I exhale and smile.. 

The ocean waves continue waving as the sun continues shining. As for me, well I’m sure I will continue loving, as I can only be what I am.. 

Unfolding of our Unified Heart

Today you can tangibly feel, hear & see the difference. Today the shift occurred, each and every one of you are feeling it in some way. The gateway to the new is right here,now. If you observe your surrounding environment you will notice the lucidity of the day, as the delicate rainbow colours, very soft pastel colours, fragile like new life, weaves in and through you. Can you feel/see & hear them? Breathe them in they are nourishing you.. 

The colours, the sounds, the everything is nourishing you, loving you and you can feel your heart responding to these tones as one big giant heart that seems to actually surround you rather than just inside the body, 

Succulent, delicate, transition has transitioned. Aligned and amplified as you witness your higher self/guided/ascended being emanating from within our unified heart through to its creation in our reality.
Embrace yourself now and see, feel ,loooove the magic which is unfolding in your life and everywhere you see. 

Crystalline unification, you will be offline for today(rest laugh relax) as the crystallisation unfolds, you will be tuned into one whole energy to carry forth.. the present moment is indeed a present gifted to you from your source heart.

Continuously opening up and receiving ❤ 

Night of the Full Moon 

Here are some pictures we took on the roof whilst injoying the Virgo Full Moon.

A beautiful curious HUGE light presence came in, which looks very similar to the Planet Jupiter. We later found out that Jupiter was closest to the Moon on the nights 12/13 & 14 of March.

This first picture was taken behind mum, the light in the distance is from the mosque.

The next few you can see the moon inside it as I focused the camera upwards 

It shared a beautiful presence with us. 


The Hathors – Spherical Consciousness 

Spherical consciousness is the experience of time that encompasses all. Present, here, now. The new template of you. We exist here, you stem from here. Now you are planting yourselves into this most natural existence of being
As you continue to feel the homecoming in yourselves, in your earthly vessel, you will begin to truly feel-cognise that the perceived darkness and fear was only ever alive and real as your mind was looping the stories. You are no longer limited there. You are now real-eyes-in yourself, the true greatness of your being. 

Three days now since the mind grids were dislocated and the White Stags arrived. Their frequency came in to merge the mind/heart fully as one emanating resonance. The White Stags/ White Hart are maybe better known to you as the Divine Masculine Love. 

Heart-mind source intelligence feels and yet it also thinks. The thinking is in relationship with the feeling now. Harmoniously.

Many will have experienced intense levels of head pressure as this was occurring for you. Releasing the grip of holding on to the remnants of old and anything  in your reality which mirrored this. Everyone has choice.

Breathe, emanate, breathe, emanate
The excitement is rising in gratitude and joy. Your cells are re-cognising the purity incoming. Celebrate where you are with this.

Remember that source purity will feel different to what you have known as human heart love. The feel now consistently flowing through your body is all encompassing and may feel bigger and stronger as if you are expanding to house it. You are beloveds, you are. Breathe and let yourselves flow. Allow this stronger light of Love to flow. It is a constant stream.

Be gentle with yourselves as you fine tune to this expansion of being. 
As your heart-mind anchors and adjusts, telepathy is coming online. We know many already practice this way of communicating, this will increase as your natural form of communication. 
What else did you expect as your multi dimensional guides unified with your higher self, in, through and as you?  You have been emptying your body, creating space for this to happen. You can now welcome it. 

Is it any wonder in the outer reality of your known world you have been calling for truth, lifting the lid on many things hidden. You have been deeply journeying inside your self to do this, healing, praying, clearing DNA, activating greater amounts of its intelligence. It was, and still is part of this inbodiment to anchor the new you in union with the new reality. 

If you didn’t go through knowing/seeing the differences between the truth of who you are and the lies that you were absorbing and invested in, you couldn’t have achieved this. It started in you. 

Truth births truth. And truth is eternal, changeless. 
We know that in these beginning stages of  being in your new template, you may be somewhat overwhelmed. Breathe and emanate. You are fine tuning and will now only show up, speak up and be authentic in all ways. It is the new reality you have co-created. 

You will all feel-cognise each other in a deeper way, not by memory of other times or places, but by the feel of each other. 

You all have the natural ability to neutralise any energies, thought forms or timelines which attempt to inhabit your space, of which are not aligned with you. You are each responsible now for your creations. Trust your truth and communicate it as such. This builds a greater bond of trust. Responsible being is the ability to respond to the truth of your being. This is the group coherence of ascension. Each individual unified within and connected through heart-mind resonance. 

As each stand in their power, a frequency vibration radiates which causes others to step into theirs. If this be their personal choice. 
No more absorbing your environment, now you are emanating your soul signature co creating New Earth. 

Trust yourselves, radiate and reveal yourselves through your hearts feel, intelligence and vision – all working together in commonUnity (community)
You were always birthing your inner community and group consciousness first and foremost so it would radiate and create, unified and naturally aligned with the Divinity you are.

We are all emanating the heart of Creation ❤

The Birth of the Hearth

Blessed sisters, I see your struggle during these moments in time. We are held so lovingly by these new energies which are Birthing within us. The flame in our hearts has awakened the wisdom in our wombs to anchoring our legs to walk upon this Earth once more. To trust in our own innate Goddess goodness, the ONE we have served since the beginning of time. We have travelled this earth and applied healing balms to her wounds, singing her soul songs to her, the healing incantations she taught us long ago. We were giving back to her what she gave to us. The goddess reflecting our inner goddess, always ONE. Now allow yourself to receive these songs into yourself. Where the Goddess, truly resides. The Mother of the Earth has risen and she whispers to us ‘ come home into yourself, our story has healed, we are not living there anymore, as I am not living underneath you anymore. I am here with you, our hearts, our minds and our wombs beating as ONE. 

Free yourself from the fear of the fire which once destroyed us. The fire was one with us too, we created warmth with it, we cooked meals for all with its heat and we lit the Hearth of the Earth by the roaring flames of Love, offering its light and warmth to everyone who came. But it was used against us and we were destroyed by that which we used to create with. We returned time and time again, lifetime upon lifetime, knowing our love for each other would guide us. 
The world forgot that you can’t keep a good witch down, so we rose and we died, knowing our Goddess will return and join hands in harmony once more. Now is the time women. To heal the memory  inside of you.

Let the fire that once destroyed you, now nourish you and burn to ash the memories in your bones, as you rise back to life. The war is over. Goddess knows we are all now needed to relight the Hearth of Earth, to be at home here.

As Venus guides our eyes in, to real-eyes the fire crackling inside, the Goddess invites us to sit beside her in the Hearth of our bodies, allowing the surrender of what we’ve been, to pass into the fire as trust is reborn within us & among us. 

Dear brothers, our men  who lit them fires, we know now that you didn’t know fully what you were doing. You were held so strongly under the influence of an outer authority which feared the power of love within all women. It divided our most natural love for each other. Sisters I call to you, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Our men are sitting around this same fire within themselves, remembering the memory of their actions and the war that ensued that took them so far from home. These memories are releasing their pain and our pain, as the new light of love on Earth, rises through us all. 

For never has it been one sided, we have been all to all. We were the women burnt at the stake and we were the men who lit the fire. Maybe you see this in your fathers and brothers, the sons and husbands in your life. Maybe you see this in your mothers and sisters, the daughters and wives in your life. 

May the rise of the Feminine & Masculine be integrated deeply inside each of our hearts and bodies, with such a renewed trust and respect, that it has no choice but to reflect everywhere in our reality. Emanating & radiating truth, harmony and the Love we are.

Welcome yourselves to the Hearth of the Earth as we celebrate the igniting of the fires of Love within. As we are real-eyes-in that the hearth in our hearts sings the voice of the only authority we will ever need.

Thank you for the light of love that is warming and growing within ❤🙏🏻

Message from The Hathors

The Hathors

The new calibration  has arrived and the Ancients One’s have been awakened in the inner etheric temples to pulse their original templates up and through all existing temples. 

Each Temple here in Egypt is a representation of an Inner Earth Temple, which is aligned with the Galactics Star Origin above. Above, below & centre, the trinity operating as ONE. 

Recently they have been united as a community (commonUnity) and the grids which were holding this resonance from rising have been overwritten. This could not have been possible prior to the entrance of the Solar heart which embraced Gaia as she ascended. Now the Galactic centre is spanning through her heart and supporting, amplifying and co-structuring the New Earth as ONE UNIFIED HEART. 

Visiting Sacred sites now will have a completely different feel, as the new templates are ready to be absorbed by all who walk upon them. Surrounding you within the Heart of all that is.

The Ancient Grandmother/s of Creation has awakened and is assisting this joy filling experience for & with you all. Re introduce yourselves to them and let them re-mind you of your Origin. They are weaving the new designs very delicately together as they can see where each and every one of their grandchildren are in their evolution. There are many of them.

Many mountains have been awoken as the grandmothers rose , and this will manifest in various ways throughout your known world, we ask you to surrender into the realm of re-memberance as you real-eyes that this is a natural evolution. 

Many will notice new sounds penetrating whilst simultaneously witnessing the new spectrum of colours that are now pulsing through, inner ear ringing is your natural adjustment to these. 

Know that only Light to cell programming can occur from this moment forth, we call it light to cell technology.  The intelligence of pure heart mind. This will appear in various ways to you – sound – especially dolphin & whales frequencies, light flashes, new colours & geometric shapes that you have not seen yet (but which are very familiar to you) these are being directed into your spine through the Solar heart and in-forming your cells of their original structure. It is a New Earth but dear ones it is a very Ancient Earth of which you will begin to re-cognise very quickly. 

The Temples here are now emanating original golden codes to assist the physical in-bodiment and unveil the crystalline structure of your body/the body of Earth.
Your bones will begin appearing as large crystal pieces (same shape and structure as the skeletal ) this occurs when the diamonds in each cell and energy line have been activated, merged and full kundalini stages are complete. 
Many are experiencing this now as the Galactic template/body integrates. This is why the sounds and colours are so vital to you, they nourish your body and living organism which is now visibly connected to everything.
You will notice a big increase in elemental activity, presence and feel. The mineral, plant & animal kingdom have merged and are thriving. It will appear in some parts that miracles are occurring, and they are, to re-mind you that this is a natural occurrence. 
 The hot & cold waves through the body are on track and normal, surrender to this and allow the light to communicate with your physical body as best you can, this will ease any symptoms you may create through resistance.

The physical foundations have been laid, all that has been done on the etheric realms (in your body also) are now anchoring into a physical experience here.
Mirrors are dissolving and now emanations are seen. All is very well, very well. 
Celebrations and in-joying these new in-formations are the living experience of what you would call 5D Earth. 

Welcome Home ❤ you are now anchoring yourself into yourself ❤